Delhi riots and its urgent lessons of Global designs for India

The high decibel western propaganda is to stop India from taking effective measures at this moment. Now is the right time to take the bull by the horn to address the longstanding issues created by the West eco-system.

The high decibel western propaganda is to stop India from taking effective measures at this moment. Now is the right time to take the bull by the horn to address the longstanding issues created by the West eco-system.
The high decibel western propaganda is to stop India from taking effective measures at this moment. Now is the right time to take the bull by the horn to address the longstanding issues created by the West eco-system.

India needs to develop a well thought out plan to counter the deceptive and selfish game of the Western eco-system and learn not only to counter it but create its own eco-system.

Make no mistake, it can be conclusively claimed that Delhi riots were engineered by some from Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) who were supported and fueled by the global and anti-national ecosystems. It did not happen overnight and a good amount of planning, preparation must have taken place for a long time. The tragedy of this instigation and pursuant retaliation through a pre-calculated campaign caused immense damage to innocent people and property with Hindus bearing the brunt of it. More importantly, if not effectively addressed now it will lead to another breaking of India in just a few decades.

We can build the nation into a major economic power but if bold and necessary steps are not taken now to address political Islam and the Western agenda of conversions and control of India’s destiny, it is just a matter of time ahead.

Let us understand that before the violence occurred on the streets, there was enormous emotional violence that occurred. There is no doubt that some wrong statements were made during the heat of the election campaign, but is it possible that there could be such targeted violence and destruction of such a large scale caused by those statements? The violence appears to have been planned and orchestrated by sinister global and local forces. India needs to piece together as to what went wrong, how & why the intelligence body was unable to see it coming and use it for future study and corrective measures. This requires a deep study of the ‘deep state’ which this article attempts to address.

The scale and intensity of the Delhi riots show that it is high time to push through steps & measures to curb political Islam like many other countries such as Sri Lanka, France, China, and others. India should not be intimidated by the propaganda of break India forces from abroad and in fact, should be countered with full force. In fact, the high decibel Western propaganda is to stop India from taking effective action at this moment. This article goes at length into the agenda behind such forces and the detailed steps India needs to take to counter (see the last section) the internal and external break India forces.

Now is the time to take the bull by the horn to address the longstanding issues of Uniform Civil Code, NRC, demographic changes, laws for immediate arrest with mandatory long term sentences when hate speeches are made in public, laws to close down Mosques & other religious places carrying arms or teaching hates, seizing not only rioters property but also those who created a situation for rioting to occur, riot readiness, strengthen Police and internal security, put a complete stop to Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) that is bringing in billions to implement global designs and cut the cord between Western agencies and local NGOs, handlers, media, intellectuals, Bollywood (if Switzerland can do it for Mosques, why not India).

British deliberately set Muslims against Hindus by favoring one community over another to divide and control. 

Focus on development alone without addressing fundamentalism will be the greatest disaster, which history has shown

Let us note that focusing on the development agenda alone and expecting that to help us tide over the deep-rooted fundamentalism and political nature of Western Abrahamic religions (Islam and Christianity) is a very big mistake. History has shown us many examples that the greatest civilizations and progress can be demolished in no time. Vijayanagar Empire had flourished with enormous wealth and progress for nearly 350 years. But, once it lost to neighboring Sultans, all the development was wiped out in less than 6 months. India was the richest economy for thousands of years with more than 25% of the world’s GDP, but the lack of unity to address Islamic marauders caused it to weaken and become an easy target for European colonists and eventually ended up as the most impoverished nation on the earth. We can build the country into a major economic power but if bold and necessary steps are not taken now to address political Islam and the Western agenda of conversions and control of India’s destiny, it is just a matter of time before the country is destroyed.

How other countries are addressing Political Islam

In response to recent Church attacks, Sri Lanka banned the burqa and required any Mosque speeches to be pre-approved. In response to radical Islamic activities, China is not just curbing Islam, but systematically wiping out the Uighur race by putting the males in so-called, ‘education’ camps and party officials sleeping on the same bed with the wife of the husband sent off to camps. Just recently Switzerland attempted to ban any external funding to the Mosques in their country. Hungary & Poland are very wary of bringing any Syrian refugees and blocked any attempt to bring them into their country. Myanmar understood the civilization threat of demography and the radical supremacist mindset of Islam and used the army to purge Rohingya Muslims.

Europe (as reported in is increasingly wary of Islamism and has taken steps,[1] such as banning foreign funding (as Austria did)[2] or limiting it (as the Netherlands is discussing)[3]; training Imams (as Germany does)[4] and deporting radical ones (Italy deports more than any other country)[5]; and cutting public funding to organizations connected to Islamist networks for religious, social, pro-integration, anti-Islamophobia, or radicalization prevention activities (Sweden recently removed funding for a Muslim Brotherhood youth group that did not “fulfill the democracy requirement” necessary to receive aid)[6]. Just recently France President Macron said, ‘Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality’. In response to the 2015 ISIS attacks, France declared an emergency for 2 years resulting in raiding 3,600 houses, leading to more than 400 arrests and seizing 500 weapons including 40 war weapons. They later incorporated many of the emergency powers into laws to be used anytime!

