Dr. T P Senkumar, ex DGP Kerala, at the Book launch of Who painted my money white? in Kochi makes stunning revelations

Every riverfront and oceanfront property in Kerala is now owned by members of one community. How did this community get so rich? What is the real amount of counterfeit currency in India? How does it affect the future of India? A must watch!

Shree Mohandas-ji, Sree Iyer and everybody present here, I hope don’t have to teach Mohandas-ji more of police, press… and somebody will be protesting against me here also.

His (Iyer) book deals with a Bond-like movie, only the Bond should be identified. That’s the only thing. Otherwise it is a James Bond book. And what he has done is that, it is a fiction, he says it is a work of fiction – he catches a man with the hand and says that this is some Raju or somebody.

About the containers, my information was that it came in 2006 itself into Kerala and I have attempted so many times to get the details of dealing in land and buildings between 2006 and 2016.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any such data with the registration department. I asked in cities how many land constructions above 10 cents have taken place each year from 2006 to 2014. And how many big buildings have come?! That’s another thing.

Actually we can trace. Why I came to know about this in 2006 was because at that time I had just taken charge as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and we wanted to expand it a little further. I just enquired about the prices of the land and found that in 2006 the land prices in that area was 1 crore rupees per cent!

This was around Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road in Kochi – a time before this metro came. Now it might be much cheaper with the metro reducing the utility of the area. But that was the price in that area. The entire city areas of Kerala, not only that, almost all the riverfront sites were purchased.

There is a Land Jihad also. There are 2 types of Land Jihad – one is using this money (counterfeit). When I was working in local police we got hold of some counterfeit currency and we have taken it to the bank – but unfortunately, the bank told that our Indian currency is fake currency and Pakistan currency is real currency!

It is very difficult to identify because there are currency printing machines that were worth Rs.10lakhs at that time (2006) that were purchased by Pakistan. They are buying the same paper which is the pulp of wood/cloth. The book goes into how the machines are purchased, paper is purchased, security threads are purchased – and Pakistan had the same thing. There are instances of Pakistan purchasing currency machines that were used by India and refurbishing it.

So what happened afterward is what the book describes… how much of money came to India! And to whom? It has come only to a particular section. And how the authorities, and you won’t believe, what can we do if the king sells his kingdom to somebody? It is just like that. You have elected a government and the government sells you and sells your motherland. And for some crores of rupees; that is what has happened.

And along with that, he has also given the names of some – I just went through it fast on my computer. I don’t like reading on the computer, I like a hard copy only, but the readability is really good, and you don’t want to stop, you want to continuously read it till the end. So well is it written. It has facts and fiction; actually he has presented facts as fiction. It is a reality. So much you know,  these are things – this is this man, he has selected places and all those people are coming from Gujarat, so who is he is very clearly known. Modi-ji only, so like that, it is very real.

So, what he did was he put the real facts of the country in the form of fiction. The main persons were identified by their deeds using different names. That is a very thin difference between reality and fiction in this particular book. And how/ what are the things happening starting from Kerala and ending with Kerala. The thing you can also see… why is Kerala so much.. Now you see CAA agitation it’s happening only in Kerala, nowhere in India and wherever Keralites are there like JNU, AMU, JMU. These are the three places where the “great agitation” is going on. The great agitation is going on only in Kerala and these three places, nowhere else in the country. So, what is happening, the whole money I think was 1000rs notes, 500rs notes means it is too much, maybe 10s of thousands of crore rupees, maybe 10 lakh crore rupees.

Ya, I left that to the imagination.

So, so much money came that is why you can see the whole system, you can actually feel in Kerala when things started changing for one particular set of people and it is very clear.

So the whole river banks are purchased, the whole roadsides are purchased, whole cities are purchased, that is the situation with regards to the utility of this money. Because it is free money. When another state like India wants to change its currency it is very difficult for them to identify because when a state is behind it the entire state of Pakistan is behind it and unfortunately the Indian state was also helping it; with both coming together, what would the poor people do?

That is what the bank fellow told us initially that when we told this is India-made note but the SBI told that the fake currency made by Pak is the real thing! So similar, with all the features, that is how it came and it is used for land jihad also.

In Malappuram, even in Kasaragod, it happens even now, there are vast stretches of the land of the Hindus are being purchased and slowly slowly nobody is left so this is happening in Kerala. In many places in Malappuram, it is happening. I even have the location, Sree Mohandas-ji created a problem for me, a good problem. This man has got habit of getting so many details so when I became IGP I got a letter from DGP that you should enquire about a particular thing, the particular thing is that, in 2009, there was a firing and then a meeting, when Chidambaram was a home minister and other police chief and other people in Kerala and they came near to an area or something maybe some police station, they had a meeting and there were minutes prepared and in the minutes it was written that in Malappuram district and in Bhimavaram area, police are not able to enter, this is written by the then home minister of India and he (TG Mohandas) released that paper to the press so somebody went to the high court that it is a top-secret paper, how come TG Mohandas released it and an inquiry should be done.

