Will Farm laws agitation go the way of Delhi riots?

India needs to understand the agenda of the deceptive Global elite and its work with partners in India

Will Farm laws agitation go the way of Delhi riots?
Will Farm laws agitation go the way of Delhi riots?

Read the social media posts, even those who are strong supporters of PM Narendra Modi express deep frustration on how every single act of significance by the Government is allowed to be blocked by a few anti-nationals and the Government does not seem to have a strategy to handle them with a firm response.

A nationalist leader and someone who had nothing but adoration for Narendra Modi and his love, deep passion for the country is lamenting about this. What is the Government afraid of, he said in a private conversation.  Why were the anti-national forces allowed to group after the Republic Day violence as the public was horrified and disgusted? How can a Government standby when public highways are occupied at the cost of convenience to many citizens and loss of revenue? Anti-nationals like Yogendra Yadav, Rajdeep Sardesai and Breaking India forces are sitting like hyenas to bring down Modi-ji and weaken BJP Government. These people are looking for every opportunity while the Modi Government is pursuing the so-called  ‘Gandhian way‘ in addressing them. The moment the BJP Government is weakened, they will pounce and attempt to completely obliterate and destroy, wrote one post.

Will India follow through with the Twitter who thinks they are above the Government and the laws of the country they operate in?

Bollywood icon Kangana tweeted, in spite of the National Government elected by an overwhelming majority,  just a few anti-nationals are forcing CAA to be not implemented and the Farm laws are fast going that way.  Will the Government be able to pass the bills on Gender equality for Muslim women (Uniform civil code), release Hindu Temples and stop the enormous conversions activity going on especially in the South India that will eventually lead to breaking of India? Our handling of Shaheen Bagh created more Shaheen Bagh type agitations. [1]

How is India handling external forces? While India was not able to counter the propaganda of just CAA and Farm laws, maybe it can learn from China in how it recently responded to Biden Secretary of State Mr Blinken on his comments about Hong Kong even though Chinese actions are patently unjust and downright brutal. How did France handle Yellow Vest agitation and Islamic terrorism or the US handled follow up actions to Capitol hill break in with literally massive troops stationed in DC? [2]

Reagan vs Carter

When President Reagan took office in the US in 1981, few federal air controllers brought the country to halt by blocking all air travel. Reagan did not sit on it, he found a loophole in the agitation and fired every single air controller (11,359 of them) who did not report to the job. Never did America see federal employees pursue such opportunistic agitation again since that time during the last 40 years! While Reagan predecessor Jimmy Carter sat on the Iran hostage crisis for 444 days, Reagan sent a message to Iran before he was even sworn as President, either get bombed to total destruction or release the hostages and Iran released all hostages on the very day he took oath as a President! Israel is believed to have an army of IT personnel countering the propaganda in the social media and other avenues but countering the propaganda of India’s laws are left to the defence of a few activists.

Will India follow through with Twitter who thinks they are above the Government and the laws of the country they operate in? Every other day we see twitter-like apps coming into prominence and what is stopping India to create and promote its own apps as China did? India needs to show boldness and leadership in banning Twitter from India completely and it will surely be followed by many other countries that see enormous dangers of these Tech Giants and their partnership with Global elite in placing  ‘puppet’ leaders across many countries. India needs to be prepared to send a message to Western media either they play by journalistic ethics or should be taken to task if they are spreading outright lies and fomenting unrest.

PVN’s firm action saved Punjab

Let us reflect that but, for the firm action of PV Narasimha Rao, Punjab would be still simmering with terrorism for decades or worse. ‘Gandhian way’ makes sense and practical when you are faced with an overwhelming force and your position is weak. When you are in a position of strength when your laws are just and for the greater good and if that is held to ransom literally by only a handful anti-nationals, it is adharmic not to act with a firm hand. Every 10 steps India attempts to make progress, these anti-nationals will pull it back by 9 steps. We can learn from Krishna – after every possible peaceful and negotiation attempt fails, use a firm hand to handle the unjust. Sitting on things and waiting for disaster to break it is not the way we can make progress.

