#Episode53 AG Barr resigns, 4 states’ Republican Electors vote for Trump

#DailyGlobalInsights #Episode53 AG Barr resigns, 4 states' Republican Electors vote for Trump

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to episode number 53 of daily Global insights with Sridhar ChityalaJi. Sridharji, Namaskar and welcome to PGurus channel.

Sridhar Chityala:  Namaskar and very good morning to you.

Sree Iyer: Sir, first off yesterday, the certification happened and President-elect Joe Biden is now has been certified. What are your thoughts on that? And there is still a lot is going on underneath. So let’s take a quick look at what is happening on the US Election, sir.

Sridhar Chityala:  Great, well, I think that I had missed a lot of drama since November 3rd. The December 14th deadline was met, where especially the six battleground States certified the results and sent the results to the house and President-elect Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris are now officially recommended as the President and the Vice President. There was a statement issued by President-elect Biden, thanking everybody and the nation must reconcile and look forward to turning a new leaf and move forward, that was obviously negated by President Trump.

President Trump indicated that this is not over and I am fighting, there has been massive fraud and we will make sure that the fraud is highlighted and the justice is done. So, it was a failure sombre type of announcement in an event, notwithstanding the fact that the mainstream media, especially the left media there’s no mostly centre-left media gave a kind of a big thumbs up that it’s all kind of over.

Sree Iyer: However, we know that in four states, what happened was the state legislatures sent up not only a set of democratic Electoral College but also a republican Electoral College. So we now have a situation where you’re going to have for these four states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. So, what we are going to have is a situation where you will have dual sets of Electoral Colleges in on January 6th and walk this process through sir, what really happened and we’re also getting some very disturbing trends about the performance of these machines, their testing was done by some experts, they’ve weighed in on. What happened in a specific County in Michigan? So, perhaps you can walk us through, what are all the different states one by one and where things stand on?

Sridhar Chityala: I think the four states that you rightly highlighted which are namely Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. There was also the Republican Senators expressing concerns about the integrity of the elections and casting their electoral votes for President Trump and Mike Pence. In the process, giving room for the litigation to continue because once it is formally certified then litigation cannot continue until it gets to the processor. They say that the litigation should continue in looking at the validity of the elections in these four states, so, therefore that process continues. What now happens, the next milestone is January 6, the House and Senate meet in a combined session. They look at all these votes that are cast, they assemble them and at that point of time, these Republican electors who cast separate, they have the right to basically say, please count as separately along with the House and Senate votes, the combine votes. So, that could be a very interesting scenario, should that develop, it’s not instantaneous, but, it is at the discretion. So, therefore you get into a situation where it opens up a whole Panorama of back to the controversy. Based on these numbers, it looks like, should that situation arise then, Trump and Pence will get them through rather than just purely on the certification of the current Electoral Votes cast as is, so that’s the drama that one can expect on January 6.

So, on January 6 second cast in stone? No, this can go on January 20th, January 20th is the cutoff date when the president has to be sworn in. So, effectively there are two milestones January 6th and January 20th. We have crossed the December 14 milestone. So this is what you can see in this scenario of the electoral votes being counted differently under the circumstances of a trigger, which could be coming from one of these cases. There is also another scenario, where when this House and Senate meet, where one member from the house and one member of the Senate can raise cast doubt and ask for a discussion. The House and Senate separate for a two-hour debate on this. At that point of time, they will cast their vote again, but differently. Each state delegate gets one vote. So, there are totally 50 delegate votes, 30 in favour of Republicans and 24 Democrats. So, should that situation arise already Mo Brooks in the house, Ron Johnson in the Senate, Ryan Paul has also expressed doubts the Senate plus there have been no less than 122 Republican members on either side House and Senate have expressed concern on the integrity and the validity of the election.

