Social Media censorship in US is a major warning to India

There is increasing recognition of dangers posed by these biased and autocratic social media giants by many countries including the present situation in the US

There is increasing recognition of dangers posed by these biased and autocratic social media giants by many countries including the present situation in the US
There is increasing recognition of dangers posed by these biased and autocratic social media giants by many countries including the present situation in the US

Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram banned Trump

The recent events on how the US President Donald Trump and conservatives are being treated by social media giants is a grim reminder to other democracies around the world, particularly India. Within the last 48 hours, Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account with more than 88 million followers along with the accounts of many conservatives. Facebook and Instagram also indefinitely suspended the accounts of Trump (and other conservatives). When Trump and conservatives moved to another social media app Parler which is similar to Twitter, Apple and Google blocked the Parler app from even being downloaded. Not only that, Amazon which provides Web hosting service to Parler said they will shut them down this weekend basically completely shutting the Parler app for all existing users[1]. They are even shutting down Government Emergency messages!

The same Twitter that banned Trump and conservatives allows leftists radical messages on its platform, even trending to ‘hang US Vice President Mike Pence‘, foreign leaders’ messages like Iran’s Ali Khameini asking to eradicate Israel or China’s propaganda as reported in Fox News[2]. Many US conservative lawmakers spoke out that such censorship of free speech that does not suit their agenda happens only in communist countries, not in America. This biased and autocratic social media giants behaviour, such as their practices against President Trump and conservatives, killing competition in marketplace etc., was discussed in multiple US congressional hearings in lengthy sessions by US lawmakers during the last few months where CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon were repeatedly grilled[3]. According to a US election watchdog group named ‘Thomas More Society’s Amistad project’ in the US, which participated in several US State election fraud hearings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife foundation spend 500 million dollars in recent US elections favouring one political party over another blatantly flouting election laws[4].

There is increasing recognition of the dangers posed by these social media giants by many countries. In Dec 2020, Russia announced that it could ban Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for ‘censoring’ content based on many complaints from Russian citizens[5]. Poland passed a bill slapping $2.2 million fine for even a single message censored[6]. The UK and European Union are setting strict rules with massive fines for these social media companies[7]. Per Wall Street Journal article, European Union proposed two bills last month, one on illegal content and another on anticompetitive behaviour, that could empower regulators to levy fines up to 6% or 10% of annual worldwide revenue or break up big tech companies to stop competitive abuses[8].

India needs to be very wary of these social media giants because they are driven by Western ‘Deep State’ agenda and they are part and parcel of Western Elite and their institutions who aspire for global domination through establishing amenable leaders around the world that fit their agenda. What happened in the last few months against Trump and conservative supporters in the US is a grim reminder and India is particularly very vulnerable. When the East India Company came to India for business, it did not simply establish mercantile offices but established 260,000 soldiers army to gain control of India[9]. In today’s world, you do not need armies or weapons, you just use the information to manipulate the voters’ minds in democracies to establish puppets to serve their agenda. Information is the new weapon, it is the new army.

In this aspect, India has a lot to learn from China which established its own complete social media framework from the applications to the back end hosting and support systems. Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other apps are not allowed in China[10]. The social media giants investing in India are not doing India a favor, they see great potential for rising India with a young population in the form of future revenues. It is not just about revenues, they will have the power to manipulate the minds with how information is propagated on a particular party or candidates to suit their interests. There were many complaints against Twitter and Facebook during the last few years in India on how conservative voices are censored. Even if aggrieved users attempt to pursue alternatives, they have complete control on which apps will be allowed to be used, as we are seeing in the United States now even the President is blocked from using the Parler app as an alternative to Twitter.

India will make a grave mistake in contending that establishing rules will take care of themselves because these giants will have captive audiences of large swathes of the population and they can easily get away by flouting rules or drag in the courts. They know that with millions of people using them, the government will be hard-pressed to shut them down completely. The detailed information they have about citizens in the country can be used to fit their agenda and narrative. With many break India forces active in India (many supported by same western ‘Deep State’), India has a need to censor anti-national content while at the same time allow reasoned debate protecting free speech. India needs to watch so that the big tech do not kill local competition and engage in anti-competitive practices as they are accused of doing in the US. Such practices could be a serious blow to India developing local applications and infrastructure. Western ‘Deep State’ want to use India for ‘Technical coolies‘, not become a competition and they will do everything to stop India from developing its own Google, Facebook, Twitter type companies. With the resources at their disposal, they can compromise regulators, politicians, media and even Judiciary.