India needs to understand the agenda of the deceptive Global Elite and its work with partners in India. It may shower praises and even facilitate awards to the Modi Government while simultaneously working with its Indian counterparts to destroy the conservative Government in India completely. India has twin challenges – on the one hand, is the naked aggression of China which it is responding to, but it cannot ignore an equally (or more) dangerous insidious threats of the Global Elite with their agenda of global domination [3].


[1] Delhi Riots and its urgent lessons of Global Designs of IndiaMar 11, 2020, PGurus.com

[2] Social Media censorship in US a major warning to IndiaJan 14, 2021, PGurus.com

[3] Global Domination agenda (90 million views in 27 languages)Apr 5, 2012

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both in India and US. He played a critical role in the introduction of paper trail for India's Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT. He and another activist organized All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions insideHindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. His presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai and pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.
Satya Dosapati


  1. Actually, all these staged demonstrations and remonstrations trace all their way back into Bharat’s last millennial history. It is pretty, patently palpable that Bharat’s modesty has been in tatters, having been despotically deprived of even a modicum of self-esteem via (re)connection to its original sociocultural vigor. The petrifying perpetrators of Bharat’s horrendous happenings and obnoxious orchestrators of its holocaustic history have for the past millennium been at first catalysts to the machinations of marauding and colonizing bigots, and later on carriers of the legacies of the latter, post Bharat’s well-intentioned but ill-gotten Independence. Leading the civilizational cannibals & cabals of these crowds & coteries, and laundering Bharat’s valor & honor all along, are politicians manning the interests of marxists, missionaries, merchants and mercenaries, while at the same time manipulating & maiming the aspirations of the moribund, moronic, mechanical and maniacal masses.

    It’s getting harder & harder, day after day, to disbelieve that our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi is trapping Bharat into a never-ending spiral, ever-widening into dissolution and ever-straitening into decimation. He is simply overdoing Gandhi’s, Nehru’s, Vajpayee’s & every other anti-Sanatani zealot’s antics & tactics, all almost exclusively in order to woo wildly & wilfully the minorities, the marxists, and the mafias of big money & big tech, and in this way vehemently & viciously sustain & satiate his own craving for his uninterrupted reign, but ultimately with everything in vain, going down the drain, and to the majority’s disdain.

    Adding flavor to his fervor, Modi is also seen packing into and outdoing the motley clones & clowns distorting & contorting Bharat’s ageless values & virtues, hence inevitably hastening the majority being shredded into contradicting & conflicting splinters and sending our ancient civilization hurtling towards oblivion.

    Metaphorically, Modi’s every posturing is explicably a pointer towards the moorings & maneuvers of a multi-sport gymnast flexing his power and flashing his physique in a flurry of sly strokes, all but confined to and conducted on a static apparatus moving nowhere anytime whatsoever. Alas, all the while, the main framework & fabric housing & hosting all the above ostentatious display, aka our Bharatiya Sanatana Dharma, is inexorably on the path of deracination & destruction.

    Whatever hurdles and hindrances may happen to hurt and handicap our honorable Prime Minister in the global and local arena, he simply cannot mean to miss the moment of momentum the masses have accorded him with their majority, democratic votes.

  2. Anarchy in the present day world in democracies is through wrong perceptions created by media mafia. This media mafia is controlled by left liberals and jehadists. These two don’t work free as these people are parasites living on societies money. So money is pumped by source x , which cannot be legitimate hard earned money. So the x has to be a governmental power which cannot be a democratic government. This x has influence on left leaning democratic leaders, western press, social media and opposition parties in democracies through money power.

    The above forces can be countered through money only and not through Gandhian or Buddhist ideology and preachings. Indian govnt should have large heart to liberally fund all nationalistic forces in India and abroad and hire an international PR agency to wage massive propaganda war on anti India forces.

