Rajiv Malhotra rebuts the News Laundry article about his tweets

A crisp explanation on what he meant in his tweets. In a wide-ranging discussion, Rajiv Malhotra talks about the work Infinity Foundation has done in the past and how significant portions of the district of Nagapattinam were converted after the tsunami into Christianity


  1. Conquering the peripheral areas before going for the final kill is the well known ploy of christian mafia.
    Thus entire coastal areas are under the monopoly of christians. Most of the fishermen are converted & and crypto christians. They are not pooooooor as alleged but quite rich .

    Months before tsunami struck India a Siddhar said :- ” Those who have been thriving by catching Fish etc ( Marine Beings) ought to be prepared to be consumed by the very Fish bearing Oceans..”.

    When Tsunami struck same Hindu idiots , Hindu suckers rushed forward with packets of Curd Rice , Lemon Rice , Mixed Vegetable Rice called கதம்ப சாதம் & these were tossed aside by the arrogant alleged victims who demanded ” greasy mutton , fish etc” instead. An IAS officer a female JUSTIFIED these fishermen’s insolence asking idiot hindus to ”donate accordingly ..to suit their palates that are used to mutton & fish with plenty of oil in them”.

    Hindus’ Temples were thrown open making these fishermen tsunami victims cook , eat , sleep , urinate & defaecate all over. They were provided with separate stoves , utensils etc etc .

    They should have been accommodated inside their churches & their appeasing politicians’ posh bungalows. Deported to uber rich America , UK , Europe , Australia all christian countries.

    IDIOT SLAVE hindus bitten by multi culti secular dracula failed to do so.

    On non tsunami days too i.,e everyday it is Hindus’ Temples’ Collections that get siphoned off to fatten up all appeasing politicians who fritter away on ”constituency development”. It is anti Vedic pro christian dmk that came up with HRCE to wield total control over Hindus’ Temples. It is this dmk cadaver
    ( karunanidi) that was worshipped & worshipped by all including good for nothing bjp.

    I cannot fathom how criminals & inimicals are allowed to form parties & contest elections in India. Kollywood ‘s lecherous kamalhassan is one such specimen of ”Invasion of the Sacred”. Is a member of dk. Told Pallavi Joshi on tv ” ..i have renounced my religion”. His character is sssso yuck beggars description. Rajnikanth is very much a ”secular”. Said ” I would rather play Tipu Sultan who is secular than Chatrapathi Shivaji who is communal”. Kushboos etc are consummate sluts. Certainly not fit to govern Bharath.

    Today bjp is willing to ally with any of these scum as elections in India have become a number game.
    And be it bjp or congress both have to necessarily appease christian AmericAA by mollycoddling all christian scum within India.

    Christian parasites living within India malign people like Sri.Rajiv Malhotra & kindred Hindus ( NRIs) by telling others ” …they have left India for greener pastures …are not patriotic …we are the patriotic ones…we brought medicine , education , bandages , bibles ..blah blah.

    That crypto christian gopinath’s wife I read has monopoly over Hindu Ethnic Textile – சுங்குடி ( Sungudi) Cotton…etc etc.

    Hindus are the dispossessed & marginalized of all. In our OWN Bharath.
    The sooner we deport ALL the crypto & converted christians to their well wishers AmericAA , UK , Vatican etc the better our chances of survival. Strip them naked. Commppasionate christians of AmericAA , uk , vatican pooop would clothe , feed , educate , empower & uplift them. The christian mafia need not burn precious aviation fuel to travel to Bharath. Global warming also would come down thus. They will have their hands full . Their empty churches can accommodate john dayals , kuruvillas , kuriakoses , cedric p , valson thampus , mohan lazarus , gopinaths etc.

    Neogi Commission under MGR who was the CM of Tamil Nadu then also found christians guilty of mass rapes & murder in மண்டைக்காடு பகவதி அம்மன் (Kanyakumari Mandaikkadu Bhagavathy Amman Temple). Hindu women refusing to convert were stripped of their clothes & they ran naked . Many were killed. YET none was punished. Christian criminals remain unpunished not only in India but abroad too.
    Vatican poop says ” Christ up above is weeping for you all” & the victims are fed psychiatry drugs , sedatives etc.

    An Englishman once said ” Commission of enquiry is like going to the toilet ; you sit upon it make some noises , drop it ..flush & everything is forgotten”.

    Thus Neogi commission was also flushed long ago & idiot SLAVE hindus mutter ”vasudeivakutumbakisum’.

