RVS Mani traces Iqbal Mirchi connection with NCP from the 90s

RVS Mani unravels the underworld connection of NCP; why Sharad Pawar become the CM soon after the 1993 attack, the ugly nexus that existed even in UPA govt from 2004-13 and Why the Modi govt is taking so much time to decode this

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  1. Very courageous act, indeed to speak on this top secret matter about which there is much more knowledge and information available with a most upright IPS officer (Retd.) who was made a Joint CP of Bombay. He will tell you about the blood curdling nexus of a former Home Secretary also.
    In this context, may I suggest for a study of the Gondia connection in the matter?
    And can you also enlighten us on the mysterious decision to confer the second highest state honour on the leader of NCP?


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