Fake Hindus are doing mischief yet again

Falsely naming themselves Hindus for Human Rights, this mischievous organization has been working against Hindus, Hindutva, and Sanatana Dharma

Falsely naming themselves Hindus for Human Rights, this mischievous organization has been working against Hindus, Hindutva, and Sanatana Dharma
Falsely naming themselves Hindus for Human Rights, this mischievous organization has been working against Hindus, Hindutva, and Sanatana Dharma

Decoding propaganda of fake Hindus

“Honored to participate in the inauguration & lamp lighting of the exhibition in our city! “- Jane Castor, Mayor, Tampa, Florida.

“Thank you for having me,” State Representative candidate Frederick Frazier said[1]. “This was an amazing experience. The exhibits were great. I loved being able to walk around and learn about the culture.”

Hindu civilization exhibited on Capitol Hill
Hindu civilization exhibited on Capitol Hill

What are they talking about? They had visited a Hindu exhibition hosted by a group of Hindu organizations in their city (video given below). This traveling exhibition sponsored by a group of Hindu organizations across the country brings a glimpse of Hindu civilization to their neighbors.

The response to this exhibition has been phenomenal. Several public officials, including state and federal Congressmen, and Senators have attended this exhibition along with local American community members. As seen from the quotes above, testimonials from the attendees highlight the knowledge and awareness this exhibition brings to the communities (videos given below). Recently Hindu organizations have hosted this exhibition in the US Capitol with attendance from several Congresspersons and Senators and their representatives[2][3].

But a group named “Hindus for Human Rights (HfHR)” has been reaching out to public officials who attended these exhibitions asking them to stop attending this exhibition. Why?. One of the Hindu American organizations Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS USA) has worked to introduce their culture, and civilizational ideas to their own neighbors.

A brief overview of the exhibition that is available at hindudarshana.com tells us what the exhibition is all about. According to this website, the goal of this exhibition is to introduce the culture, philosophy, and traditions of Hindus to the American civil society.

Hindus are a minority in the United States of America constituting less than 2% of the population[4]. Hindu society has been waging a constant battle to be treated fairly on many fronts e.g., misrepresentation of Hinduism in California textbooks[5], Swastika which is a sacred symbol for Hindus[6], Buddhists, and Jains being branded as Nazi symbol of Hankencruz – are just to quote a few.

Volunteers of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization, came up with the concept and designed the contents of the exhibition. Many Hindu organizations are sponsoring and supporting this exhibition across many cities in the USA.

As usual, there are people who are incensed with any work that shows the history of Hindus and Hindu civilization in a good way. The common tactic of these organizations is to use “Hitler”[7], “Nazi”[8], “fascist”[9], “Hindu nationalism” or “Hindutva” (even have a manual to harass Hindus to any and all such activities. They simply try to scare ordinary Hindus who are proud of their traditions. This also creates anxiety in the minds of local American community members. Such Hinduphobic activities are not limited to organizations like Indian American Muslim Council (an organization with links to CAIR which has been accused of links to the Muslim brotherhood[10]), Sikhs for Justice (an organization whose claimed position is to dismember the state of Punjab from India) and others[11]. There is a person common to many of these organizations[12]. He is an activist whose claim to fame is his association with extremist organizations and his hate for Mahatma Gandhi[13][14][15].

A recent entrant to this cabal is an organization dubiously named “Hindus for Human Rights”. One would think that this must be an organization that cares for the human rights of Hindus across the world, right?. Wrong, in fact, they are doing the opposite[16].

One needs to learn about the people behind this organization and their connections to understand their motives. Take for example Sunita Viswanath, who claims to have worked for women’s issues in Afghanistan, and yet the minority Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan find no mention in her work.

A common theme that runs across people associated with “Hindus for Human Rights” is Hinduphobia[17]. Yes. That is, in spite of their name, they spend all of their time denigrating Hindus, Hindu Icons, and common beliefs and practices of Hindu society[16].

With the name HfHR, one would think that the organization would have condemned the attacks on a Hindu temple in Trinidad on May 7th[18], the lynching of a Hindu groom in Hyderabad who was married to a Muslim bride[19], attacks on Ram Navami processions through Muslim neighborhoods[20]. In spite of calling themselves a human rights organization, HfHR has, on the contrary, been in denial about the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus and the brutal oppression they faced[21]. They have even called out the movie Kashmiri Files which showcases their stand against free speech[22].

HfHR works in close coordination with Islamic zealots and Khalistan Sikh organizations who act against the Indian nation and Indo-US relationship and strategic interests[23]. Their propaganda themes are well documented: “Tarnishing India’s image”, “Muslim Genocide” (tweet no 1 below), and constantly attacking Indian-origin politicians and community leaders who don’t subscribe to their hate agenda (tweet no 2 below).

Hinduphobic organizations, including HfHR, hide their hate for Hinduism by claiming that they are against “fascist Hindu Nationalist” organizations not against Hindus or Hinduism. However, as this recent conference on “Dismantle Global Hindutva” shows (video below), what they really want is the destruction of all Hindus. This particular conference was organized by a group of academics under the guise of academic freedom and was supported by HfHR. For details of HfHR and their related organizations and their (anti-India and Hinduphobic) activities follow these links 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (all 5 tweets given below).

All these Hinduphobic organizations collectively have very little or no record of doing anything that is remotely positive for the citizens of America. Instead, in their latest propaganda against Hindus and Hindu organizations (tweet given below), they have been writing to civic and elected officials who attended the “Darshana: A glimpse of Hindu Civilization” exhibition and asking them to refrain from associating with such events[24].

In contrast, here is a sample of what volunteers of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh accomplished in the past few years.

  1. Collected over 590,000 pounds of food and donated it to over 240 food distribution centers (2021)[25].
  2. Teachers Appreciation DayGuru Vandana event to appreciate the contribution of teachers (past 17 years, 1000s of teachers).
  3. Health for Humanity Yogathon (events at schools, hospitals, etc) for the past 15 years.
  4. Universal Oneness Day – with first responders and law enforcement appreciating their service to the citizens of the USA (more than 10 years).

Over and above, HSS volunteers have been running Sunday schools in 250+ chapters across the USA. These sessions train children and adults in citizenship and volunteerism on the basis of Hindu values of “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (The whole world is one family)” and “Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (let happiness/ contentment prevail in the entire world)”

Hindus, a minority in the USA, are one of the highest educated and most productive members of society. Hindus and Hindu-minded organizations need every constitutional protection against propaganda by hate groups such as HfHR. For detailed background on HfHR and allied organizations visit stophinduhate.org

It is imperative that elected and civic officials at all levels are aware of the mischief done by the organizations with dubious names such as “Hindus for Human Rights”. They neither stand for Hindus nor for Human Rights.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. Great article exposing all the negative elements joining forces with the sole purpose of promoting their false, Hinduphobic narrative. I have always wondered how can anyone have anything against a civilization that has always not only believed but practiced the concept of “Entire world Is One Big Family”? If only, these friends spent fraction of their resources serving the society, the world would be such a better place to live.

  2. This is a great way to expose these Hindu haters. One wonders how low some of these people especially the one with Hindu names go to secure few alms from people like Soros and Sheiks?


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