    • That was a great observation how our culture and religion is being destroyed by our own people these are those people who ate in the utensil and put a hole in the same. these uncultured people think Indian and Hindu culture to be dangerous wherein they forgot the freedom of saying all this is given to them by the same culture and country.
      shame on these kind of people and it would be great if we as an Indian and Hindu can remove these stains from the pure and pious culture of ours.
      Jai hind and Ram Ram

  2. In the guise of ”human rights , democracy , freedom , gender equality blah blah” so called developped christian barbarians of developped soooper powers have been relentlessly exporting debauchery to India & all over Middle Eastern Countries.

    Though I was born in Tamil Nadu & my mother tongue is Tamil I was not brought up i Tamil Nadu. Hence I always had the most exalted opinion about Tamil Nadu by reading various Spiritual Texts like Sekkizhar’s Periya Puranam , about Aazhvargal , Nayanmargal & many Spiritual Hymns composed by SAGES.

    For the first time when I lived for almost an year in Tamil Nadu it was a rude SHOCK for me.
    The aforementioned programme on vijay tv is one telling example. So called film songs are downright smutty . And I have seen many sitting before their tv sets with the entire family watching & relishing such vulgarity.

    While talking about food intake Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar has rightly emphasized what we eat through our five senses constitute our food intake. Smutty songs , ludicrous toxic stories & soaps misguiding people have turned most into rowdies females included.

    Nowhere does Kaanchi SEER say men & women are equal.

    In that show ( achamillai achamillai) actress lakshmi wanted to highlight women’s rights. Narrated about a woman who married a NRI & went abroad to live with him. She requested her husband to take her to some place known for screening X rated movies. This happened almost daily . That husband called her a ”nymphomaniac” & asked for separation. She returned to India. The anchor lakshmi was vociferously defending that woman & said in Tamil ” ..try & understand womenfolk….they have very special needs ..desires….men should adjust accordingly for kinky…..” & called for certain blokes as ”experts” to offer ”expert opinions”. They were called honeymoon expert , first night expert & so on. All of them unanimously pilloried that unseen NRI Husband .

    This kind of dangerous micromanaging has been going on daily. Very craftily converted christians & crypto christians have literally STOLEN everything belonging to Hindus – our Kumkum , Vibhuthi , MangalSutram , Metti ( toe ring) , Bangles , Sarees , (Silk sarees included) Hindu Rites & Rituals .
    Sri.Rajiv Malhotra knows better I am sure.

    Whereas non converted impressionable hindu idiots are being told by one hideous looking psychiatrist shalini ( she calls EVR founder of dk her mentor & that she owes everything to him) to ”remove your bangles , wipe away your bindi…what is the need for Mangalsutra…are you animals to be tethered ….fight defy…that is feminism…” . This was also on vijay tv. Anchored by an obese crypto christian called gopinath.

    Another day the same crypto christian devil gopinath anchored another programme pitting Vegetarians against non vegetarians.

    In the end said ” non vegetarians win….where Vegetarians eat 4 Idlis …non vegetarians are able to devour 35 Idlis , 35 Dosais when accompanied by crabs , fish , mutton etc in kozhambu….see who wins…non vegetarians…”.

    This is how dangerously absurd their programmes are. Instigating youth to DEFY Traditions & go for inter caste marriages , to elope etc etc EXACTLY like evr of dk.

    It is time Hindus learn from Muslims. They do not engage in silly slanging matches on tv . They KILL the mischief makers. Entire kollywood industry & various tv channels like vijay tv etc need to be exterminated.

  3. Very recently in Dubai airport kerala’s protestant christian couple struck up a conversation with me as our flight was delayed. They openly said ” We offer cash , jobs , foreign travel , entry into schools , colleges within India or abroad , white goods like refrigerator , washing machine , tv etc , dowry for marriage as coercive irresistible inducements for conversions. On one condition that they DISOWN Hinduism , Hindu Gods , Goddesses hitherto worshipped….if caught otherwise we punish them…”.

    Pentacostals are also equally ruthless. In a tv show on vijay tv ( owned by malayali christians & crypto christians of Tamil Nadu further their sinister agenda ) film actress lakshmi ( much married notoriously called Elizabeth Taylor of kollywood typical arrogant secular person) was anchoring a show called
    அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை (‘Achamillai Achamillai’ loosely translated Fear Not Fear Not) glorifying propagating hedonism & promiscuity like extra marital affairs , adultery , gay , lesbianism , divorce , encouraging & applauding women who hit their husbands..(the anchor actress lakshmi herself is one such immoral entity to start with fawned over by novelist cum kollywood script writer of maniratnam movies called Sujatha ( pseudonym..his wife’s name..his name was rangarajan who allegedly invented EVM , an IIT grad & a hero for most yuppies of Tamil Nadu it is one hell of a mutual admiration society of intellectual opium eaters of Tamil Nadu) .