But before we formulate our actions, we need to have clarity of the external global designs on India. Sections below will provide a larger perspective of the global designs and what concrete actions India needs to take up.

Understanding Global Designs (Western business establishment, Christian Missionaries, and Western Agencies)

Will Durant, the famous American historian, in the book, ‘The case for India’ wrote after his visit to India in the 1930s that during British rule most of the principalities under the direct rule of British it was common to have Muslim-Hindu riots while those principalities ruled by local rulers hardly had any communal riots[7]. British deliberately set Muslims against Hindus by favoring one community over another to divide and rule. We are seeing a similar pattern recently with Western eco-system engaging propaganda in both international media and their local media enablers, NGOs, and providing support to parties like AAP (which are coming to power with block vote of Muslims) to engineer riots. Western media is deliberately engaging in propaganda showing Muslims as victims and Hindus as perpetrators, promoting blatant and outright falsehood, to selective news coverage or spinning the truth to project a biased view.

It is unfortunate many in India are not grasping the global design for India, especially of the mafia of Western business establishment (e.g., the Globalists such as George Soros who ranted blatant lies against India during recent Davos conference), Christian missionaries and Western agencies (CIA, USAID) to contain, convert and control India.

Western business establishment, on one hand, wants to prop India to contain China while on another hand they do not want it to grow economically powerful so as not to challenge the West dominance, like how China did. They want to use 1.4 billion people market to sell their goods and get a steady supply of cheap technical labor to build their industries while at the same time do everything possible to keep the Indian industry either subservient or not be a challenge to their industry. (This is similar to what East India Company and later the British colonizers did). They do command most of the western media and are excellent at implementing an eco-system whether it is media, NGOs, human rights industry, awards industry along with local enablers.

Christian missionaries on other hand have a stated agenda of converting the world population in 10/40 latitude in this century, which comprises mostly of India and they are pouring literally billions of dollars through FCRA to India and using these enormous funds to support rampant conversions, especially in South India (during last financial year Tamilnadu alone received more than 300 Million Dollars, Andhra and Telangana received about 200 Million Dollars each). These funds are used to support shady NGOs, media and local groups to set one group against another in the targeted country (in India it is Muslims against Hindus), planting Churches, buying properties to further finance their agenda all set up to weaken the country and its civilization so that they can gain upper hand in converting. Plundering, dividing and conquering is how they have done for centuries as they expanded from the Americas, Africa (e.g., Rwandan genocide) and now to Asia, particularly India.

Israeli parliament honored India as the only country in the world that never persecuted Jewish people, but the power and arrogance have little consideration for these facts. 

Western agencies, the establishment, controlled Politicians in the West, it’s institutions like CIA, USAID, USCIRF, and other European Institutions, NGOs, awards industry (Magsaysay Award, Nobel, and many others), even Hollywood collaborate with local partners by working hand in glove with Western business establishment and Christian Missionaries to accomplish their common agenda across the world. See this explosive article by Arvind Kumar, “Religions Crusades of CIA’, it details how CIA, Western business establishment and Christian missionaries work collaboratively in India, Latin America and other parts of the world in their quest for resources and converts[8]. An old article by Tehelka shows the deep connection between USAID and Christian missionary mafia conversions in India.[9]

Inter- working of Western business establishment, missionaries and Western Institutions for global dominance

Western business establishment (finance, pharma, weapons and other industries of the West), support the majority Christian community through the Christian missionary complex in order to enable them to continue their agenda of global dominance. Christian missionary complex, in turn, gets to use the apparatus of the Western business establishment to help with their agenda for conversions (for example much of the western media is owned by the Western business establishment). They both are well supported by Western agencies.

All these groups work collectively and collaboratively in their goals on the target country with single goal of West’s global dominance by controlling, converting and containing other societies, particularly vulnerable, free, non-Abrahamic and democratic societies and cultures like India and other parts of the world. In India, Congress, AAP, Leftists, Church, media, Naxalites, Global Naxals, are the local collaborators in their designs supported by extensive financial support (billion and a half dollars per year through FCRA and other channels) pouring into India. Below are more details on how their agenda pans out in relation to India.

Bogey of ‘Religious Freedom’ as cover for conversions

West frequently raises the bogey of religious freedom (which is a euphemism for the dubious religious conversions of Hindus to Christianity) as if India needs lessons on religious tolerance from them. US Presidents, perhaps prodded by missionaries, raise the issue of religious freedom during their visits to India. This is to intimidate and serve a preemptive strike on Narendra Modi and the BJP government if they attempt to stop or slow down the large-scale conversions going on in India today.