This is a grave issue of national security and a big impediment to the ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat‘ goal of the country.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both in India and US. He played a critical role in the introduction of paper trail for India's Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT. He and another activist organized All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions insideHindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. His presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai and pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.
Satya Dosapati


  1. […]  Never since Mahatma Gandhi did the fate of Bharat depended on one person and that is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  His sacrifice and patriotism, sincerity,  ability to execute tasks that the world over thought impossible, concern for the weak and downtrodden is deeply understood across the country that even if he made any mistakes, people know they were due to acts made out of sincerity.   Just as Mahatma Gandhi let  the efforts of all his life to uplift the nation only to end up as a disaster by single act of brushing aside the choice of Sardar Vallabhai Patel as Prime Minister,  Prime Minister Modi could be making very serious mistakes that can spell disaster to the  future of the country and lose the best chance it has in its recent history.   India had every chance to lift itself like many other war torn nations at the time of the independence but it seriously failed and still a country with more than half of the population impoverished.  Let us not repeat the history.   There are 5 mistakes as well as solutions bought out by various patriots (see references) during various discussions that  Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to urgently address if India has to flourish and retain its glory.   1) India needs to develop clarity in the highest circles of administration on the extent and ruthlessness of Globalists cum missionary agenda to control, contain and convert India.   It is naive for India to think that it is enough to be in good relations with Western foreign leaders because many of those leaders themselves are in the grip of the global agenda.   India needs to deeply study the ways of the Globalists and foreign missionaries, their intricate network with local and external forces to break India, the globalists media and their local partners, big Tech, the NGOs’,  pursuance of goal of creating a vote bank of Muslims+Christians+ Dalits against Upper castes to divide and gain power,  casting minorities as victims and Hindus as perpetrators to foment religious fanaticism, even there using awards as a way to control behavior.   The Delhi riots, Farm agitation and earlier Tamilnadu Kudankulam project  agitation are just a few examples in action.  While China studied this agenda deeply and even upping the game against them, India has not come to grips on the seriousness of the issue.   The Global elite is nothing short of disaster to humanity, whether its control of  Vedas wisdom based ‘Free Energy’  that does not require Oil or Coal which Indian scientists  and others World over demonstrated, whether suppressing proven cures for cancer and other diseases and many more, it is a colossal tragedy.  While we understand and take steps to address China’s aggression and their Global domination agenda, we seem to not understand the Global elite cum missionaries’ ways and agenda perpetrated across the world for the last 400+ years.  There needs to be a major reset of thinking by bringing in fresh thought and vision to handle this.   2) It is a mistake to think that dissenters will wear away by using the so-called  ‘Gandhian’ approach.    Yesterday it was New Delhi outskirts, today it is  Lal Quila, tomorrow it will be Parliament itself.    Yesterday it was  Pakistani supported Islamists , today  North America supported Kalisthanis joined by Islamists, tomorrow there will be more forces, even Chinese paid forces.   Feeding a poisonous snake will only make it stronger and more lethal. Those locals who are part of this are not  just ‘Andolana Jeevis’, they are ‘Desh Nasha Ka Jeevis’ .  They are working as agents of forces to weaken and destroy India.   Disemboweling law and order forces is not the way to build a strong country.   Bending over backwards to radical organizations like Tabhligh Jamaat is not tolerance, it is as some say, insanity.  It is not exercising democracy to allow anti-India media run by OCI card holders,  giving visas to missionary agents like Audrey Trusckhe who tweeted Sri Ram as ‘a misogynist pig’  and other such history sheeters or allowing the agents of these forces encourage and occupy public streets for months and burning down the country.    It needs to curb the deceptive propaganda of major channels like ‘India Today’ and  make them accountable and close down anti-India media.  India does not need lessons or approval from Global elite controlled media on democracy or Press Freedom.  They are the worst perpetrators.  There needs to be a new way of thinking.  It cannot be addressed by bureaucrats in the Home Ministry.  India needs to develop a special task force, a comprehensive set of laws and no nonsense  implementation of the laws.  India needs to recognize Global Tech Giants as an East India Company, all over again.  While the East India company came with armies and arms, today it is Global Tech for colonizing the mind and installing puppets to suit their agenda in the world democracies.    Just bringing compliance laws will be ineffective after crores of citizens are hooked to them and citizens would revolt if access is blocked to them.  India needs to plan its own social media, encourage its local apps use by blocking or limiting access to  Global elite Tech Giants  and not allow back door investments of these giants in the local social media companies.  It needs to work with other countries to evolve laws such as local storage of data, share of revenues, large fines for violations and set plans to replace them by developing the indigenous software and even license such software to other countries.  China understood this many years ago and developed their own versions of Twitter,  Facebook, Google and Amazon while India is still in the dark.    3)  ‘Aaatma Nirbhar Bharat’ cannot be accomplished by outward actions, it must first be developed in the mind by first  ‘decolonizing the Indian mind’.   The propensity of our Governments to act in manner to please the Western elite and their institutions agenda is the direct result of the ‘colonized’ mind.    India got independence more than 70 years but the colonized mind still operates with the same mindset, just like an animal  that was used to being tied to a pole continues to walk with the same limitations even after the rope is removed.   This mindset from common people to bureaucrats and politicians is having enormous consequences to India.  Our education system is set up to provide Technical Coolies to the Global elite.  India needs to address what is taught in school and also what medium it is taught.    