PM Series: Dr. Subramanian Swamy remembers Inder Kumar Gujral

A must see for the Finance Ministry mandarins on how much respect Swamy commands in the international arena. It is most unfortunate that India won't utilize his skills. Cabal must be decimated.


  1. Subramaniam Swamy gets it right. Gujral’s tenure as PM was totally ”lacklustre”.

    I remember Deve Gowda pleading before Gujral not to support Sitaram Kesari by repeating ” the old man is in a hurry…don’t support him”. Subsequently when some journo interviewed Gujral he said ” I will not lobby for myself as PM”. But did become PM.

    When Iraq invaded Kuwait many Indian expats were angry with both Gujral & Unnikrishnan. The former was busy hugging rich Punjabi businessmen facilitating their smooth exit & Unnikrishnan was focussed exclusively on Keralites.

    All must be aware of ”gujral doctrine” which meant bestowing hugs & kisses on adversaries & making unilateral concessions. Many say it was gujral who dismantled whatever Indian Intelligence had sedulously done to get a foothold inside Pakistan . He made similar unilateral concessions to Bangladesh on some waterways .

    Was fond of spouting Urdu couplets.Spouted some to Kalpana Chawla too. Extremely lacklustre & boring.

    To appreciate Sri.Narendra Modi one must constantly juxtapose him with similar incompetent prime ministers.

    Modiji is far far superior to all these run of the mill useless people. Kudos to Sri.Jaswant Singh who said upfront in Parliament to I.K.Gujral ” hugs & kisses do not make for effective foreign policy”.

  2. Yes, he didn’t do anything worthy of remembering! But I remember two instances of his behaviour unbecoming of the PM of a poor country: 1) He came to Thiruvananthapuram to to see the laungh of a PSLV (I think) which was a flop because it had a fuel leak. I asked a friend working in the Propulsion lab of ISRO set up, who confided to me that they knew of the lak, but since PM Gujral wanted to presie over the lauch they went ahead to do it, at the cosy of some Rs.175Cr if I remember right! 2) This was too personal: he had a contract worh several crores of rupees given to his brother Satish Gujral for some government -related architectural-artistic work during his term as PM. Satish Gujral, a hearing impared person could get back his hearing capacity with the help of a surgery during his brother’s tenure as PM.


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