Dr. Swamy speaks at the launch of his book RESET in Mumbai

India and China have a lot to learn from each other, says Dr. Swamy. In his book, comprising of 4 parts, he traces the growth in India from 1870 onwards. An excellent comparison between India and China and their economic progress.

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  1. As Dr Swamy suggests, Late PM PVNR should be given bharat ratna immediately, already long overdue. Modi ji should confer bharat ratna on Dr Swamy too for his continuous contribution to the nation.

  2. The title of the book RESET is the most appropriate and timely published too.
    Congrats to Dr.Swamy. It seems copies were sold out and re-print is underway from the Publisher Rupa.

    Former PM late PVN Rao deserves Bharata Ratna for having initiated major Economic reforms in 1991 ( and Ayodhya imbroglio) by following the blue prints for both issues prepared by Dr.Swamy under late PM Chandrasekhar.

    Dr.S.Swamy too deserves Bharata Ratna towards his educational accomplishments at younger age and sending corrupt people to Tihar jail one by one for the past one month in-spite of few hurdles created by few members in the BJP party lead NDA govt 1.0 and 2.0 under PM Modi. In fact, I personally prefer Dr.S.Swamy for the post of PM to evolve strategies for the short, medium and long term policies with due support from Modi, Shah, Nitin Gadhkar, Prof R.Vaidyanathan, Dr.Nalapat, Piyush Goyal, Suresh Prabhu, Jayanth Sinha, Jayaram Ramesh, Sree Iyer and Mohandas Pai to name a few.

    It is evident that Congress-I and people like late PM Chandrasekhar used Dr.S.Swamy’s services much better than the BJP and RSS put together!! This only shows BJP is not a party of saints! But better than international racketeers and anti-national Cong-I party.

    Like majority voters, fed up with nonsense secularism, I too voted for BJP/Modi during 2014 and 2019 hoping that PM Modi ji will concentrate on Economics, Education, Health,Judicial reforms and Temples renovations by appointing the best ministers in Jobs generating MSME and IT/ITeS portfolios. Unfortunately he has been disappointing us by retaining Cong-I and Commies appointed bureaucracy and certain crooks during his first term and talent-less MPs from his party and allies to run his govt and still trusts outsiders and turncoats to help him during his second term too.

    No doubt PM Modi Ji made India strong externally but still we are weak both economically and security wise internally. He did dole out few freebies under micro economic management through last mile successful schemes. Appreciate his work.

    PM Modi ji wasted his first term totally and lost opportunity reforming Economy by trusting late AJ who was a lawyer by profession. If lawyers and home makers become FMs where should the qualified and experienced Economists go? PM Modi Ji is likely to waste his second term too by playing to the gallery and delivering bhashans in and around assembly elections because there are no leaders in his party to get votes!! In his party some are falling into money and honey traps!!

    If we look at the history of ancient India having 600 plus kingdoms, respective monarchies used to employ the best brains and used to have brave and good advisers to run his/her administration and maintain Temples to glue the society as a whole without disturbing respective four major caste respective “professions”.

    Present incumbent FM with all due respect there is no point in inducing three Fridays growth boosting adhoc concoctions/potions (or kadva badam seeds (sky fruit seeds used to control fluctuating sugar levels in blood) and big bang fourth dose of ancient gold/pearl bhasma-ash by reducing corporate tax to bring back 8% growth rate. Such drips and drabs of doses will show results only after a year from the date of announcements and may not get thrust to reach 5Tn US$ economy. FMs announcements helped corporate supply chains and not the demand front. If I am not wrong and subject to correction Dr.S.Swamy and I herd Nitin Gadkari also sometime back talked about replacing Direct and Indirect taxes yielding only 18 lakh crores annually by “Transaction Tax @2%” yielding Rs. 22 lakh crores annually and auctioning coal blocks, spectrum and getting out of (business) GOI controlled PSUs.

    Finally, today what we need is that battery of above said intellectuals (not like senile and tainted MMS and Tharoor) and practical men and women to run our country’s affairs.


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