M R Venkatesh separates the grain from the chaff in the 2020-21 Budget

In an extensive discussion on the Indian Budget, M R Venkatesh breaks down the details and explains what the Govt got right and what it missed. The disinvestment of Air India and the rise of Emirates/ Singapore Airlines as the go-to carriers for Indians is discussed. A must watch!


  1. Good conversation.

    Allocations of funds to some high sounding phrases or proposals to use AI/ML/IOU/Big data analytics / other technologies, where is the talent in the existing ministries to use allocations,except few? If we look at few ministries each one hold multiple portfolios only to ruin talent further! After watching PM Modi for six years now, it is clear that he does not understand Economics at all.

    Vivad se Vishwas scheme/Disinvestment is message to Dr.S.Swamy to shut up and retire and not to hunt for corrupt crooks.

    BJP lead ministry would be happy to work with corrupt Cong-I and Commies mindset bureaucracy and turncoats MPs/MLAs.

    PM Modi wasted previous five years with 282 mandate and shall be wasting time for the next four years having 303 mandate.

    PM does not like talent. He is just following Nehru Gandhi dynasty chasing UP, Bihar electorate. Dynasty added TN State as a safety value with UP and Bihar parliament seats while Modi tagged Gujarat with UP and Bihar parliament seats as a safety value to run his Govt. PM Modi and HM Shah likes to win elections. That’s all.

    Those were the days within Janasangh very few personal animosities existed ans vanished. Now in modernized RSS just encouragement is given to corrupt to join BJP and run the Govt and close all corrupt cases one by one silently and it is expected that many big crooks will die their natural death in near future or may run away from the country or horoscopes loving politicians will “manage BJP” funding this or that State election and live their rest of the lives luxuriously !! BJP hai to mumkin hai!

    Sometimes, I feel PM Modi is not a statesman but a Teflon himself and a committed timely entertaining super robocop supported by two good NIA/CDS and websites like Pgurus to give ideas and good suggestions to solve complex issues.PM Modi does not like intellectuals to out smart him in popularity.

  2. Excellent conversation. Some how the bureaucraps have mollified PM Modi. Being under educated but high on ego and arrogance the PM prefers bureaucraps than experts as the former panders to his ego but will not hesitate to stab him in the back. Like MRV said there is no hope in hell for the honest!


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