The irony is that the missionaries along with its Western eco-system are lecturing to India about religious freedom when they have destroyed, enslaved and plundered civilizations across the world (well summarized by African leader of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta who said, ‘When missionaries came we had land and they had bible, they said, let us close our eyes and pray, but after we opened our eyes, they had land and we had bible’). 40 million Christian Europeans literally wiped out 60 million natives across the world, subjected many millions to horrendous slavery, plundered and destroyed countries using colonialism and They want to teach Hindus and India about religious tolerance, a country which sheltered every persecuted religion. Israeli parliament honored India as the only country in the world that never persecuted Jewish people, but the Powerful and arrogant have little consideration for these facts.

Muslim Love

India needs to understand the ‘Muslim love’ shown by the West is not only for their designs for India but also to cover up the atrocities perpetrated against Muslims in the Middle East. The high-level goal of this complex for India is to divide India with Muslims, Dalits, converted Christians on one side and non-Dalit (upper caste) Hindus on another side to invent, engineer and exploit the divisions to contain and convert India. They want to constantly use propaganda to portray Muslims as victims and Hindus as perpetrators with outright lies, lending their support to the radical Islamic elements, to arouse Muslims against Hindus as a tool to put a lid and control Hindus and subjugate it for conversion. This is very similar to what they did in Rwanda setting one tribe against another that ended in brutal genocide and then conveniently apologized for their actions after they gained upper hand.

It is interesting how the Indian media which has deep connections to the West and many times are their subordinates will never report when a large number of Muslims atrocities against Hindus occur. It is only due to social media people came to know the ongoing atrocities in West Bengal, Kerala & Tamilnadu. On another hand, they magnify any wrongdoing by Hindus in retaliation to atrocities with selective reporting and even blatant spinning and lying to show Hindus as perpetrators. Recently, veteran journalist Gopikrishna (who earlier exposed 2G scam) tweeted about how he was offered $2500/- by Western media establishment to write a religion-based article on Delhi riots!! The enormous violence of Muslims against Dalits across India rarely gets reported in global or Indian media since they want to use Muslims, Dalits along with Christians to vote together and gain power so as to convert and finally declare India as a Christian country, a satellite of Western establishment design.

Western business establishment with enormous clout of media etc., are also working with the West eco-system showing their love for Indian Muslims as a cover for the atrocities they are doing to plunder and destroy the Middle East to grab its oil wealth and getting rid of Middle East threat to Israel. They shed tears for Rohingya Muslims but not Kashmiri Hindus who are living as refugees in their own country for the last 30 years, and worse show Kashmiri Muslims as the victims. They never censure Saudi Arabia for human rights violations or Christian Europe’s increasing curbs on radical Islam. They created ISIS who has systematically butchered fellow Muslims and caused the genocide of Yezidis. They are not interested in talking about how 250,000 Iraqi Muslim children died due to Clinton era sanctions. However, they are extremely interested in taking Myanmar to international court on Rohingya Muslims since Buddhists are next to Hindus, as low hanging fruits for conversion.

As soon as anything happens in India these forces wake up with high decibel propaganda against Hindus. They are interested in the human rights of terrorists in India but not the rights of victims of these terrorists. All the dubious human rights organizations created by these forces, such as Human Rights Watch and others have not only no interest in Hindu victims in the neighboring Islamic countries or in India but are tools of their propaganda. They are created to serve the Western agenda. They target societies and countries with deception like the ‘Weapons of mass destruction’ to invade and capture Islamic Iraq for its oil wealth (read, ‘Confession of Economic hit man’ to see the Western methods) and killed more than half-million Iraqi Muslims in a senseless war based on deception, but in India and Myanmar, they exhibit a lot of love for Muslims. They created bogus missionary based agencies like USCIRF and use their might to mobilize votes and funds for US politicians, they use them as weapons for their agenda against India, constantly writing dubious reports with concerns for Muslims in India. They talk about oppression and lack of religious freedom, which is really a facade to weaken and convert. This Western ecosystem and their Indian counterparts will never talk about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus when reporting on Kashmir and Article 370 or the enormous persecution of non-Muslims in neighboring Islamic countries during Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) debates. On another hand, they twist the narrative of persecuting Muslims from Islamic countries and disenfranchising Indian Muslims through CAA, an act which is very similar to the US Frank Lautenberg amendment (that enabled persecuted religious minorities in the erstwhile Soviet Union and Iran get US Citizenship).[10]

They are deliberately spreading lies that Hindus conducted pogroms of Muslims in recent Delhi riots whereas in truth Hindus retaliated to brutal violence on life and property by Muslims against Hindus. They would not report how a Hindu Intelligence officer was stabbed 400 times for six hours in the house of a Muslim legislator before his body was thrown in a ditch nor they would about the Police person with three kids was shot killed or other atrocities. Such is the perversion of the West eco-system they term ISIS mastermind Baghdadi as an Islamic scholar and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as a militant monk since he is an unapologetic Hindu and Hindu assertion is a threat to their agenda of conversion and containment.