So the matter came to me. I marked all the things, those pieces are there, I marked the lines, initials, and then I went to home department and found some markings are similar, so it started from there, but there are so many other markings, from there I asked where all it went – they sent it to the police headquarters. By the time my man went to the police headquarters, the then DG stopped me there and said that this will be a problem. There is a branch called T-branch, which is a special branch in police headquarters, now that branch is there if they don’t want to answer a question, if you ask for anything question they mark T, and they say T-branch is there, actually they are not coming under the jurisdiction so you won’t get an answer. I gave a petition to DG, DG goes to the T branch this is the plight of the DG, you should understand. So the other markings are written by none other than the DG! Why it came out? I don’t know what reply was given to the High Court, but I was asked to not do anything as no further inquiry was needed as the petition was withdrawn from the police headquarters.

Then I myself ventured to see why it came out – actually there was an inquiry commission where six Muslims were shot dead in a police rally in 2009. That time, a commission was there, so to justify it this was leaked to the commission that the situation in that area, it is near to that area where the police entry is banned as written by that minister. That is how the DG himself I suspect released that to the commission and that document came from that area only. This is the truth.

So this clearly shows how are things happening in Kerala. It is not Sanghi Senkumar writing that it is Love Jihad, it is not Sanghi Senkumar writing that police cannot enter Malappuram district, it is the then home minister of India after discussing with UPA government and chief of police has written that in these places police are not allowed to enter and police should make an attempt to enter there. This is what the letter says.

This book with regard to Kerala is very much clear and apt that this is the place where everything starts especially because of the money that has illegally come. So, when a person is given a lot of money which is not distinguishable from Indian rupee, they can give any amount of money and purchase. That is when I found that land prices were up and I filed a report that two containers of currencies have come to Kochi port and that has been dispatched. But no inquiry, nothing was done on that.

As he rightly says, there are a lot of people in the government, who are not much bothered about our freedom, our country, our motherland, and what happens to the next generation, they are only after money. This is the problem. We have sold our country years back to so many people, because each time a foreigner came to attack, it was somebody inside the king’s army that let him down by giving information to the attacker. And many a time, like in Padmavat the movie, the fellow who gave the information, his head was cut off. You don’t see it initially but that is the result. The attacker knows that a fellow one who can cheat his own king can cheat anybody. So that is the result that used to happen.

Similarly, here also, if a finance minister of the country can engage somebody to do all these things so that some other country can print Indian currency and come to India and purchase India, actually purchase India. And Love Jihad is one of the reasons. The current DG said, “I don’t think there is Love Jihad”. He will ultimately say that I had asked somebody to enquire it, and when that comes, I will give the reply.

But the thing is Love Jihad is a fact. These things that somebody has gone to Afghanistan, 2 Christian girls and 1 Hindu girl and that Hindu girl was in love with a Sajid and to my knowledge, she got pregnant and then got an abortion. She was converted to Islam and then married off to another person. So most of the cases, why is it called love jihad, my second book is coming where I have written one chapter on Love Jihad related terrorism. So i have written about the roots of this racist terrorism in Kerala. So they are really working on this.

So what after our note bandi? With note bandi, many more containers were ready to come to India. He has written that instead of 100%, 113% came, the government was expecting only 87% to return. According to me, we should have revealed this number and said that 26% is actually fake currency to substantiate the fact that the banks are incompetent to identify counterfeit currency. That we will have to accept. It is the truth. The banks couldn’t identify whether it is a counterfeit currency or Indian currency that why they transacted it, that’s why it came out. For the moment my present point of view is that we should have accepted the fact that 26%, that is more than 1/4th of Indian currency which would have circulated 9-10 times. So if there is 18 lakh crore rupees in the system, 25% of it, that is almost 4.5 lakh crores and multiplied by 10, which is the velocity in which it is circulating per year, that is about 45 lakh crore rupees of counterfeit currency operated in a year in India. This is the magnitude of this issue. I am not telling 45 lakh rupees; I am telling 45 lakh crore rupees! That is the huge amount with which India was playing. Our politicians and our government officials let down India for some portion of that. That is what happened.

So what happens in a love jihad, you see a girl with a boy, you see how the system works with the money; the boy is given six lakh rupees – you take this girl, attract her, you are given this much money.