    It is time india should be pro active than defensive and forget US support as it has become a colony of China. Trump faced war from media mafia who created a wrong perception and magnified BLM which was a law and order problem. BLM, CAA, Farmer protests have origin from X. It is time Indians to become self confident and defeat the perception war. Unfortunately BJP does not know about perception war, hence let them outsource to foreign Managers.

  3. 2/2Here is my comment to CBC that was censored.
    As usual, what this article fails to inform the readers is (a) the protesting farmers are only 10% of the Indian farmers and the rest are not protesters, (b) what happened on Jan. 26th was insurrection by a section of “farmers” with 300 policemen injured with tractors, swords, and canes (videos are available in internet for all to see); (c) Many Indian “journalists” were lying about the death of a farmer (who rammed the barricade and died due to his tractor overturning -video is there for all to see) that he was hot dead by the police; (d) social campaign with malicious and fake propaganda that Modi was about to commit a genocide, (e) Tool kit tweeted by Greta, with connections to websites in Canada and Germany, revealed that the Rihanna’s tweet was verbatim from that tool kit revealing an international coordination in exploiting the democratic exercise to further their political objective, and there are many more.

    Local internet shutdown to prevent violence due to fake propaganda against the Govt. should be the sensible and responsible act of any government. Steel spikes and barriers raised by the Govt. was to keep the police and the protesters apart to avoid any violence that India was shocked to see on Jan. 26th .

    During the parliamentary proceedings for the past 3 days, the opposition could not answer the challenge of the govt. to point out anything that supports the claim of the protesters (they could not since they were proposing the same when they were in power). The could not and just prevented the session by sloganeering inside the Parliament.

    What is going on is misinformation campaign that does not care about the farmers but to target the govt. Unfortunately, some Canadians are part of it.

    And, no one talks about the rights of Indians, under siege by this illegal blockade of roads by the protesters. How would Canadians feel if QEW is blocked for months preventing anyone from entering Toronto?

    • Dear Raghavan, this reply to your comment presumes that you reside somewhere out there in North America, even more so in Canada itself.

      Perhaps it’s might be a blessing in disguise that CBC nipped your response off in the bud. Otherwise, ruinous rowdies and haughty hoodlums could sniff and snuff you— whatever you are, whatever’s yours and whatever makes you— out, as is getting commoner nowadays, by hounding you and baying for your blood, going straight for the jugular.

      Fast gaining currency is the increasingly sardonic and demonic predicament of overseas Sanatanis, given that their meek mannerisms merely mean to motivate monopolization by mindless and monotheistic mobs, wherein it becomes a moot point as to who— NRIs vs RIs— really should pity and be concerned about whom, vis-à-vis realizing a safe, secure and stable livelihood, leisure and life.

  4. 1/2 Great article. Several excellent articles have been published in today’s Sunday Guardian. With regards to shutting down Twitter as suggested by the author – it will not occur unless PM Modi and other BJP politicians give up or find an alternate. Let us hope that they have already started the process.
    With regards to author’s reference to Western media’s journalistic ethics, it is unlikely to happen given their ideological mooring. Here is an example:
    In today’s (6th Feb) CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), an article entitled, “India’s farmers, government in uneasy standoff after tumultuous Delhi protest, authored by Simi Bassi & Joyita Sengupta, is a statement, “The largest, on Nov. 26, saw some 250 million people participate in a general strike all over the country”. This website has been publishing articles/news items the farmers’ protest is pan-India and the above statement takes the cake. In addition there are other statements that do not give the complete picture. Hence, I submitted the following comment, which was promptly censored.

    The pity is Indian media, at the least for the sake of “journalistic ethics” do not call this out. N. Ram’s tweet advising Sachin Tendulkar to not to venture into subjects he is not an expert in, while being silent on the expertise of the “celebrities”. The ominous outburst from Sarad Pawar asking Sachin to be careful tells it all – some sections in India are uncomfortable with the international coordination being outed and the India’s robust response to it. So, western media cannot be blamed when Indian media encourages such misinformation.