Deception is the name of the Game

Western organizations like CIA, USAID (even UN) work deceptively with missionary organizations and players in other countries to accomplish the goals of West business and its dominance. This was on display in India when CIA funded churches in Tamilnadu to engineer agitation in 2011 against Kundankulam Nuclear plant using Russian Nuclear technology. Many of these activities were well documented in India Facts article by Arvind Kumar[8], ‘The Religious Crusades of the CIA’. West created ISIS but they use proxies like Saudi Arabia to do the job and they pursued international court cases against Myanmar but they use an African country like Zambia. The charade of the various Western agencies including the UN in filing a lawsuit in the Indian Supreme Court against CAA is not about truth or merit of the case or to win the case, but to fuel divisions in India. In this article by Arvind Kumar that appeared in Sunday Guardian, ‘UN don’t follow the Hypocritic Oath on CAA’, showed everything about CAA is in line with UN Guidelines but that is not their goal[11]. We may see funding coming in from Islamic countries for protests in India but that could very well be at the behest of the Western mafia.

Missionary goals-against Hindus in India

Western missionary complex work hand in hand with media, NGOs, leftists in India using medieval methods to destroy Hinduism by targeting Hindu saints, from defaming (example Sathya Sai Baba, Ramakrishna as homosexuals), intimidation (Arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya on false murder charges, for his work with Dalit colonies to bring them back into the Hindu fold) or torture (of Swami Aseemananda under dubious charges of terrorism, for his work in Gujarat tribals discouraging conversions), Assassination (Swami Laxmanananda in Orissa for his work discouraging conversions, Attempt on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). They arrested Kanchi Sankaracharya on Deepavali day and assassinated Swami Laxmananda on Krishna Janmashtami to show Hindus that their gods are powerless in the face of a Christian god. They achieved these with the help of Sonia Gandhi, whom they categorized as Constantinople of India. They are now targeting Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev and are exploring ways to penetrate and destroy ISHA Foundation or even possibly get Sadguru assassinated through radical elements. They are working with local Congress governments to bring in anti-superstition laws to eventually categorize all Hindu worship as superstitious like they did ‘pagan’ religions in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Many believe that the stampedes in the temples are engineered by missionary forces to discourage people from visiting temples across India. They join hands with shady environment bodies, Green tribunals to discourage Diwali celebration as causing pollution but Conveniently ignore Bakrid, which causes slaughter of millions of goats in public places, and Christmas, which results in cutting of millions of pine trees. They are supporting dubious NGOs to use courts to categorize Sabarimala temple as discriminating against women but do not speak out against Mosques, which do not permit any women across the whole country. They are planting illegal churches in every street of every village in states like Andhra and write derogatory literature about Hindus to make naïve and gullible people hate Hinduism and become anti-nationals.

No wonder Mahatma Gandhi who deeply abhorred missionary work in India used the strongest words, ‘Stop all conversions is India, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth’ and strongly supported Ghar Wapsi of bringing in Christians converted with dubious methods back to Hindu fold. In the West too, they are attempting to turn young Hindus against their own religion by littering negative propaganda about Hinduism in school textbooks while showing all creationism as science and India and Hindus as nothing but cow, caste and curry. They are so concerned that Westerners would adopt Hinduism with the popularity of Yoga and others that they constantly engage in dubious and high decibel propaganda to show Hindus as savages and Hinduism as primitive with dubious news, derogatory shows in BBC, CNN and Netflix, etc.

a) Divide and Conquer

It should be noted that while many in the West are adopting Hindu principles and practices (e.g., yoga, meditation, Bhajans & even vegetarianism,) because of its scientific basis and it simple efficacy, enlightening them to be better and pluralistic Christians; In India, the medieval methods used by missionaries with blatant dubious conversions and hate creates fissures in families, set them against their culture and their nation. They perceive BJP and Modi as their biggest enemies. Many original Christians in India have little support for these activities, but they also get carried away by church propaganda. The interesting part is when natives retaliate when things go beyond limits, the missionaries propagate blatant lies that Christians are targeted and get more money to fund their activities. They use local agents to create their atrocity literature. For many centuries they have been creating blatantly false literature that North Indians are Aryans who subjugated Southerners and use the dubious examples of demons in Hindu pantheon being portrayed as dark-skinned (ignoring Krishna was dark-complexioned too). They understand that to destroy Hinduism the Upper Caste must be brought down and create narratives that Brahmins subjugated the rest of Hindus. They create literature justifying religion as a basis for social issues such as Dalits, whereas Valmiki and Vyasa who wrote the grand epics Ramayana and Mahabharata that is the root of the Hindu civilization, were Sudras too. They conflagrate caste as a race issue whereas the caste was basically closely tied to the occupation. Will Durant writes in his book ‘Case for India’, that before the British colonized India, the Indian school system was very open to all Hindus and there was no discrimination on Caste basis[7]. The so-called western term ‘Caste’ is really ‘Jati’, i.e., occupational, but the truth is never told.

