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Op-Ed on Government VS RBI – Modi, act decisively and usher...

It is time for the Modi government to act decisively and bring in new blood into the RBI. As a former officer of the Reserve...

Govt.- RBI Spat. What are the ramifications?

The spat must be bridged or remain limited and not blow up further. The rift between the Central Government and the RBI grew after the...




Another attempt at a specious narrative of Electrical grids failing falls flat as Left-Liberals have egg on their faces - again

Electrical Grids collapsing theory of Left and so-called Liberals bites the dust

There are lies, greater lies and Liberati narratives. Tell a lie a thousand times. That is the Goebbelsian trick that the Left and the...
Their agenda is to undo every single valiant effort the government and our Corona Warriors have been involved in, to counter the spread of COVID-19.

It’s time to probe and proscribe Maulana Saad’s Tablighi Jamaat

Maulana Saad issued highly objectionable and inflammatory messages to his followers by asking them to continue visiting mosques and offering prayers. According to official figures,...

Satya Dosapati on the Urgent lessons for India P2

Part 1 can be watched at - Satya Dosapati on the Delhi riots and urgent lessons for India P1