Kejriwal’s SlapGate… again!

Was SlapGate an orchestrated event by Arvind Kejriwal to garner attention? Slapper is/ was an AAP member.

Was SlapGate an orchestrated event by Arvind Kejriwal to garner attention? Slapper is/ was an AAP member.
Was SlapGate an orchestrated event by Arvind Kejriwal to garner attention? Slapper is/ was an AAP member. Photo courtesy NDTV.

Attacker identified as AAP worker

It is election time in Delhi and many were joking that the Delhi Chief Minister (CM) will enact attention seeking drama will happen next. Just a week ahead of Delhi going to polls, on Saturday evening, a person in full public glare slapped Arvind Kejriwal during his road show. Thankfully, Police identified the person and revealed that he was/is an active Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) worker and has arranged many functions of the party supremo Kejriwal in the past. The 33-year old man identified as Suresh is an automobile spare parts leader and would be produced in Court on Sunday.

It was interesting to note that he was seen in Kejriwal’s reception committee with other AAP workers and was standing very near to the vehicle and was wearing AAP worker’s cap and shawl before he slapped his supremo. Frankly, no one would dare to attack a party leader with the full glare of his supporters and especially Kejriwal who has Z-category protection. Many believe that this was yet another monkey trick of Arvind Kejriwal to get attention in the election season, where he and his party is getting irrelevant day by day.

“Preliminary interrogation has revealed that the person Suresh, who is a scrap dealer in the area, has been a supporter of AAP and used to work as organiser of the party’s rallies and meetings. As per his version, over a period of time, he got disenchanted due to behaviour of its leaders. He got further angry due to distrust of the party in the armed forces,” the Delhi Police said in a statement.

“Today, he was wearing a cap (which he later took off) and scarf of AAP and was in the reception group of the CM. No one objected to him being there as he had been an organiser for the party. He was standing near the front right tire of the Gypsy. He took off the scarf, climbed the bonnet and attempted to assault the Hon’ble CM. Further interrogation of the person is on,” the police added.

Slapgate – A recurring drama?

In 2014, during the Lok Sabha elections, people may not yet remember the first slap drama. Kejriwal was attacked by an auto driver known as Lalli and Kejriwal rushed to Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial Raj Ghat and staged fast to get media attention. The following day, he went to the attacker’s home with rose flowers with his flunky media people who termed the dramatic incident as “return of Gandhian Politics.”

Many media persons are purchased by AAP and in the current incident too they tried to put the blame on the Delhi Police instead of stating the SlapGate facts. They didn’t bother to research the identity of the attacker, till Delhi Police issued a statement exposing that the person is/ was an AAP worker.

How long will Arvind Kejriwal play these kinds of crooked games? We hope the majority of the people of Delhi have identified the dirty politics and sins of AAP and give them a fitting reply in the forthcoming elections. Sree Iyer of PGurus has written a book on AAP titled The Rise and Fall of AAP, which can be purchased here[1].


[1] The Rise and Fall of AAP – A paperback – 2017,

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  1. I call AK KORANGURIVAL – KORANGU = MONKEY in Tamil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this article says he plas Monkey Trick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, MONKEYS PLAY ONLY MONKEY TRICKS SIR, WHAT ELSE ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A PERENNIAL ATTENTION SEEKER, THAT IS WHY HE KEEPS ABUSING MODI JI from day #1, if he dares abuse RaGa, Congi-Goondas will eliminate the Korangu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he knows that. The Anti-Modi Ji main stream media also won’t entertain his abuses against Mahamilavat leaders. So, the ATTENTION-SEEKER, NON-WORKING, LOOTING CORRUP LIAR, KEEPS PLAYING HIS TRICKS AND WILL DO THAT UNTIL 23 May AFTER WHICH HE WILL GO INTO HIDING AFTER LOSING DEPOSITS IN ALL DELHI SEATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A cheap & patented trick by AAP leaders & other Indian politicians. Expected that slap to be powerful which would see the AAP leader with some broken bones or stiff neck, which would make him to retire from public life. Sad on this result.
    Now the court will investigate if he is BJP or Pakistan ISI or CIA or KGB agent how he take birth in India which school he went & what his teachers taught him…etc.. all in form of an affidavit and case will go for 10 years on average, before they get tired of the paper & give its verdict that it is garbage case.


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