We are spending enormous resources on IITs, IIMs students but they go on and work as coolies for the Global elite and even if they occupy high positions abroad they are still just highly paid coolies.   They are making themselves and the West flourish, not India.  Most of these are anti-India or anti-Hindu and where is it coming from?  Where is  the reform in the education system?   India has the most developed knowledge in almost every aspect of human development from law, medicine, judiciary, astrology for nearly 7000 years until British systematically destroyed that knowledge among the population.  Can India not combine this knowledge with modern study so that students develop an understanding of the highly advanced thought process of ancient India.  We cannot build a new and self reliant India unless we first change the mind of Indians.  Can we not learn what our next door country China did and showed itself how it can rise to power with smart thinking? India’s study of consciousness, the backbone of Hinduism and Buddhism is attracting millions worldwide but Indians have little knowledge of it beyond the superficialities or simple Yoga exercises.  This is soft power. Why cannot Doordarshan conduct programs on this and schools teach this?   Germany wants to make Sanskrit as a second language but India cannot take bold actions in implementing sanskrit country wide.   By emphasizing English, we are not only creating coolies for Western Elite, we are depriving billion+ people ability to use their ingenuity, their talent and capabilities to build a new India.  This is only perpetuating the colonial mindset and inferiority complex.  At the least, we need to create a parallel system so that all Indians can contribute.  If Japan, France, Germany and now China develop using their own languages, why cannot India which for millenia made the most amazing inventions and discoveries of mankind.   India also needs to think out of box to pursue ideas like make it mandatory to serve for one or two years in the country before students leave abroad, just the way countries like Taiwan do.   Movies are a very powerful medium to change minds.  While Chinese movie industry portray colonists as villians vanquished by Chinese heroes, India’s bollywood industry regularly portrays anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda while the censor board does little against such narratives that are perpetuated by Pakistani or missionary mafia funding.   4) India will break up soon after Hindu population becomes less than 50%  (maybe even sooner) and it is impertaive to urgently address the discrimination againsts Hindus in its laws and consitutional provisions. On one hand Hindu Temples funds contributed by devotees are looted by billions whereas on other hand both Christian and Islamist forces are using enormous resources from abroad as well as the wealth handed over to church during colonial period  to convert Hindus and even Punjab Sikhs.  If we can solve Kashmir issue, can we not solve how the funds will be managed and utilized by Hindus themselves, for themselves?   These funds can be used to uplift the downtrodden Hindus so that they do not become victims to conversions and develop their institutions just as other religions do.  Hindu educational institutions are being targeted by current discriminatory laws and/or their implementation.  Which political party dares to oppose fixing these?  Make no mistake, how much ever BJP and Modi does, followers of Abrahamic religion will hardly ever vote for them.  That is the stark reality due to constant clergy brainwashing.   This is not to say that we should not work for the welfare of every Indian no matter what religion they are,  but we need to seriously address the major discrimination of Hindus.    Global elite cum missionaries would not want India to fix because they know much more than Indians political elite, it would reduce conversions, usher the development of India again,  open up the inbuilt genius that flourished for 7000 years or more.    India cannot prosper without security from religious fanaticism.  It cannot hide behind State and Central jurisdiction and not seriously address Islamic extremist activities of carrying weapons in Mosques, cutting limbs and other brutal acts against non-Muslims, engaging in blatant love Jihad to convert or what the Christian converts are doing in states like Andhra where they are reducing Hindu artifacts and temples to ashes and 40% of the state was converted.  It needs to have a  well thought out nationwide anti-conversion bill just as Russia’s Yarovaya laws with a dedicated task force   Mahatma Gandhi was the most outspoken on the missionary activities in India and even encouraged ‘Ghar Wapasi’  (which is why he has been a regular target of missionaries) but Indian political elite has little courage to face this head on.  India needs to have a hate crimes bill and ability for victims to go beyond state apparatus to get redressal.   There needs fresh thought on how to handle religious fanaticism,  for example, West Bengal elections can be used as a great opportunity to remove the weapons cache in many Mosques or enact laws that if a Shariah law is used to commit brutal acts, use the same laws against those who commit such crimes.  Such crimes need to be categorized as terrorist acts, which they are.   It is foolish to simply arrest and prosecute those who commit crimes and not address those who funded them, or brainwashed such as in Mosques, leftists and media with selective coverage.   Also, every crime needs to have property of all the perpetrators at every level attached to it and paid to the victims families.  It needs to have a master plan for every region of the country for riot readiness.  It also needs to prepare citizens to be able to defend themselves, through martial arts and through use of weapons.     5) For India to prosper, it needs to get freedom from bureaucracy.   Indian bureaucracy is colonized, outdated and lacks fresh thinking.   Many say this about Narendra Modi that his over dependence on bureaucracy is a big drawback.   We need to create patriotic and nationalist expert advisory bodies to every branch of Government, to every ministry.  Most of the senior leaders are old and are not seeped in fresh thinking to take India forward.   Everything cannot be done from PMO.  Bureaucrats by nature consider it a job and they think with blinders on, whereas there are many patriots who are eager to serve the nation at the highest levels where they can make a large difference if they are given an opportunity.   If these are not addressed with all seriousness now, BJP may win the states but lose the country. References: 1) An excellent discussion with patriot Akshay from the UK,  where some of the ideas in this article were discussed. 2) Greta Toolkit Expose, a young patriot painstaking and well articulated expose – New link after YouTube removed the video.   3) Western Global Domination Agenda Video (90 million views in 27 languages)   4) Delhi Riots and its urgent lessons of Global Designs for India   5) India won’t suppress Tewari’s Free Energy Generator 6) Social Media censorship in US a major warning to India […]

