Dr Swamy takes on China, its bullish attitude and how to dish it back to them

Senior BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy shows China a mirror

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy shows China a mirror
Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy shows China a mirror

In 2020, Priya Sahgal hosted a topical talk show from Delhi with Subramanian Swamy, on the English speaking TV channel NewsX, called “Swamy Says”. This report is an update on what Swamy is saying, as everyone knows Swamy is never short on ideas, opinions, making decisions and making things happen. Sometimes his ideas and opinions do not match the BJP party line but Swamy remains undeterred and sticks to his maxim “I give as good as I get.” Swamy says that some believe he is blessed with a “Kavach”, the divine armour of Karna in the Mahábhárata.

Subramanian Swamy’s connection with China goes way back to the 1980s, Swamy says he does not feel that China’s aggressive claiming of India’s territory has altered his personal relationships with Chinese people; he says the Chinese Consul in Mumbai and the Xinhua correspondent understands that he is he going to react as an Indian patriot and that he bears no hostility against China per se.

Swamy queries if the Prime Minister’s education has equipped him well enough for the job in hand, and he is not any more polite about the selected bureaucrats.

Swamy recapped on the 1993 landmark Himalayan border agreement between PM Narasimha Rao and Premier Li Peng that vowed against the use of force and agreed to solve disputes through consultations. However since 2005, during UPA times, China has occupied 3000 square kilometres on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and built a settlement in the east part of Arunachal. Swamy says “this is an act of Bad Faith” and he is not sure that the entire Chinese population endorses Xi Jinping’s actions. Swamy is perplexed that neither the UPA nor Modi governments have addressed the Karakoram occupation in Depsang; he thinks something went wrong between Xi and Modi because there is no substance behind all the meetings. Swamy sees antipathy in China’s social media, recently a Chinese State-Run Media post on Weibo compared fire with fire, with an illustration of a Chinese rocket launch juxtaposed with an Indian Cremation (image given below)[1]. Chinese netizens objected to the insensitivity and the post was withdrawn. Swamy says boldly “This time we have to evict them, all our neighbours have caved into China. Bangladesh is sophisticated in its language but it is with China. Sri Lanka was treated badly by India, Tamils in Sri Lanka are nothing to do with India. And Malaysia has allied with the Americans.” It is worth remembering Swamy is feted in Sri Lanka and invited back regularly.

The image showed the launch of the Tianhe space module and its fuel burnoff compared with a mass outdoor cremation in India
The image showed the launch of the Tianhe space module and its fuel burnoff compared with a mass outdoor cremation in India

Swamy queries if the Prime Minister’s education has equipped him well enough for the job in hand, and he is not any more polite about the selected bureaucrats. But he says “ India has been here before, we have had an emergency before, and this time Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi have voted for the opposition.”

In October 2020, sitting on the Standing Committee of Health Swamy highlighted the shortage of oxygen; he says it is thanks to him that the Bharat Biotech Covaxin manufacturing has been expanded. Swamy says he has only attacked the policy of the BJP and that he has been vindicated, several times, making his position outside the government far stronger. Now Swamy says that PM Modi should stop centralising COVID-19 logistics and set up a crisis management team led by Nitin Gadkari: “Gadkari is an efficient go-getter who knows how to talk to the media, we need to get the truth out, there is too much spin and foreign spin.”

Swamy says the economy is a “right royal mess” that he can rectify by abolishing income tax, giving doles to migrants and to the unemployed, all imperative to get people spending. On the revival of international tourism Swamy does not think it will be before April 2022.

Despite Swamy’s sometimes contrary opinions and due to his virat brand of patriotism, his popularity rating is on an ascending curve and he is thought to be the second most popular politician in India.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] China Posts Obnoxious Picture Comparing Its Rocket Launch With Burning Indian Pyres; Deletes After BacklashMay 2, 2021, EurAsian Times

Antonia Filmer is a former British Vogue Fashion Editor and Design Director of Laura Ashley; Antonia was a freelance contributor to Harpers and World of Interiors, she produced summer Garden Operas for 10 years to benefit a children’s charity. In 2012 Antonia wrote produced, directed and edited a documentary “The Last Maharaja”. Antonia is currently the London correspondent for The Sunday Guardian- India.
Antonia Filmer


  1. Today, Dr. Swamy called, in his tweet, Dr. JaiShankar to be a waiter. Such below-the-belt comments from him are not uncommon and unbecoming of the stature that he and his “Bakhts” claim. Unless he mends his ways, he will soon join the illustrious ranks of Mani Shankar Iyer, Arun Shourie, Yaswant Sinha, etc.

  2. After a long time Antonia Filmer’s opinion and view is published. Thanks Pgurus.

    PM Modi and Chinese Premier Xi personally met 18 times speaking in Gujarati and Chinese respectively hence did not succeed in solving border disputes/ illegal occupations. During second term EAM Jaishankar was handpicked by PM Modi as a surgical strike since, he was the India’s longest-serving ambassador to China. I guess EAM met Chinese defence personnel 30 times only to get kicks on our butts surprisingly on our own soil /on all along LAC is the 5Tn dollar Chinese puzzle. EAM still keeps on talking endlessly like an old gramophone record and DM staff confusing press statements is akin to Bejing Biden’s WH press secretary Jennifer Rene Psaki! Jen PsakI circles around while answering questions!!

    RSS Parivar has got dove and hawk kavachs. True Dr.S.Swamy is fortunate to get “divine kavach” like in Mahabharata’s one of the heroes Karna only to be branded as maverick having independent nationalist in built Kavach who think outside of the box! Such intellects are many and are assets which BJP does not like and proved that under BJP regimes Economists and financial experts are not needed! School dropouts are enough! Hence RSS should recall PM Modi. This is my opinion since 2016.