Constantly inventing, deeply studying the culture and sects of India and Hindus with devious intentions to destroy, using billions of dollars, manpower, media, educational institutions,

Co-ordinating with enormous resources of Western business establishment and Western agencies the missionaries are bent on converting India. The enormous clout of the eco-system of leftists, intellectuals, professors & media with missionaries is seen in the case of ‘Award Wapsi’ charade where many intellectuals returned government awards because of alleged government silence on communal violence. This charade was timed before Bihar state elections so as to defeat BJP and Narendra Modi and support the ‘Indian Constantinople’ Sonia Gandhi Congress party.

Today, the Catholic church is the largest real estate owner in India. Swathes of coastal areas in South India are being bought or occupied. They are even using Bollywood and film industry to accomplish their conversion goals. Protestant missionaries and church are supporting terrorist organizations in the North East to break India. They are supporting Naxalites to weaken it and proudly placing a map of divided India with Dravidastan in the South separated from India. Keeping India weak will provide more opportunities for harvesting souls and constantly crying wolf about religious intolerance is a preemptive strike against Modi Government in preventing any actions against the large scale civilization destruction happening particularly in South India. They descend as hawks wherever calamities occur with food packet and a bible. They are like hyenas looking for weak points to capture and digest and they target poor and needy families or areas with scarcity (e.g, water) to use their sops to convert. For the missionaries, Hindus and other Asian religions such as Buddhists in India, Myanmar, South Korea, etc., are the low hanging fruits that can be used to convert.

India needs to seriously investigate the Islamic Umma and now even Christian Umma funding to Bollywood and its designs on India and take measures to cut the cord. 

In many respects, a missionary’s mindset is no different from that of an ISIS terrorist, only methods are different. Worse, at least in the case of an Islamic terrorist their methods are known and visible, but missionaries work closely with the western establishment and local enablers to do deceptive large-scale destruction of societies by dividing them, plundering resources and wholesale conversions.

b) Satan is most effective when he has Gods name on his lips

Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said, “Satan is most effective when he has God’s name on his lips”. Christian Missionaries are using Jesus’s name to plunder and destroy societies, they are using the name of Jesus (who did not utter a single word of hate on those who crucified him), to crucify, murder and plunder other societies and saints. They are using the same Jesus who said look at the log in your eye before you point faults in others to create and invent hate literature and create divisions in families, societies, appropriating and digesting other cultures as if it is their own (e.g., Christian Yoga, Easter, Halloween). Such is their perversion, they create literature that India is poor and miserable because of Hindu religion whereas the Hindu society had nearly 25% of world GDP up until 17th century and has been even more for thousands of years and it is the Christian British who plundered India stealing many trillions of dollars of wealth and as per Will Durant actually enabled the Industrial revolution of the West that helped the great scientific discoveries and advances in the West. Will Durant was shaken to the core on the destruction of India and poured his heart out on the wretchedness with which the British left the Hindus and said the only difference between Louisiana slaves in the US and the Hindus in British India was lynching. In this article, Arvind exposed how anti-Hindu and bigoted USCIRF, a missionary front, is caught up in a scandal with at least one of their former commissioners alleged to be involved in several cases of pedophilia and other commissioners involved in the cover-up scandals involving the sexual abuse of young children.[12]

c) Hindus as savages

Categorizing a community or group as savages in first step to destroy that community, just as they did to native Americans by categorizing them first as savages before systematically destroying them, indigenous people in Australia and North America where they even separated native children from their families to ‘civilize’ and systematically decimated them in mass graves (e.g., in Canada), Aztecs in Mexico and other civilizations in the Africa. With nearly 40% Africa converted in just the last century, their target is converting India this century which they publicly claimed (see “Death of Hinduism’ presentation in the reference)[13]. Their first targets are RSS and other Hindu activists because they are viewed as defenders of Hinduism. They spread propaganda on RSS are Nazis and RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi (which is like saying the democratic party is the Ku Klux Klan party because many of the early Ku Klux Klan members are well placed in the democratic party at that time or Jews killed Kennedy). Given an opportunity, the missionaries would want every Hindu child separated from their parents in the name of civilizing the ‘savage’ and destroy them (or convert them and use them as messengers of spreading Christianity as they did with many in South Korea). Western media mostly owned by globalists business establishment provides the front for this missionary agenda.