In Kasargod, the fight is between an old bicycle and Audi cars. How can a Hindu boy with bicycle attract anybody? Even a Hindu girl will not be attracted to him, he can only purchase a bicycle. The other boy comes in bikes which cost 7 lakhs – 8 lakhs, i don’t know the name. But like that. Moreover, that sidelined the Hindu community in Kerala. Economically all these people were actually dependent on them. For employment and jobs – so what happened, if girls are going to these people for jobs or employment (shops for requirement) it is much easier for them to make them to switch – much much easier. This is also a way of jihad. Why it is called jihad? If it is love only between two persons maximum 2 families will be involved. You have seen in Akila’s case here where the high court issued a particular order. This is the first time in India that so many people from one community came and almost attacked the judges. So how can these 2 love affair cases can cause attack on a court can take place? That shows what is behind this. That clearly shows it is not love, it is for jihad. And the second thing, why it is done? It is done because only women can give birth to children. You have more children to be produced. In every democracy, power is decided by votes. So you need lots of votes. If a woman gives birth to a girl/ boy, in the 18th year he or she becomes a voter. So it doesn’t take much time. So when you take more women from the other community. Someone came and told me that even men at 35-40 are not able to get married because all the young women are taken away to love jihad. They are either enticed or blackmailed or converted into other communities and taken. And these people are also getting… because other girls (Muslim) are safe; their women are already locked up in safes. They don’t come. If they are also out if they are in a position of marrying Hindu boys or Christian boys… But of about 6000 of the registered marriages only 8 Muslim girls have married Hindu or Christian boys and 5992 girls marry a Muslim. What does it show? That love flows only in one direction. How can this happen? That why this is called love Jihad.

And this (counterfeit) money also provides for Love Jihad. Like that there is Drug Jihad also. A lot of drugs are coming. It is actually going to schools and colleges. And a lot of girls are taken through drugs. This is the confusion that most of us have – near there is a location somewhere in Thrissur area (Pranayudha?) – some Hindu location. They were having some shooting, some girls and boys, somebody comes in bags, in spite of the presence of the shooting team all of them were indulging in sex, open sex in that area. So how can these guys get engaged in open sex unless they are drugged? So everything takes place and most of our people keep their eyes shut till it comes to them. And by that time you can’t do anything.

This is the situation, which to a large extent is revealed by the book.  And the role is played by our politicians. How the system is complicit.

That is why you see, this has destroyed India. No one has uses all white money, not a hundred percent. Actually the problem with economics is this, if you do this, a slowdown in the economy will happen. Because we are used to black money transactions. All of us. Some portion of the money is black money. Especially in real estate and vehicle/ fields etc. which is actually the major area of a transaction with money. Now if you have Aadhar number connected to a building, the building no – Aadhar no, if the survey number and Aadhar number are connected if the bank and your Aadhar number are connected, which to a certain extent it is connected now. One more thing, if you have a transaction of more than 5000 rupees in a shop, Aadhar number is connected. Your entire black money will be over. I can tell you this is the solution to black money. I can also tell you, in about one year the Indian economy’s growth will collapse to a negative rate because still a lot of black money runs in the system. But this situation can be solved, black money can be taken out of the economy but the reaction will be that the economy will collapse for some time but in the long run, it will just like you are having drugs and all and that’s why you are performing well but then you take away the drugs and then you start doing your exercises properly and you build up your strength properly, naturally, then you have a better future, life every day. So, when you go through this book many things that are not known, not unknown also, both are coming in.

The most important part I read in that, how our nation was sold is actually given to you. Who are those persons? Just like yesterday, on Janam TV, on CAA, on a program on that, how Chidambaram proudly announces NPR, how someone says about NRC, how Manmohan Singh says about the necessity to give citizenship to minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh in 2003. How Karat says so, how Mamta Banerjee says so, how the committee in 2003 recommended, all these people were there, that citizenship should be given and those people, Muslims from those countries coming into India illegally should not be given.

In spite of all those things, they are opposing. You read this book you will get answers. Why they do so? Actually it is a situation where almost 20-25% of the population is polluted with this money. So much of money has come and is given, spent and most probably video graphed and records kept.

When I was in police as an SP, professionals used to come to me and they used to tell, you be careful with three Ws, Wine, Women and Wealth. Of these, the second one is the most dangerous. If you have been video graphed anywhere, say sipping wine, you can be discharged, wealth also we can withstand but if your family knows that you had a connection with so many women your family life is gone, so, you will be like a dog, forever for these people. So I used to tell my people, at that time mostly men used to come nowadays a lot of girls are also in IPS so that the problem may not be that much there.

But this is the way they have controlled officials, money then everything is provided, flats. Just take the example of Kerala. How many flats are given to officials in Ernakulam for giving a sanction? All those things. So this is regarding a James Bond book except that except James Bond there is a story running through the whole scheme of the things and how, what happened, what went wrong, what that regime was doing to India and how we saved ourselves to large extent with a change all these are really written and actually it is not a fiction but fact-finding beautifully written and a clear report. So please read through that and I appreciate his way of writing and the interest we get once we start reading it. Thank you, Sree Iyer.


      • Thank you, please try and get good quality of this fantastic speech. So much of information about how the country was ruined has not come out. Media houses have played a very partisan role post demonetisation, trying to show PM Modi in bad light.


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