So, we are in for, what you call your potpourri of activities and it can take one of these two directions. There is a third piece to this which is the December 18th deadline. In 2018, President Trump passed an executive action order, which states that if the NIA (National Investigation Agency), the head of the NIA, in concert with the set of people submits a report to the President that there is evidence of Fraud and foreign interference, it’s very important foreign interference, then the election can be deemed null and void. What happens at that point of time is an interesting question, whether the same president continues or whether they would be a new but, it will set aside the current election. So, you have this scenario and let’s wait what happens on December 18, which is only three days away. Okay, and you would have already seen be covered John Radcliffe the NIA head indicated, hey look, this is not over, the elections are being still contested and so, therefore there is at least the preliminary evidence, he has not stated as yet foreign interference, but, he has stated that there was potential fraud. So, this is where all this evidence, people think that oh, they’re lost 25 cases, it’s only one case they won. There’s a lot of stuff presented, a lot of presentations made. I think it’s been a very carefully, just as the Democrats ran a very effective campaign in terms of this absentee ballots and Dropbox ballots and to some extent the counting’s that took place which is being contested in Pennsylvania, being contested in Georgia, being contested in Nevada, being contested in Wisconsin, being contested in Michigan. These independent observers not being present and you know, etc etc. By the way, that’s now extended to New Mexico. The New Mexico is a new state that has been added to the litigation just yesterday the presidential team filed. So, the story is you have all these issues in a couple of these domains states. They have pointed out, the server’s kept open the forensic evidence, especially in Georgia points to connectivity to China and in the case of this Dominion servers, they said that there were some raids conducted in Barcelona and Frankfurt or in German. So, therefore how all these data is put together by John Radcliffe is another open item, which becomes apparent on December 18th, or will get past December 18th, and we’ll move quickly to January 6th deadline.

Sridhar Chityala: Well this is not a speculation. This is a forensic audit conducted in Georgia by, I think we reported this, by Trump, Sydney Powell, and Dr Vas and they say that these machines were connected and there was a backdoor entry feasible because the connections were live and hot connections, not that they say that it occurred but they say,

What did they say? They said what did occur was some of these USB drives being inserted and which gave the ability to overwrite and switch ports that they did quite explicitly, make a case around that. So to your question, which is namely that this is going to be a very discomforting phase for the next 12 months -18 months irrespective of who ultimately becomes the president. Right now, it is Biden and Kamala Harris team. So let’s assume they continue or let’s assumeTrump, whosoever comes I think these next 12 to 18 months is going to be very tough is for the United States.

Just to give you an example, there was a significant protest over the weekend by the Republicans supporting Trump. The Antifa supporters came and apparently bet and that also happened on Sunday and yesterday’s report is those guys who put behind bars had another set of people coming in and saying they all have to be released and that turned out to be reasonably violent protests, it was not a very harmonious or peaceful type of activity. So there is already, preceding this there was the BLM and there was a whole raft of issues. There was also a threat that if the right person is not chosen on the eve of November 3rd, then there would be protests on the streets. Now, obviously, nobody knows who they meant and at least in some of the cities like Manhattan, Atlanta, even DC and maybe Detroit you had a boarding of shops and other things that were done in anticipation to make sure that there was no damage. So there is an undercurrent of issues that’s prevalent and that could pop up, once we get past January 20th, so that has to be overcome over the next term. Also, there are shifts in fundamental policy that are taking place as a result of a new person coming over because the policies are fundamentally different. So what will be the consequences of that, one has to see. Also, the difference in the eventual Senate doesn’t matter which way it goes, because there is hair-thin margin, 11 seats separate the house and probably one or two seats separate the Senate and it’s not like you have 6, 7, 8 seat cushion in the senate and it is not like you have 30 seat cushion or 25 seat cushion in the House. It is going to be, as you rightly pointed out, very contentious and very egregious as we move forward. My feeling is it may take anything from about 6 to 12 months for these things to kind of settle down.

Sree Iyer: Thank you, sir. And let’s take a look at the resignation of the Attorney General Barr, and there was news floating around that President Trump might actually fire him but he decided to resign before you got fired, I guess. Is there any significance of the timing of that resignation or is it something that is like, it was going to happen one way or the other, so there’s not much significance to it?

Sridhar Chityala: I think it’s a series of steps that are happening, you probably know that the December 14th was an important cutoff date. The controversy seems to be more because of Biden, and Trump is known for being outlandish, he can critic anybody other than you know himself and I think many of those statements reflect. But it has been made known now that department of justice and Mr Barr were aware of the Hunter Biden investigations. So there are some sour feelings as to why that was not made public even by some of the House and Senate Representatives. Also, Slobber situation, which is namely his connections when being part of the security committee, right? There’s an intelligence committee that he had connections with, was being looked at, if so, why was it not brought to the attention. So this is a whole slew of issues.

