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Agnipath scheme: What has gone wrong?

No reform can be all positive and no negative We witness train burning, violent street protests, hooliganism, and vandalism against the newly announced Agnipath scheme...

Is India at crossroads?

Deteriorating internal security, law & order environment in India Indians are increasingly disturbed over the last few years over the deteriorating internal security and law...

NHAI suffers toll loss of Rs.2,731 crore due to farmers protest

Nitin Gadkari: Around 60-65 NHAI toll plazas affected due to farmers protest National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) suffered a revenue loss of Rs.2,731.32 crores...

Will Farm laws agitation go the way of Delhi riots?

Read the social media posts, even those who are strong supporters of PM Narendra Modi express deep frustration on how every single act of...


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