    PM Modi inherited a rotten system and he continued with the same rot for seven years now due to lack of education coupled with talent less teams barring few good performing individuals. Gujarat Development Model fell flat several times!

    BJP does not know that two heads are better than one in decision making especially in crisis like Chinese bio-wars! Why during the first wave Vaccine manufacturers nearly ten available in the country were not encouraged and funded? Why only two were chosen to meet 280 crores jabs and promising Exports to 100 plus countries under Viswa Guru Syndrome?

    Natural virus would have died in a year without second ,third and possible fourth waves but our bloated leaders here with cunning India Today ratings and world leaders have been refusing to admit it due to fear from Super Power China. Former US President Donald J Trump was the only brave and bold businessman having less experience in politics several times openly said “Islamic Terrorism and China Virus” only to be defeated by the same mafia with manipulations! Under Jobama Biden US is fighting with itself and not with China! Climate change opera talking shops are to scratch each other’s backs!

    Dr.Swamy suggesting RSS stable Nitin Gadkari happens to be very efficient and comes up with solutions but he was side lined before general elections in 2019 as on date!! So called Niti Ayog Chief Amitabh Kanth, Health Advisor VK Paul and several principal/ health secretaries failed to do justice at the backdrop of Adar Poonawala leaving the country catching last flight to London due to threats from netas / babus and without GOI placing orders for vaccine productions last year itself! These Oaf GOI and State Govts officers postponed vaccine availability in the country now to July/ August 2021. Due to the past and current melee 23 Crore people pushed under poverty! Is it a master stroke or Surgical BJP IT cell chief and BJPs data scientists should tell us?

    Former US President Donald Trump during July 2020, if I am not wrong funded two billion dollars and signed MOUs with four vaccine manufacturing companies and vaccines was rolled out many got jabbers before he stepped out! Look at inexperienced Trump’s vision and farsightedness under his MAGA and America First patriotism unlike RSS breed politicians taking pot shots at saner voices and seniors in BJP!

    To meet the targets Bharat Bio tech and SII will be compelled to stop their respective other vaccines /products processing only to concentrate on COVID19 vaccine productions! Who will look after medicines and vaccines for other diseases under current purchase orders? Other two foreign vaccines shall join hands in July/August 2021.

    I was given to understand that under the Sn 35 (2AB) of Income Tax Act the R &D organisations contribution percentages used to be 150%, 175% or 200%. It’s reported that now 100% is allowed. Under the UPA ten years regimes FDI was 40% raised to 50%. Now under the NDA govt it’s 75% rose to 100% where is Atmanirbhar here? Two decades ago we have had Screw drivers /cable imported know-hows and now under “make in India” we are getting assembling technologies. We need to popularize “made in India” products! The current PLI scheme is now rolled out for selective very big companies.

    Since 2015 as on date our economy has already assumed A to Z “shapes”. New shapes are akin to China Virus variants/strains/mutations getting various nomenclatures and its genomic sequences under goes doctored data with changed math and stats formulas! Under PM Modi the tax terrorism with record number of “cess” are innovative economic models akin to India boasting Elachi/ clove/ masala/Kashmir Kesari chaios coupled with Red label (commies) and Green label (moslim) Brook Bond Tea or Tata Satva special tea varieties. It is unfortunate that the BJP/RSS have been treating the Indian Economy as roadside chaiwala routines and economic advisors to PM are seen looking at ‘Todays Menu” in canteens searching for clues to set right the economy right! Where is their much acclaimed “V Shape” growth now? Having History PG degree holder as RBI Governor really our hard working PM Modi has written history of sorts in golden letters as the worst performing PM in the Independent India which we never expected for having voted him twice! BJP sympathisers have no answers!

    In the current scenario practicing self-help is the best help dictum will help us to stay healthy instead of waiting for vaccines under mess created by the Central and State comatose administrations/bureaucracy. We should develop Self-Atma Will Power to achieve the best immunity during China virus spreading like an auto piloted virus bio war drones in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi first and now spreading throughout the country!

    Not so long ago PM Modi’s speech in TV channels got ten lakh “dislikes” instantly! Huge followers in FB/ Tweeter are of no use because there is no patriotism and self-discipline in the country. Citizens do not behave. Popularity curves under competitive populism moves North or South as long as doles and freebies are extended like in USA under socialist Biden-Harris now Welfare without Work!

    It was RSS pressurized Dr.Swamy to join the BJP by merging Janata Party. RSS should consider sending post graduates and technocrats to Parliament and state Assemblies to become PMs and CMs under BJP’s flag.

  3. If Swamy had any morals and ethics he would quit the BJP and go back to his Janata Party.
    Right now they treat him like a pariah.
    And then speak of his knowledge and capabilities.

  4. Modi is a failure & is unable to handle the bureacracy. Let Gadkari takeover the crisis management of Covid, for he is efficient & brooks no words on bureacracy. Modi should step down for he is unable to handle economy.

  5. This swooning opinion piece is similar to what Dr. Swamy and his followers attack the opinion of opponents on BJP to be – out of “Bhakthi” !!!. Dr. Swamy does not worry about getting elected (which will be the real test of his popularity) while others do and it is very likely that they have to evaluate aspects that Dr. Swamy doesn’t have to. This does not mean that Dr Swamy is always wrong or PM Modi camp is always correct. Both sides have to accommodate one another; Neutral outsiders see intransigence on both sides and personally, I don’t see many of the explanations/ solutions offered by Dr. Swamy on issues to have merit.


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