  2. Dosapati garu missed your write up during US 2020 Elections though Sree Iyer arranged Hangouts with Chityala on the same. People like me used to get US Elections information from Sky News Australia. Not from USA!!! In USA Free Speech is hot air and USA is a big joke! The powerful SM Platforms have become Publishers and escaped Section 230!!

    As of now, Trump still has 92% ratings to contest in 2024! His Impeachment amounts to impeaching 75Mn Trump rainbow voters in the US history. Trump should not float his own party but should own a media to help his REPS. Otherwise there is no future for REPS!

    Big US Companies have clauses on “no bribes” in the contract entered into by and between the company and the goods /service provider here! Yes indeed monstrous monopoly showcased by USA based Hi-tech oligarchs for the first time entire world saw filthily corrupt and fraudulent US elections similar to Africans / Latin American/ in few Indian States counterparts too. USA resembled a big banana republic but patented to sermonize 200 nations to behave! In 2020 Elections the US people struggled even to count polled Votes!! Such people might have had prejudiced mind-set and preferred “already counted fraudulent mailing ballots, dead man voting and stuffing ballots”…. Dominion did its soft votes migration works in six swing States as planned and Biden got 80 million votes without coming out of his basement. At the end DEMS, those 7 anti-Trump TV channels, CPP Virus and Hi-tech oligarchs have had a last laughs and not a career politician like Trump was confused and in total disarray. Unfortunately few of his trusted people too cheated him!!

    Where is Ratcliff Report? Where is Durham? FBI – Fed Bu of incompetence, CIA, DOJ looked the other way while AG Barr slept with Biden in the basement! SCOTUS did not uphold US Constitution!! US Election 2020 spends equaled entire Indian annual Budget!! Biden-Harris Admin is a proxy Harris-Michelle Obama – Barak Admin. USA is now half CPP and will put America under a chopping block further reducing it to United Socialist States. This is similar to Andhra voters electing Christy Jagan….already conversions jumped to 24% from 8%!!

    For a year or two Biden-Hi-tech companies will govern USA but who holds the key/ put a finger on the nuclear button is the Question?