In his article, ‘The religious crusades of CIA’ Arvind points out how dubious Western scholars are spreading falsehoods against Hindus and Hinduism,[8] e.g., Wendy Doniger is the daughter of Lester Denier who is a firm believer in converting people to Christianity and published two journals to help churches to become powerful and efficient. Audrey Truschke, another Hindu baiter is a protege of Wendy Doniger and is married into the family of a Christian pastor. Sheldon Pollock is a professor of Sanskrit at Columbia who aspired to study Hindu scriptures not out of reverence but to find faults. Michael Witzel, a linguistic professor at Harvard supported the missionary agents in the derogatory representation of Hinduism in US school textbooks. These people are a front to help accomplish US agencies and missionary agenda. Many of these dubious scholars happen to be of Jewish origin, perhaps used as a front by Western propaganda because any opposition to them is immediately categorized as being an anti-Semitism.

Awards Industry

The awards industry, whether it is Magsaysay or Noble or any other prize is another tool of the Western complex to maintain global dominance. These awards are given based on how it fits into their agenda and many times the recipients for non-scientific categories become spokespersons for their agenda. Even Noble prize is a highly compromised institution supporting the Global agenda of Western dominance with very few Indians ever getting the top prize in sciences despite their accomplishments. E.g., Eminent Physicist George Sudershan (born Christian and became a Hindu) whose work was used by others who received Noble prizes but he himself was never awarded the coveted prize. Mahatma Gandhi, considered as the Apostle of Peace was never considered for Nobel Peace prize due to his deep abhorrence for Christian missionary conversions in India.

Might is right

While West gloats about its ideals of democracy and openness in their own countries the Western eco-system practices the philosophy of ‘might is right’ in non-Western countries. Enemies and friends are made not based on morality and ideals but based on retaining Western global dominance. This vast eco-system has enormous power to make or break countries and has pillaged, plundered, murdered people and assassinated their leaders using an intricate and grand eco-system of manipulation and deception working with a system of proxies and locals hired to do the local dirty work for them. International trade must be in US Dollar or they will be brought in line. They can manipulate a lie into truth or truth into lie e.g., the way they are projecting India’s citizenship Amendment as a tool to disenfranchise Indian Muslims. One Nirbhaya rape was blown up so much that gave impression India is the rape capital of the world while India has among the lowest rapes per 100,000 whereas the US, Sweden, and many other countries are much higher resulting in loss of billions of dollars’ worth of tourism revenue in India.

Interestingly, even in the West with the enormous resources of money, voter mobilizations, this eco-system will allow only those political candidates that suit their agenda to be elected. The vicious campaign against Trump has more to do with his keeping ‘Make America Great Again’ initiative to address trade imbalances especially with China that goes against the globalist’s agenda. They use legalized corruption such as for example Super PACs and what they cannot accomplish through politicians due to fear of voter backlash, they accomplish through the compromised judiciary. The inability to fix the US health system is a testimony to their hold on the US political system.

In summary, the Western ecosystem works with an agenda of using other countries as resources (e.g., technical labor, raw materials), as markets to sell their goods and for harvesting souls, basically a system of raping the land and the mind and making other societies subservient to their dominance. This is a new form of colonialism that China understood well and upped the game. Rajiv Malhotra, a famous book, ‘Breaking India’ covers many aspects of these along with wonderful research articles by Arvind Kumar.

Intimidating BJP and Modi Government from taking firm action on Islamists and on conversion agenda

The aftermath of the Gujarat riots in 2002 and the relentless campaign against Narendra Modi must have left an indelible scar on him. Narendra Modi is an unapologetic Hindu who banned conversions in Gujarat and is incorruptible. The global ecosystems worked hard to bring him down and tried every possible method to frame and arrest him using politicians, dubious NGO’s, activists. But things changed. China which understood Western ways and their eco-system beat them in their own game and became a Superpower. Western global dominance is severely challenged with China expanding and asserting in Asia and capturing the best of mineral wealth of Africa and obtaining the best of secrets of technical industries of the West using the same methods West uses, maybe even better, while at same time creating with single-pointed focus their own infrastructure, education, and scientific advancements.

Suddenly West feels they need a partner in Asia in size and capacity to China and found that India is their best chance. So, now they have two competing goals, one is to use India to contain China by helping improve its economy and the second goal of accomplishing the conversion of India. India is a great market for Western goods and it should be allowed to grow enough as to provide a constant market for Western goods, source of good technical coolies to grow and retain the supremacy of Western industries while at the same time strictly monitor and craft India’s growth to be subservient to Western global dominance. But an economically strong India will provide lesser opportunities to harvest converts from 1.4 billion souls! This is a see-saw game that they are well apt at balancing. On one hand, they praise India and Modi and its economy, while on another hand they engage in propaganda against Hindus in their media and other eco-system both in the west as well as in India.