But they seem to have had an amicable resolution to the matter, 23rd he leaves, Rosen takes over, Donna who becomes the deputy and they will write the wave till the transition happens. So I think he said I’ve had enough stress and done, thank you so much and they had a great exit. So however much we may paint a little bit of controversy around it, but they seem to have, he is not fired, he resigned and it was amicable resignation.

Sree Iyer: So, William Barr exits and another one of those situations whereas,

Sridhar Chityala: I put in the first name Rosen takes over who was the president and then Donna takes over who was the assistant he takes over as the deputy attorney general.

Sree Iyer: So viewers, we do not have the list of details about the 1.95 million CCP members that have penetrated into various offices in the United Kingdom, United States, consulates, companies, what have you? We still don’t have that list release because that is not going to be so easy because I’m sure some of the people who are in positions of power who happened to be CCP members would be doing their darndest to try and not let this thing come out. As far as we know there are four different entities – Global worldwide who have information and also there is some interesting stuff coming out in terms of what is going to happen about WikiLeaks founder Assange and there’s a lot of stuff happening. This is one year-end that is going to be an edge of the seat thriller and I can tell you that at this point that we’re not taking any sides. We are just telling you all the things that are happening. It is very unfortunate that people choose to report what they want to and leave the rest out in the dust. Another interesting story that you should all look at when you have the time is the Tucker Carlson report that came out yesterday on YouTube, it’s available on Fox also if you can go back and have a look at their archives. What he talks about is the amazing number of appointments from social media companies and Microsoft in the incoming Biden Administration. And why is that happening? And there may be some hint in there also. So let’s just wait and see how things fall, but thanks for joining us. We’ll be back tomorrow with more news. Hopefully, we’ll have some names by then for you and also the Hunter Biden scandal and that has not gone away. There are also some other things that are coming out that we are trying to confirm. We want to make sure that the news is correct before we share it with you. So for all, that and more do join us tomorrow. Share and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and donate to our cause. Thank you very much, Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you, and Namaskar.



  1. It is no more 4 States- now a total 7 States Republican Electors voted for Trump. USA has become a banana Republic with long time Democratic Rule- that is why Chinese dare to attack USA anytime now. When Chief Justice of USA becomes part of a sex racket – together with Democratic Presidents and powerful administration guys of another Democratic Administration- the Country is lost to Chinese aggressors in Education, Business, Industries, Public Life, Research institutes.
    Read below;
    Chief Justice Roberts has sided with the Globalist CCP interests over his own nation and people at every opportunity since Trump took office—and extortion is the only reasonable explanation.
    But now it’s war, so we’re going all the way on who and what this human garbage has in their closets John Roberts is compromised to the point he must be removed and replaced. Congress has the authority under Article I to remove judges for High Crimes & Misdemeanours. Sex with children on Epstein’s Orgy Island, illegal adoption via nations other than those of babies’ birth, and treason all qualify. This hapless hack of a Court—with the notable exceptions of Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito—dismissed the most cogent and valid suit to cure this election fraud ever filed in the history of the Republic. To tell a State that it has no ‘standing’ before the Court those States created for precisely such issues is like a child telling his Mom to mind her own damn business and leave him alone. WAIT FOR MARSHAL LAW ON FRIDAY 18 Dec by President Trump.

    The Court(s) could have avoided what comes next simply by doing their Constitutional duty
    NSAM 57, issued by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 cost him his life—now activated by Trump to take down the CIA—which is suspected of killing Kennedy. Kennedy’s National Security Action Memorandum #57 wasn’t activated until 57 years after its writing—by President Trump—in November, an interesting numerical coincidence perhaps, and the following has already happened: A lot of blood bath in Pentagon, DOD, Cyber security, Defense Intelligence, Special forces out of Obama Admin Clutch.
    And this blood bath is just the preface to what is soon to come. The dismissal by the Supreme Court of the Texas case has opened what may be the only door for President Trump to fulfil his oath of office.


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