EP-308 I Global Insights I Feb 14, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

EP-308 I Global Insights I Feb 14, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

Namaskar and welcome to Weekly Global Insights Episode 308. A shoutout to our viewers to Like this program so it can reach its maximum potential. Today is Monday, February 14th and here are the main points.

• Russia – Ukraine Developments:
o White House says Russia has increased Border Forces and Invasion could happen any moment
o German Press Report that Russian Invasion Could come as early as Wednesday
o Biden to Speak with Putin Late Saturday morning on Ukraine situation, after initial Kremlin preference to Monday morning call
o US Prepared for Diplomacy or Russian Aggression says Blinken at the QUAD meet
o US and Allies tell Citizens to leave Ukraine in anticipation of invasion and this also includes non-critical mission staff
o US Moves F16 Fleet from Germany to Romania as Ukraine Tensions Rise
o Ukraine Tensions stroke Fear that US is taking its eyes off China, and perhaps a coordinated move by Russia – China
• Russia says Ultimatums and Threats by the West will not work against it Over Ukraine says Russian Foreign Minister.

• EU, 27 Nations Collectively Respond to Russian Foreign Minister communication to each of the nations on Security Guarantees. Russia rejects the response
• Americans according to Tulsi Gabbard yet to see the justification for Ukraine Joining NATO

• India Steps up Global Diplomatic Offensive as External Affairs Minister Makes his Rounds:
o Indian EAM In Qatar completes Strategic Discussions on Energy, Investments, Afghanistan and Security
o India along with other QUAD Foreign Ministers Discuss Chinese Threats in Indo Pacific and Russian Challenges in Ukraine
o In taking a Dig at Chinese Counter parts, he makes it Clear QUAD is about cooperation and addressing regional challenges and not against any nation
o Indian Foreign Minister will soon be in Munich to attend the Munich Security Conference Meetings
o Germany is the Current President of G7, and India is expected to be invited to G7 – following the footsteps of US, UK, and France
o The foreign Minister then travels to Paris to attend the India Pacific Forum where India – France – Australia is expected to announce Trilateral Group to address Indo Pacific Strategic issues
o Indonesia another special invitee to the forum is working with India – Australia to announce another Trilateral Partnership with focus on South China, Malacca Strait, Indian Ocean as the Focus
o Indonesia to announce Purchase of French Military Planes at this session
o Indian EAM meets Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs and commence discussions to Express solidarity and Further Boost Economic and Security Ties after the BrahMos Acquisition
• Stepping up the offensive – Indian Envoy says in UNSC – that we have nations and leaders in the world who continue to patronize Bin Laden as Martyr
• This is in line with UN report that claims recognition of Taliban would embolden Terrorists around the world
• Is China building rapport with Tibetan Population living close to border near LAC to forge support in the event of Chinese Transgression near Arunachal.

• China never to lose its moment slams the QUAD meeting in Australia
• Russia says Japan is whipping up Hysteria in Kuril Islands Row with China stepping up its attack on Sengkaku
• Has China and Russia done an energy deal that would guarantee Tenfold Gas Supply to China, increasing potential invasion of Taiwan after Olympics?

• ISIS to appoint battle hardened Iraqi as the Next Likely Leader as successor to Quareishi
• Iran announces long range Ballistic Missiles Capable of attacking US Bases says Israel
• Israel launches strikes against Syria after Missile attack

• The Truck protests that Kicked off in Ottawa is now spreading to Europe, Australia, New Zealand against the Vaccine Mandates.
• Senator Rand Paul Urges Truck Protestors to Hold Similar rallies in US Cities
• US Vice President Pence tells World Peace Rally that the world must face up to North Korean Provocations
• Republican lawmakers say the Department of Homeland Security warning of “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives” in its latest terrorism threat advisory bulletin is a state-sponsored threat to free speech.

• Markets get into a tailspin as Inflation soars to new heights and with Four Hikes or atleast Three rate Hikes Predicted this year



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