Things were going somewhat smoothly in the first term of Modi. However, starting with the second term, the extraordinary mandate, the firm hand of Modi, Shah and Doval and the way they handled Article 370, Ram Mandir, Triple Talaq posed a serious concern and insecurity. What if this newfound assertion will result in curbing conversions agenda as well as propel India to become very strong without enough controls from the West? Will India become another potential threat like China since throughout history both China and India have dominated the global economy. Will they meet their goals for harvesting souls? A firm Indian government taming radical Islam will deprive one of the tools they have to control and convert India.

They are still blowing hot and cold, on one side praising Modi on economy since they still believe India has to rise economically and on other hand, they have upped with high decibel propaganda setting Muslims against Hindus with most bizarre lies and constantly raising false bogey of religious freedom to preempt, thwart and perhaps even serving as a warning to Modi and Amit Shah in taking any action against the enormous civilization destruction happening across South India through conversions which has dangerous consequences to India as a country. It is a warning lest the strong government act in curbing other tools such as dubious NGOs, media stooges, abolish FCRA resulting in them losing control of India.

Note that they would not dare to do this to China because China understands them and unlike a totalitarian state like China, they perceive the Indian democracy is vulnerable enough for them to destroy Modi and BJP if necessary because Hindus are not united and many Indians do not associate with nationalist feelings. Hindus are low hanging fruits for slaughter.

What actions can India take?

The most important thing is to understand the problem, the designs of the Western eco-system. India should not be intimidated in addressing the civilization issues and assert its independence and not be thwarted by the designs of the West. Below are some of the steps India needs to consider.

a) Stop FCRA funding completely and curtail Western influence on local journalists and NGOs.

India needs to completely stop any FCRA funding into India and any foreign support to Indian NGOs (like Indira Gandhi did), cut the cord between Indian and Western media, ban dubious NGOs all of which are breaking India forces that are seriously damaging the integrity of the country.

b) Need the same urgency in addressing both development and fundamentalism at the same time

India needs to understand single focus on development without seriously addressing the civilization issues that will result in eventual disaster. As noted earlier, even the greatest advancements of the Vijayanagar Empire were destroyed in less than six months. No matter how much India develops, it can be evaporated in a flash. Political Islam has little to do with poverty as is seen in Europe and not being bold in addressing deep-rooted fundamentalism will be an unmitigated civilizational disaster that will wipe out any development and advancement India would make.

India needs to make political Islam based violence accountable through seizing properties, monitoring speeches (such as only pre-approved speeches are permitted) at Mosques and make any violence that caused by speeches in Mosque accountable both for life and property, stop any foreign funding of places of worship, address demographic changes by focusing areas with high birth rate and set 2 child policy via incentives/inducements, Use military, CRPF, and to use laws to bolt down anti-nationals. Ban organizations such as Popular Front of India (PFI) whose members have committed many murders and fueled violence, where banning should imply that they cannot start any other organization and initiate cases against them for being agents of murder.

Seditious speeches against nation, public threats of violence and all terror-supporting activities (including rioting causing damage to life and property) should carry long and mandatory non-parole jail sentences of 15 to 20 years or more. Acts of terrorism or violence against women such as acid attacks, gang rapes or deaths should carry mandatory capital punishment. Make love jihad a crime on those who are planning and implementing it.

India needs to seriously investigate the Islamic Umma and Christian Umma funding to Bollywood and its designs on India and take measures to cut the cord. Bollywood is a powerful force that is deliberately misleading the public on many civilizational issues.

Where states are playing vote bank politics and not taking effective action against radical Islam (for example West Bengal, Kerala, Telangana) it needs to change laws so that individuals and institutions can take central institutions to help to punish the culprits.

India must be bold enough to suspend State governments temporarily which think they can defy the Constitution and not implement central policies.

c) Invest in internal security and consider it as important as external security

A recent article that appeared in India Facts spoke about how India spending enormous amounts for external security to avert potential threat (sometimes single weapon costing millions of dollars) but not spending enough on internal security which is a daily threat in many areas of the country, particularly where Muslims are in large number and are politically active[14]. India needs to identify potential trouble spots and train and equip police with riot proof gear, plastic bullets, etc., that can be deployed in a matter of minutes in trouble-prone areas. It should learn from countries like the US, Israel handling such riots.

Where citizens feel regularly threatened, it needs to have constant and visible police presence well equipped to handle it. Like Israel India needs to enroll every young person, both men and women, to serve in the military for a period of one or two years. The training there will not only inculcate a sense of nationalism but also help them with potential civilization struggles that India would face.

d) Free Hindu Temples and fix discrimination against Hindus in the Indian constitution and remove the bogus history taught in textbooks

Hindu temples under government control along with discriminatory articles in Indian constitution such as not allowing Hindus to teach Hinduism in schools and bogus history in school textbooks, all under administrations of rulers who are Hindus themselves is a tragedy and needs to be corrected with urgency. For millennia temples have been centers of education and culture of India that brought people together.