    One such show was to glorify christianity & conversions. A Christian wearing dark glasses came up & said how ”cruel christians are…they ( pentacostals) made me blind for refusing to convert…” .At once actress lakshmi the anchor screamed at him ” How dare you badmouth christians….do you know Hindus ripped open the womb of a woman & carved OM on her forehead as told by arundati roy…you are not allowed to talk anymore” & that man was shown the door. Actress lakshmi has always been very close to dmk’s karunanidi like most of kollywood fraternity. Suddenly announced she was joining bjp & posed for a photo with LK.Advani. Acted in boring highly forgettable julie of bollywood remake of malayalam chattakari. Mumbai was not willing to put up with her tantrums & she had to come back to kollywood & Telugu movie industry.

    I was SHOCKED beyond words. Sahitya Academy winner well known writer Jayakanthan ( now deceased) was in tremendous awe of this SLUTTISH actress & told her his sequel கங்கை எங்கே போகிறாள் (sequel to சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள் ) was inspired by her. Those were pre Internet era. No one could delete. I have read that interview.

    Hindus have already LOST heavily. Entire Tamil Nadu , its movie industry , its loyola colleges etc , media etc etc are all heavily infested with toxic christians & crypto christians.

    The so called fissures catholic , protestant , pentacostal , southern baptists are facades. While evangelizing they join hands. This was told by a Canadian evangelical.

  4. […] Also, it is necessary to see whether this minority tag for Christians and Muslims is justified. Both these groups belong to expansionist ideologies which treat the Other as a lesser being if they don’t belong. Globally too, these two groups constitute the largest majority with centralised institutions controlled by strong and powerful clergy. The Christians and Muslims in India also belong thus to a global nexus that decides for them. The headquarters of these two are extra Indian and thus control the discourse. They decide the course of action for their respective adherents in India. So then, how exactly are Christians and Muslims a minority? In natural disasters like this present one in Kerala, the well-oiled machinery of both these groups kick in and the money that comes in from abroad into India in the guise of relief is unimaginable. Rajiv Malhotra has explained this beautifully in this short and crisp video made in the wake of the coordinated attack on him. […]

  5. I agree with one of the comments above that all Christians must be kicked out of India. India is overpopulated now, and there’s tremendous space in Western Christian countries. Also, if there’s any truth in the Christian message, we should be converting the atheist ex-Christians first.

  6. Factual errors . Pure ignorance lead to inferiority complex running amuck creating communal hatred esp of Christians.
    The Christian community in Kerala is a very forward ,highly educated and above all well off community.
    In stating Christianity goes about conversion through money n doelouts is most foolish . Yes it was once in the 60s or so done to woe conversions but today !! no chance as the economic status of the malayalam is high .The daily wages itself is 750 to 2000 a day depending on the trade n hence the working class earns anywhere from 20K to 60K a month and in these times no one will fall for mercenary motivations. So Rajiv Malohatra must correct his cockeyed Research .

    I agree that the Govt. must n most urgently make ALL donations accountable. Unlike Raj8be’s cockeyed theory the money is not used for any conversions or Christian institution but pocketed by the people receiving n in charge of it be it. Bishop, Priest,Politician or group.yes pocketed and this cannot be carried on.
    Christianity is spread through preaching, evangelical meetings etc and people who benefit from prayers answered, miracles seen etc etc : if you can stop that you can succeed in containing conversions.

  7. Thank you for this interview.

    Sri.Rajiv Malhotra need not be apologetic at all. There is no need for him to reiterate the inherent magnanimity of Hindus. Hindus need to recalibrate & understand this masochism on our part has only proved detrimental to us Hindus.

    Not just during tsunami. Christian countries have always waged bloody wars & catholic GHOUL teresa of missionaries of charities always ensured she was present in such war torn zones scavenging for orphans , maimed people , traumatized victims to convert & add to her flock. We the gullible were bludgeoned on our heads ”look at this christian compassion”….

    There are plenty of homeless people in christian developppped sooper power countries. Plenty of churches & plenty of bibles too. Christian countries should focus on them . Not travel to non christian countries to ”convert”. The existing christians in India need to be exported to christian countries so that Hindus’ burden is lightened. We need Forests for our Wild Animals ; we need pastureland for our Cows & Buffaloes to graze. Once the christians are made to quit India & settled down in developppped rich America , UK , Canada & Europe we ought to tear down the churches converting them into pastureland & go for afforestation too.

