#Exclusive All the proof you need about Balakot and where Pakistans economy is headed

Francesca Marino was the first to report the reality of what happened at Balakot. In this conversation, she discloses how she came about to know the incident and its aftermath as well as conclusive proof of the location. A must watch!


  1. I thought you were going to show the proof.
    As if we didn’t had enough from indian media that now you brought in an italian to spread bjp’s propaganda.

  2. Hi, francesca said during the discussion that there were internet postings or videos of pak army asking for large number of beds in abbottabad hospital. Can you please post the link to the website? Also is her source still likely to get some pictures or videos from the local balakot hospital? Curious if she is still pursuing that

    • you should understand the meaning of cover up, she did her research for more than 2 months to get some details, and you are asking for the website links! No need to believe govt. at least Believe your Air Force. Are opposition parties are more credible than our Forces?

  3. What is credibility of Fransesco Marino…. Zee news already claimed she is Italian journalist. But if you search on Google she is nowhere…


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