  5. I am a supporter (not strong) of Modi and I was unhappy with the way govt. was handling protests until 26 Jan. Since, I am no celebrity so no one remembers my posts, but for the same reason I don’t need to lie as I have no brand to protect.

    After 26 Jan everything changed. I think govt. handled these protests brilliantly. I am sure they are thinking long-term. I remember ‘strong’ Modi supporters were upset why Modi didn’t deliver on Ram Mandir, 370, UCC in 1st tenure. I think most ‘strong’ supporters of Modi are emotional and impatient, which completely impairs their judgement.

    Modi didn’t handle the protests in ‘Gandhian Way’, wait till October, I am sure a lot of these players will be in jail. These protests were organized to get some relief from the govt. in Delhi riot investigations (among other things) farm laws was just a cover. There are several evidences to prove this point. Why they had to do this? Most importantly, what will they do to protect the conspirators of these protests? Organize another protest? Who will trust that left ecosystem will be able to protect them next time?

    When BJP removed 370 everyone said BJP will sweep elections, but in state elections held after 3 months BJP got no extra seats. Its well-known that National issues don’t influence State elections too much. So, Modi-Shah have 3 years to dismantle this left ecosystem, then they can breeze through many major reforms. Modi is thinking long-term, he always does. Anyway, if ‘strong’ supporters of Modi are unhappy with his working, then most probably he is doing the right thing. Until now (Feb 6) I am highly impressed by the way Modi-Shah have acted.

    Protests are still going on, so its too early to say how it will end. But if it ends the way its going, then I can say with confidence that opposition wanted to kick Modi’s balls and they missed it BIG time, but now Modi have them by their balls. And as its said, ‘If you get them by their balls, their hearts and minds will follow’.

    • Dear Amit, whether one is with Modi or not, one would truly be happy, satisfied and proud, if only what all you foresee would turn out to be true, because what everyone ultimately wants is Bharat’s unperturbed and untouched safety, security, and stability, along with its sovereignty.

      But is Modi gaining anything at all even once for the country, just by burying again and again his ostrich-head in the sand, ignoring the ever-increasing gorillas out in the center of the room, right under his administration’s very nose, and letting the situation play out on its own for the better and still turn out to be the best, even as the entire non-Sanatani, non-Bharatiya world has taken up the cudgels for our nation’s balkanization? Whosoever would be left to judge the unfolding of the events, since those have been exactly the same people whom Modi represents but never remembers or recollects or rescues?

      Being a non-celebrity &/or having no real brand to boast about is, after all, a precursor to becoming the actual sacrificial lamb in a mass upsurge, as it is a vulnerability bereft of any benefit to anybody, especially in this digitized world drawing all action into maneuverable data. Same time, celebrities do cerebrate a lot and do change tacks and cover tracks a lot, through lots of conduits, without ever technically/legally/actually being found/caught lying or cheating.

      The eventual question is: who has held whom by the scruff of the neck? who is chasing/trapping whom? where is Bharat pushing? where is Modi’s heart and mind?

  6. SOLUTION: An all-out national blitzkrieg/crackdown on the corrupt, including the parasitical middlemen looters, brokers, agents, Jihadis & Khalistanis. They must be arrested, jailed & all their mammoth loot stashed away at home & abroad retrieved, by whatever it takes. 10% of it must be instantly returned to the citizens, as a 1-time deposit in their bank accounts, to ensure their strong support, stimulate consumption & investments. The rest must be invested in jobs, infrastructure, welfare & defence & India thereby upgraded as the richest, most powerful & best welfare nation on earth, within the next 5 years. ITS SUPER ADVANTAGES: It will end with one single blow all the enemies & problems of India, Indians, BJP & Modi Ji, the world’s best PM & leader. Hence, this is what Modi Ji ought to do immediately.


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