Dr. Swamy on Nalini appeal, indicted in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination

A look at the legal aspects of Nalini appeal to the State Government.

Nalini appeal to J Jayalalithaa – Is this legally tenable?

Nalini says that she has spent 25 years already in the jail and would like to be released, in a personal appeal to J Jayalalithaa. She once again proclaimed her innocence in the crime of Rajiv Gandhi’s murder.
Dr. Swamy avers as a lawyer it is impossible for the State Government to act on its own. The Central Government would also have to agree for this and he further clarified that he has spoken to senior party leaders on this and Center is firm in its stand to not agree to JJ’s request, should one arise. In the past Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to the then President of India, requesting that Nalini be not hanged. See the video for details.

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