Fake-news laundry serves the Left’s fake opinions too

The author shows the ignorance of the Left who don't know what Marx and Ambedkar stood for

The author shows the ignorance of the Left who don't know what Marx and Ambedkar stood for
The author shows the ignorance of the Left who don't know what Marx and Ambedkar stood for

References (1-4) are incorporated in the heading of this post.

The ruling party of the state of Kerala is called the Communists Party of India – Marxists (CPI(M)). Please note the word Marx-ists. They claim they are the followers of Marx, Karl Marx, the purest version of communism. And what did the “secularist” Marx write about the CPI(M)’s favourite minorities? Here you go: ‘Of the Christian colonial system, W. Howitt, a man who makes a specialty of Christianity, says: “The barbarities and desperate outrages of the so-called Christian race, throughout every region of the world, and upon every people they have been able to subdue, are not to be paralleled by those of any other race, however fierce, however untaught, and however reckless of mercy and of shame in any age of the earth.”’ [5]

Before the “Left” jumps into another fake opinion that it is taken out of context here is the title of the essay: “The methods that the precursors of fully-developed capitalism employed to build their wealth on the basis of looting, enslavement and murder, particularly in the Far East; and the various cheating devices which early imperialist capitalism employed still further to increase that wealth”. [5]

Moving on to Bharat Ratna Dr Ambedkar, he was absolutely clear on who is a nationalised Bharatiya and who is a denationalised person: “If the depressed classes join Islam or Christianity, they not only go out of the Hindu religion, but they also go out of the Hindu Culture… Conversion to Islam or Christianity will denationalise the depressed classes… If they go over to Islam, the number of Muslims would be doubled; and danger of Muslim domination also becomes real… If they go over to Christianity, the strength of Christians becomes five to six crores. It will help to strengthen the hold of Britain on this country.” These are no casual opinions or a one-off slip of the tongue.[6]

Bhimji reiterated it close to the end of his life, “Buddhism is part and parcel of Bhartiya Culture. I have taken care that conversion will not harm the traditions, the culture, and history of this land. I confess I have many quarrels with caste Hindus over some points but, I take my vow that I shall lay down my life in defence of our land.[7]

If the ‘Christian race’ is the instrument of  ‘the barbarities and desperate outrages not to be paralleled by those of any other race and in any age of the earth’ in Karl Marx’s own attested words from a quote he approvingly uses and in the context of the ‘looting, enslavement and murder and the various cheating devices of the Christian colonial system’, and if the Marxist party of India can exist, flourish and be voted into power by the Left-brainwashed people in parts of this nation, why cannot Rajiv Malhotra say or tweet what he did?

And what did he tweet? He tweeted to his followers, who are mostly Hindus perhaps, to help his kinsmen at the time of a calamity. More specifically, he wrote “Please donate to help Kerala Hindus. Christians & Muslims worldwide raising lots of money to help mainly their own people and agendas.” However, there is no mention of Hindus or Hindu donors to not help and / or not donate money for helping the non-Hindus. [8]

If there is nothing wrong in Bhimji calling the Muslims and Christians “denationalised” and consider them “not of ‘Bharatiya Culture’” what is wrong in Rajiv Malhotra asking his kinsmen to help his suffering kinsmen? Rajiv Malhotra is being an honest and a better Ambedkarite and Marxist than the rabble-rousers of the Left-Marxists cabal are.

By any stretch of interpretation, he seems to have not asked the Indian armed forces to not to help the “denationalised” non-Hindus, even though Bhimji considers them of alien culture (of not the “Bharatiya culture”) and Karl Marx considers the Christians a race of  “barbarities and desperate outrages” unlike “any other race and in any age of the earth.” However, the fake-news laundry claims that Rajiv Malhotra advocates indeed that. What is actually outrageous is that he was bullied into deleting the tweet against the tenets of freedom of expression for which the Left-Marxist cabal often sheds crocodile tears.

Is there anything in the tweet quoted above that is even close to the opinion of Karl Marx or Bhimji? Were Karl Marx and Bhimji wrong? Did Rajiv Malhotra possibly mean what the Left’s fake-news laundry claims? The answers are: no, no and no.

Then why is the Left outraged and about what?

They are an abomination for what Bhimji stood for. Jai Bhim!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  2. Got to read this now.
    Felt bad for Rajiv Malhotra ji…
    He needn’t have deleted his tweet.
    All great things invite controversies…
    Hats off Malhotra ji for saying what is 100% correct.

  3. Svami Vivekanada who came much before ambedkar has said all that needs to be said.

    That anyone leaving Hinduism for christianity is an ENEMY of Hindus.

    Better to quote Svami Vivekananda than ambedkar who was very pally with evr of dk & a british dictaphone. He wrote whatever british colonizers asked him to write & that is called indian constitution.

  4. So touched by Mr Ambedkar’s words “——anyday I will lay down my life for defence of my land.–. Protected Hindus from converting to Islam or Christianity—” . So sad to see his life and teachings misused by pseudosecurilis, politicians and leftists.


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