    Dosapati your write up reminds me 2000 Y2K and 2001-2004 Blackberry controversies and its Server in Canada and the then late PM AB Vajpayee Govt was asked to take action and he did take and proposed for a proxy Server in our country due to reasons more than one.

    Big companies do not pay Taxes. Hence late PM Vajpayee introduced Arm’s Length Pricing/ Transfer Pricing with a mark-up percentage in his Budget presented then! Of late due to tax pin pricks Safe Harbour method is being used!! Some of these very big US Companies appointed Indians to manage their markets because Indian population is 130 Crores plus 5 Crores ill-legal and anti-national people!

    Information is a new weapon and also a huge silent army corrupting the minds of younger generations and produce people like US based AOC and her ilk, which we see in the present day sweat shops/call canters in our Country also. In spite of the Indian SC warning still we get unsolicited calls and emails…unsubscribe button never work in emails!! This event tells us how deep the big “information transfer” business in India too!

    Pity is that ‘censorship’ by the hitch media even on Praveen Mohans’ videos on temples is disgusting.

    We are good in developing Apps by Start-ups. Big Indian companies have “big land banks” and bag Govt contracts as well. Unfortunately the majority Grads/ Indian Tech Coolies prefer NRI status than serving their mother land due to reasons more than one.

    Only one Big Company got very huge investments even during Covid19 at the backdrop of dryness everywhere! Our Indian Parliamentarians prefer photo Ops with US big Tech companies CEOs and likes their investments in India producing few thousand jobs with Tax Breaks behind than lobbying with the incumbent Govt to have our own Operating System and platforms. Our minsters feel proud of speaking to such tech company CEOs and shaking hands with them is akin to holding a hand of a celestial temptress!!!

    Certain political parties such as RSS based BJP, TDP , vanishing Shiv Sena are grassroots cadre based parties and shall take proper precautions while using SM after seeing huge election frauds in 2020 US Elections! But we are still vulnerable in many ways! The 50 days old farmers protest is a crucible!

    See the fate of President Trump TODAY! He is not able to send his official Communiqués to the entire US Citizens in one shot! How can private companies shut down SM Accounts of a duly elected President during and after elections? Is USA a largest and the oldest democratic country? How can a private company hugely fund only DEMS and influence voters in six swing states and dethrone the incumbent government ruled by another party? How come SCOTUS blind on Section 230. That’s’ why Dr.S.Swamy advised the incumbent Indian Govt not to depend on private people/big enterprises sending Governmental to Governmental Confidential information and hence we must retain Air India was his advice.

  3. Excellent article though it seems we always need a famine to look for water. It just amazes me that we have a mentality as Dr Swamiji puts it to be clerical or subservient rather than being an entrepreneur. Isn’t it shocking that behind majority of the software – there are many brilliant Indian minds working – yet we just like to be the New China or the back office processing clerk! Time to change!

  4. Well said, information and data are current day weapons of mass destruction( WMD) and I am sure every Indians data is in US servers. Who are actual owners of these social media platforms and in which direction the US is moving ? Future looks bleak for nationalists in democracies. Entire western media is hounding Trump and does he deserve such bashing.

    It is time that India should have own SM platforms or else all Indians will be sold out and will be a repetition of Colonial slavery. Perhaps at present india is the largest suppliers of educated coolies all over the world in every field as reflected in the inward foreign exchange remittances. When is india going to produce wealth creators ?

  5. Just ban Twitter for 15 days and tell them to fall in line. The rest will take queue from it. You can’t reason with such companies. India is their largest consumer and they all sell data. Modi govt. will have to get tough.

  6. Blocking big tech forever is a risk. People will be angry on govt.

    Penalty would be a better choice. Block them for few peak hours. It will generate enough heat. A person seeing Fbk or Twt down for few hours periodically on violations of govt term will be more angry at tech company than govt. He will also become aware of periodic violations of big tech and will soon identify a better option.

  7. We need watchdog who should block DNS of violaters for short period as penalty per violation, but should allow them to operate. Terms of violation should be set by government. This penalty will make them stick to government terms.

  8. Actually, India needs to re-install all its IT systems all programs starting from OS itself. Govt. should sponsor heavily for developing all-new soft-ware and Hardware suitable and insulate India’s net-work from out-side influences/attacks. The consequential researches will result in the development of suitable apps etc. Entire revamping of the set-up only is the solution, even if it cost us heavily. As all the present civilization is entirely IT based, this is utmost necessary.


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