Dr. Swamy – The indefatigable champion of Sanatana Dharma

Dr. Swamy - The indefatigable champion of Sanatana Dharma

Dr. Swamy - The indefatigable champion of Sanatana Dharma
Dr. Swamy - The indefatigable champion of Sanatana Dharma


  1. I totally agree with V Ramesh.
    Mayur, you are right. I have been in US for the last 40 years. No matter what we say about Santana Dharam ( it’s the best religion of the world) , I have to add one thing. Christians donate tons of money for good causes- church or poverty. Americans are the most charitable people in the world.
    On the other hand, Hindus do not donate. Rich Hindus will not donate 80-90% of their assets to charity ( like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and so many others). We do have some problem though, whether we want to admit or not.

  2. Mr Iyer,Why don’t you take initiative in this and begin a work culture which can enlighten people and make them enable venture out,make millions/billions rather than commenting out on stuffs which you found useless.

  3. Dr Swamy has toiled hard to get good things happen. Putting P chidambaram and JJayalalitha in Prison, day to day hearing of Ram Janma bhoomi and keeping Rahul gandhi and Sonia on a tight leash are his achievements. Can anybody point out that he made personal gains? At least if people don’t appreciate they should at least keep quiet.

  4. Please make lots of money like Chinese n let me know your happiness index increased or decreased. Life is not only abt money. I found that 70% people think that making money is life…I am telling this based on my personal exp. I m in US and have all material things that any normal person imagine. Now I dont feel even a slightest happiness when I buy any expensive thing. I am not saying that money is not important, but other things are equally important as remember one day you will die, so it is important that every human being must seek answer to his/her existance. India is the only place where our ancestors did lot of work on understanding human mind. I see Indian temples as a reminder of our ancestors and the glory of ancient Bharat. Please read real Itihaas of our Bharat. And also try to understand the difference between Abrahamic religions and Sanatana Dharma, only then you will understand why people have no interest going to Chruch..but Hindus love to visit temples. Its huge difference. I am also not saying that all Indians understand Hinduism properly..many even dont know anything abt basic philosophy of Hinduism, hence we r seeing lots of issues in India. Do you think that if America wants to build church on disputed site will they care abt minority! I think Hindus are far better off than others that they waited such long time to get their glory back peacefuly. Hindus even let their land go to islamic people so that everyone live peacefuly.

  5. Where ever I go in Europe and USA and Australia I find Chinese people in Large numbers on the streets,at tourist destinations and they are wealthy and adventurous.
    I discovered that the Chinese came to USA during the development period of that country,toiled hard and made money which is helping their next generation today.
    They own apartments and buildings which they rent out.
    They are not religious I hardly found them going to churches or Buddhist temple.
    Contrast this with Indians who never ventured out two hundred years back but busy with building temples and festivals.
    Today we are entangled in disputes on the basis of religion and caste. And the present rulers are encouraging this trend.
    We don’t seem to have the work culture and lifestyle all that we door is sloganeering and loitert.

  6. What is Dr. S. Swamy’ s role in India- Srilanka relationship, ties with China and USA. What is his involvement in Rajiv Gandhi’s death. Is he not backing Sasikala. He brought down Vajpayee Government. There is a strong negative devious side to this strong Chanakya Character in Indian politics that need to be analyzed. Let us be unbiased and critical.

  7. Kindly do check out
    Our temples our pride….. In you tube…
    Feeling really bad for the plight of once glorious temples being mismanaged by HRCE…..

  8. Great work sir…
    Didn’t know that you helped Chidambaram temple restoration…
    Thanks a lot…
    Kindly help all temples to be fred from government control…
    Hindu community will be grateful to you…
    If it’s a secular country why have only temples and their properties alone…
    Else bring in all churches n their educational institutions under government …also mosques…n madrasas..


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