Ranjith Vadiyala asks Sree Iyer his opinion of the Modi Government – Part 2

Sree Iyer on What the Modi Govt. did not do in its first five-year term and the essential things to be done by the next govt and who should be in the Cabinet

For those who have not watched Part 1, it can be watched at –


  1. Both Part 1 and 2 videos were good. Vadiyala is sincere and should improve his audio gadgets.
    Sree Iyer has given people like us a platform to write something worthwhile with Quality and without indulging in using abusing lingo. As I understand, PGURUS is not a pro-BJP platform but supports Sanatana Dharma.
    Pgurus has once again awaken investigative journalism with tremendous backup database on major core issues hurting our national fabric and tries to give implementable solutions.
    PGURUS is neither a pressure group nor a double edged knife!

    I beg to differ with Sree Iyers’ views on Dr.S.Swamy’s elevation during BJP lead govts’ second term.

    In my humble opinion since 5 phases of voting almost ended with Modi as PM for a “second” term, Dr.S.Swamy should become Deputy PM who single handedly trapped many mega scamsters in many court cases and destroyed Nehru-Gandhi forts along with Nitin Gadkari as Deputy PM, who single handedly ran the indian economy with his Rs.13 Lakhs crores works in the country.

    18 hours a day hard working PM Modi does not understand certain things in the rotten Indian administration and international issues at the backdrop of Europe falling into the ISI trap and may be in danger during the next 5 to 10 years, USA influence is declining on globe, black gold Oil politics, P-notes eating into the Indian economy, to fulfill implementation of BJP’s core issues, Dr.Swamy understands China much better than anyone else, he can take half of the load from PM Modi to fine tune the indian administration, Judicial system, economic aspects, defense needs, temple administration and bring back black money. Dr.Swamy should be in CCS. Let PM Modi’s bosom friend and minister AJ become Law Minster cum MoCA and send his Congress-I pals to jail and bring in judicial reforms in the country.Let AJ use his tongue lashing in Hindi and English to set right things in Judicial system and help clearing nearly 3 crores pending cases in the country!!


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