Is India at crossroads?

If Modi Govt doesn’t take strong actions against internal divisive forces, the nation will inevitably face violent street protests between different communities in the near future

If Modi Govt doesn’t take strong actions against internal divisive forces, the nation will inevitably face violent street protests between different communities in the near future
If Modi Govt doesn’t take strong actions against internal divisive forces, the nation will inevitably face violent street protests between different communities in the near future

Deteriorating internal security, law & order environment in India

Indians are increasingly disturbed over the last few years over the deteriorating internal security and law & order environment in the country.  It is more alarming that many of the security threats within and without are emerging from an extremist jihadist stance and funded evangelist conversions, both of which have a deep nexus with various groups and organizations in the country.  These operatives are ably supported and given air-cover by mainstream political parties in the name of `religious freedom’ and `freedom of expression’. The international nexus too is gradually becoming evident to the public at large.

The otherwise brilliant track record of the Modi Govt on the developmental front includes GDP growth, infrastructure development in all sectors, heavy investments including FDIs, innovative start-ups and skill-development initiatives, and massive rollout of welfare schemes for all citizens irrespective of religion and region with the motto `sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’, and corrupt-free clean governance is appreciated by the people. Since 2020, Modi Govt successfully tackled the COVID-19 pandemic, in its various phases, with the multi-pronged strategy of protecting the people by gearing up the industry with the production of sanitizers, PPE kits, necessary drugs, and oxygen cylinders; gearing up the transportation sector across the county by reaching farm products and daily commodities and consumables to every nook and corner even during lockdowns, reaching out to industry especially MSME sector with multiple economic stimuli while also ramping up GST collections, by the extraordinary efforts of providing wheat, rice, pulses; and Direct Benefit Transfer of money to over 80 crores of people for about two-plus years and continuing, through Jan-Dhan accounts, and to top it all, the exemplary action of proactively providing grants to pharma companies and augmenting the manufacture of world’s most economical vaccination program and equally extraordinary rollout of inoculation of over 200 crores doses so far. PM Modi’s `Vaccine Maitri’ to dozens of economically poor countries across the globe saved the lives of millions of people, earning him the gratitude of the entire globe.

As can be expected, when Modi Govt’s hands were full dealing with the unprecedented multiple crises, including the Chinese battle and stand-off at Galwan high ranges in the summer of 2020, the `usual suspects’ struck with a series of premeditated actions, and with vengeance on multiple fronts. It cannot be forgotten that AAP and Congress Govts have sought to drive away the labor force from the states where they are in power during the lockdown, giving rise to the unprecedented situation when the Central govt ran thousands of free `shramik’ trains to transport workers to their respective states.

 Internal security threats

The euphoric highs of the 2019 victory in elections, the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, and the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi verdict quickly evaporated.  The jehadi agitators mounted a series of protests against amendments in CAA law, which in principle, provides Indian citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. By calling a perfectly just law as discriminatory, all the non-BJP political parties supported the lies perpetrated by jihadi vested interests in the country. The nation was witness to the unprecedented JNU violence and Delhi’s shaheen-bagh `lockdown’ by Muslim interest groups, where the PM was routinely abused as a fascist, Hitler, etc and even children openly called for his assassination. The Tablighi activity too was in full swing all over the country despite lockdown restrictions in place. The Supreme court waded into the issue unsuccessfully by appointing friendly `interlocutors’ in Shaheen Bagh; the results of these massive protests are there for everyone to see, to this day rules haven’t been framed under CAA, which is forcing the impoverished and persecuted Hindu and Sikh refugees not to gain legitimate citizenship in India, and those who are already in India are now forced to go back to Pakistan.

The then ongoing violence scaled up to the Delhi riots where scores of Hindus were lynched and stoned to death with stones, petrol bombs, and other incendiary materials piled up in Muslim homes and mosques. The Intelligence and police failed to control jihadi mobs. The violence against Hindus during the  run-up to Bengal elections and post-poll violence, in which houses of Hindus were burnt, Hindu women were raped, and lakhs of Hindus fled from their homes shocked the nation. Once again, the Central Govt failed to take appropriate action against the violent mobs. The nation in a shocked manner was witness to a series of actions initiated by the infamous Tukde-Tukde gang, from within and without, some of those actions manifested as `Tool-kitters’ aided and abetted from abroad.

In yet another Central Govt failure, the farm brokers masquerading as farmers, unleashed a massive show of strength, and  protested for more than a year around the borders of Delhi, against progressive farmer-friendly national farm laws, duly passed by parliament. These protests were promoted and supported by non-BJP political parties, especially AAP, Congress, and communists. Evidence emerged regularly that the protests have been infiltrated and funded by the Khalistan elements aided by western countries, especially Canada. The govt and Supreme Court allowed the protests to proceed indefinitely, virtually annihilating the livelihoods of lakhs of people who were dependent on the MSMEs in the industrial belt of those areas. This illegal road-occupation activity manifested itself into desecration and vandalism at Delhi Red Fort on the 26th of January Republic Day of 2021, as a prize was announced for the hoisting of the Khalistan flag on the Red Fort.  The Central Govt and the Indian public were  mute spectators to the spectacle of armed protestors chasing and hitting the police and the badly injured police personnel running for their lives. Apparently, the Central Govt gave strict instructions not to take action against the violent agitators. This unending spectacle of routine violation of ordinary people’s rights culminated in the Central Govt withdrawing farm laws, once again showing that the `Might of Indian State’ is weak when faced with even a few hundred or few thousand of armed violent agitators in a nation of 1400 million people.

