Prof RV says by escaping the wrath of the world on its virus, China has arrived as a superpower

Comparing China’s escape from the impact of Wuhan virus with how the US escaped the wrath of the world after dropping atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Prof RV says that the decline of the society in the US is one of the main problems leading to its decline as a superpower and hopes that India will find its spine and stand up to the neighbourhood bully.


  1. Prof. RV is of old dated Parson. He need to refresh his memory a lot on China. China was never a Super power- never will be. Yes- they are super in only one thing- Stealing, Killing, Raping and Grabbing other Countries. I don’t know your political affiliation but I guess you are agent of Communist XI who is most wanted outside China – to Punish him. He can’t come out of China- for fear of CCP Coup to kill him within China. Note this and match in very near future. People in China are starving- they were refused by Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan to supply rice (staple food of 2/3rd Population), finally came to India to buy only broken rice (normally fed to Cows in India) , they bought 100,000 Tons. Chinese Rice traders ran away from Myanmar by not paying more than $1 Million to Myanmar farmers. China’s Forex deposit much lower than India – check this with RBI source. Next is US action on China- to cripple them soon. Trump is going to declare NSAM 57, issued by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to punish China. Coming Friday -this week will start this action. US was going to worst than 3 rd world Country under Democratic rule. Even current CJ of Supreme Court Robert is found in illegal minor girls sex racket along with Fucker Bill Clinton with TWO PERVERTS DOWN FROM ‘HIS HONOUR’ JOHN ROBERTS. WHAT WAS
    ROBERTS DOING ON ‘ORGY ISLAND’ WITH BILL CLINTON AND JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S UNDERAGE GIRLS? China is the number one on Girls trafficking country for sex business. Their PLA have habit of Masturbating daily – with this animal culture no country in the World can be Super Power
    Update your knowledge on America and China.


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