    For Hindus every Tree is MahaVishnu as extolled in our Sri Rudram. Hindus’ Vedic ethos is unique & christianity is inimical & predatory . Crows , Sparrows , Elephants etc etc everything is equally sacred to us . Christians mulishly believe animals have no souls. Our energies & time get frittered away in attempting to explain & gain approval from these heartless arrogant christians.

    It is time Hindus wake up from their idiotic slumber. What did we gain from ”welcoming” inimicals ?
    We are still unable to enforce BAN on Cow slaughter & beef production. This is extremely important.

    For decades milch Cows , Calves have been smuggled from kerala to bangladesh for slaughter . And slaughtered & devoured by many in Kerala itself. Buffaloes also have been slaughtered & eaten. Add to that invading our Temples ( Sri.AnanthaPadhmanabhaSvamy Temple included) & plundering by the establishment.

    What is the need to rush in with aid for such undeserving cruel people. Let them face the consequences & suffer. If not they are never going to learn. Just because RSS people feed them they are not going to turn into Vegetarians. Or worship Cows . Or put a decisive end to their slaughter.

    The rotten indian constitution gives these predators the ”right to propagate & convert”. When faced with a disaster why do Hindus fall into the treacherous trap of ” don’t bring religion when people are suffering..we are indians…” NO. They ARE NOT.

    Do NOT help any christian. Leave it to their pope , pastors to feed , clothe etc . What did catholic GHOUL teresa recently canonized by pooop of vatican do ? She watched gleefully several thousands of Hindus writhe in pain & die telling us ” they were all baptized ….so will be allowed into heaven”.

    Unless Hindus give them a taste of their own christian GHOUL no good is going to happen.
    Only very recently many RSS members were brutally killed in Kerala & cm p.vijayan himself exulted over their murders. YET , RSS people rush headlong to help & have died. What a waste of precious human life. Today many tweet ”martyred”. Soon would be forgotten. Lots of Hindus were killed by british colonizers. We did NOT get any Independence at all.

    Kaanchi MaHaPeriyavar says ” We did not get Svatantram. ..are very much in Paratanthram”.

    Adi Ssankara unambiguously declares the very purpose of human life is to achieve Moksham.
    For which we need to lead a Dharmic life . Which ensures Sathvagunam predominates . Which alone is conducive for Atma Vicharam . Nowhere does He say ” get martyred trying to feed & rescue adharmic people”. Secularism does not mean we allow inimicals to thrive at our expense.

    madhu trehans , shekar guptas etc were all in India Today when it started as a glossy expensive magazine. I do not know why Rajiv Malhotra (& many others) gives her this much of importance. They are all a bunch of useless people who speak in English ( & their mother tongues may be) . He should AVOID all these journos.

    • Your thinking n message betrayed the Panchayat Patshala schooling.
      We Christians are a highly educated n leading community in Kerala that itself is fully literate.
      Our Malayalam Hindus respect us Christians in all that we are and you may get some fools like you here that have cropped up since the past 4 yrs only because they have become sentimental and insecure listening to Rajiv Malohatra n his ilks.

      • Ofcourse You are a christian nd you will defend it. But do you seriously find it surprising that the missionaries are doing the same thing that they have been doing since the moment they came into existence. Your community may be highly educated and leading but your thinking is not free. When the British Empire came in India The Church acted as a wingman and supported it in a lot of looting and killing and brainwashing people by converting. After the British went, the christians still accepted the supremacy of Vatican inspite of all the things they did to your and mine bretheren so technically speaking you are still colonised. The Vatican is not just a religious entity, it is also a political one and its aim is conquest. The methods may have changed but its goal is the same. You should read Rajiv Malhotra’s book Breaking India (Because it is not enough to be well educated you also have to be well informed.).Then you will find out the sinister activities of the church that you are clueless about. As far as being well educated and leading is concerned, the Britishers considered themselves well educated and leading when they were colonising us but good education is no certificate of a persons character.

        • Exactly.

          Christians are the MOST formidable terrorists DEVILS of this world.
          Do not get carried away when keralites scream they are the most literate , achieved hundred percent literacy.

          That MAN is yet to be born who can match the erudition of Sri.Adi Ssankara.

          Hindus of Kerala are mostly communists. Pious Hindus are truly endangered species not only in Kerala but all over Southern States. Hindus of Northern States are more pious & unassuming. They also are being targeted by christian devils.

  8. We agree with you. if our News media and Politicians say that India is a Secular country, then religious conversion should be banned in a secular country. If they dont want to ban conversion, then they are proving that they are Hippocrates.

    To avoid these sort of issues in future. Government should pass a rule that any sort of religious symbol or text should not be used in the process of entire “helping and reconstruction event”. If still used then it should be seen as Provocation towards civil war.


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