Having tasted blood, the victorious `protesters’ – a motley crowd of jihadis, illegal infiltrators, and Christian evangelists, with support from communists and Congress parties have since then been unleashing patches of violence in many pockets across the country. In a continuing spree of violence, Hindu workers are being killed in jihadi violence regularly across the country.  Suddenly from the last quarter of 2021, hijab/ burkha became an issue in Karnataka for a bunch of Muslim girls who refused to enter classrooms without burkhas, flouting all rules of the institutions. Despite Karnataka HC ruling in favor of the schools, the Muslims remain defiant and the jihadi agitation has led to the killing of the protesting Hindu youth, showing clearly that Hindus do not have equal rights in the country. Even though many Islamic extremist outfits are under the radar of Central Govt agencies, strong action is still lacking.

Indians were euphoric when Article 370 was abrogated in Jammu & Kashmir integrating the state with the rest of the country. The situation remained calm for a year when the `Gupkar Gang’ was not allowed to go out of their own palatial fully secured houses. As soon as the restrictions against them were lifted, and the Central Govt in the name of `promoting political activity’ on the road to full statehood in J&K has started accommodating the discredited political parties- NC and PDP once again, the soft-pedaling of soft separatism and providing support to Islamic jihadism started yet again. Jammu Hindu sentiments are yet again being ignored. The situation has continuously deteriorated since the alarming rise in targeted killings of Hindus by armed groups. Terror organization Lashkar-e-Islam has issued a warning to Kashmiri Hindus to ‘leave Kashmir or get killed’. The Central Govt yet again is failing to control the undercurrent of jihadi proclamations in the valley which are spread through the network of masjids and madrasas. Kashmiri Hindus have started to flee the valley to save their lives; many fear that the country may witness a re-run of the heart-rending `Hindu exodus’ of 1991, which happened after the then Hindu genocide.

India doesn’t have a single `Genocide law’ which categorizes violence and killings of Hindus as genocide. There has been a demand from activists for a long time to enact such a law. In the context of J&K, the Central Govt needs to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to go into the past atrocities against Hindus so that the jihadist crimes are addressed and prosecuted.

With Hindu women going to court to allow them to worship in Kashi Gyanvapi and the court commissioned report points to the evidence of the temple emerging in the complex of ancient Adi Vishweswara Jyotirling complex, the Muslim side is resorting to maligning Hindus and open threats.  Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind chief Maulana Madani opposed any initiative on Kashi Viswanath Mandir and UCC actually said Hindus can leave the country if they are not happy with Muslim ways.

Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators pose another severe security threat; endowed with ration cards, Aadhar cards, and voter ID cards by various political parties, especially in Bengal, Delhi, Kerala, etc, they vote in Indian elections illegally as voter-cards issuing Govt authorities fail to check these infiltrators. It is estimated that over 4 crores of Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators are living in India, posing a big security threat. As if this was not enough, the Congress-led UPA govt settled lakhs of Rohingyas too in India even though India is not a signatory to the UN Convention of Refugees. It is anyone’s guess if the Modi Govt will show the guts to deport crores of infiltrators, even as they are not providing citizenship to thousands of persecuted Hindus. The proposed NRC has gone into a deep freeze.

As Muslim jihadists increased their virulent campaigns, well supported by many mainstream opposition parties, taking advantage of the general chaos, Christian evangelists are ramping up their conversion activity multifold, especially in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab and increasingly in dev bhumi Uttarakhand.  Three states in the northeast are `unofficially’ Christian states. Most of the tribal areas are already majorly converted. The nexus of `Dravidian’ parties with the church activities is well entrenched in the south. Missionary schools, which receive govt aid, are heavily into conversion activities. Thousands of illegal churches are already constructed via the new millennium project of `harvesting the souls’. The `Indian state’ has no solution to the conversion pandemic as Christian missionaries take cover under `religious freedoms’. Millions of `converted’ Christians with Hindu names corner 80% of Hindu reservations in the south. A Christian front in the south already called for `secession’ of the country to have a separate Christian country.

In these divisive efforts of Abrahamic religions in the country, these forces get ample support from the western `Christian-Islam-left global alliance’ which is spread across polity, academia, and media. While India is under attack internally, the global forces inimical to India and especially Hindus, are busy maligning India’s covid efforts, rapid economic growth, and Indian democracy itself. Fake narratives of `Islamophobia’/ ’minorities under threat’ are floated. Agencies abroad provide `intellectual’ cover by not only aiding and supporting divisive forces and urban naxals in India, but they also conduct bogus ‘Dismantling Hindutva’ conferences.

Many observers feel that if Modi Govt doesn’t take strong actions against internal divisive forces and uphold the integrity of the nation, the nation will inevitably face violent street protests between different communities in the near future, despite achieving a multiple-trillion dollar economy.  The West which wishes to prevent India’s growth will be happy to support India’s internal enemies.  The task is cut out for Modi’s Govt – Focus on internal security issues by taking strong measures and nip divisive separatist tendencies in the bud. The govt can enact stronger laws if the present set of laws is inadequate. The Modi Govt must demonstrate its political will by taking corrective steps immediately.

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