Ravi Hooda on how he was hounded by an ethnic group of being Islamophobic over a tweet in Canada

A genuine tweet to the Mayor questioning the new bylaw painted Ravi Hooda into an Islamophobe without any investigation or background check. Ravi Hooda explains his side never heard before and the plight that could happen to anyone and why the silent majority needs to speak up


  1. Wondering those who are supporting him have even read the real tweet which he himself deleted. I wonder why he would cry foul after deleting what he now says was nothing wrong.

    Well agendas agendas.

  2. There are a few posts about this guy on Reddit. Just search for his name and respond to the posts. We can’t allow random people to malign folks who are just exercising their rights to free speech.

    Same for Sree Iyer, we need to defend him on Reddit.

  3. 1. How can we help this gentleman? Is there a godundme page or other means we can support him?

    2. Why is he fighting this as an individual? The other sthas organizational support and he needs the same support.

  4. Burqa of secularism ensures that nobody asks questions.
    The secular privilege which dominant enjoyed, swayed the decision ‘blame the victim’ in this case of a poor, underprivileged workingman.

    The experience reminds one of French actress Brigitte Bardot who was fined €5000 for saying, « Muslims make my country dirty ». The event dates back about 10 years.

    Morally bankrupt Leftists & PS- Party Socialist wielded power through hooliganism. At least 5 NGO s ganged together to defend Islamists. If someone else, other than a Muslim would have been aggrieved, the same NGOs would have shunted the victim out.
    Leftist, Liberals are sleep-arounds.
    The tide turned, but later :
    PS leader Francois Hollande is caricatured in a book by Michael Hollenbeck « Soumission-Submission » translated into English.
    The character Francois was professor at a university, teaching ‘decadence’. He kept 4 women. A woman to cook for him, and another woman, and another woman, and a very young woman to cool, calm his noodle.


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