In the future, after a potential holocaust becomes a reality, we will recall how inaction in this area now had cost India. The fear of Hindus of another ‘Direct Action Day’ in just a few years is not imaginary fear. If history is any indication, all the so-called secularists and vote bank politicians will be mercilessly treated by political Islam. An excellent discussion on many of the points on this appeared recently in NewsX.[15]

e) Election reforms

India needs to bring in election reforms such as to conduct elections only once in a year (like in the US), provide incentives to vote and discouragement for not voting. India should seriously consider curbs through laws against freebies and making promises like farm loan waiver that cannot be met and winning elections.

f) Countering Western propaganda

India needs capable and effective people to lead its institutions such as the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) to counter Western propaganda. Western portals like Wikipedia are blatantly anti-India and anti-Hindu on Delhi riots, CAA and these need to be taken up, since these are widely read in the West.

Do not be apologetic to Western propaganda and file cases against local Indians generating vicious and blatant propaganda for Western media that is becoming fodder for civil disturbances. India needs to have laws on the Press behavior of selective presentation of facts with biased articles causing social disturbances by making them pay large fines and imposing mandatory jail sentences to not just journalists but the main editors who approved it.

Set laws to break any connections between media and NGO industry in India with the West and challenge the blatant Western propaganda through effective and professional institutions, legal and other means.

Create a parallel website that counters the daily Western propaganda, for example, a website called[16] and[17] to counter NY Times propaganda, etc., so that viewers can have an alternate source to the propaganda. Doordarshan can create a daily program called, ‘Counter-Propaganda’ and put those up on YouTube, etc.,

g) Have an open debate on troublesome Islamic verses and Christian Conversions agenda & remove minority classification of Muslims who are already close to 20%.

India needs to have open discussions on troublesome doctrines in Islamic scriptures, Islamic Umma and its use of religion for political objectives. It should require that Islamic preachers reject it. On Christian conversions agenda, India can effectively use Mahatma Gandhi’s deep abhorrence based on his works to educate India on the threat of conversions as practiced by missionaries. This article written after a rally at the US in front of Lincoln Memorial[18] in DC highlighting missionary menace in India provides some details. India needs to address what is a minority as per the writers of its constitution? Can a population of nearly 20 percent still be a minority?

h) Bring in proven external experts and depend less on bureaucrats

India needs to get proven extern experts to lead Government institutions than use bureaucrats to head institutions like ICSSR on social sciences research. Each ministry should be guided by a team of experts.

i) Local Innovations, create Indian alternatives to Western social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

India needs to encourage local innovations because that is the fastest path to progress, in facts it needs to be obsessed with it. These innovations can be used to address security and other issues. It needs to create local versions of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram like China than give away the most important resource of data on Indians to Western institutions and become hostage to it. This data will only be used to further Western agenda, it is like giving our hair in their hand and later crying to be freed from their grip.

j) Strengthen primary and secondary education and patent India’s knowledge from ancient times

It needs to strengthen primary education and making public schools as good as private schools. Hinduism should be allowed to be taught at least in Hindu schools and the Right to Education (RTE) should not be applied only to Hindu schools. It needs to patent its 10,000 years old sciences in Ayurveda, Yoga, Astronomy.

k) Develop local leaders and make MP, MLAs accountable

It needs to develop local leaders and make MPs and MLAs accountable to their constituencies and emulate at State what was done at the Center by Narendra Modi such as create a State level app for smartphones, constant connect between CM and people, creating effective State institutions.

l) Disinvest colossal bleeding of India by PSU’s to free resources for development and security

India needs to dis-invest the bleeding PSUs that are sucking India’s precious resources. As per Fortune magazine, PSU losses are more than Rupees 1 lakh crores per year and per Dr. Swamy, if you combine all the incentives it is much higher making it the greatest leach of India’s economy which any nation can ill-afford[19]. Dr. Swamy has done a detailed study of the economy and provided many suggestions in his book, ‘Reset: Regaining India’s economic legacy’.[20]

Finally, India needs to develop a well thought out plan to counter the deceptive and selfish game of the Western eco-system and learn not only to counter it but up the game like China to create its own eco-system.

Remember, the British did not leave India for all non-violent methods of Mahatma Gandhi but the threat of use of strength by Subhash Chandra Bose.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both in India and US. He played a critical role in the introduction of paper trail for India's Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT. He and another activist organized All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions insideHindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. His presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai and pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.
Satya Dosapati


  1. Mr. Dosapati, I appreciate your write-up…even though it is long and rambling. I agree with your basic thesis. Indeed there is a conscious attempt by religious bigots and fanatics (mostly from the Abrahamic faiths) to undermine India and its ancient civilization. There is NO doubt about it. The biggest danger comes from political Islam and the regressive nature of their Islamic scriptures. That said, I think you are factually wrong when you say “Wendy Doniger is the daughter of Lester Denier who is a firm believer in converting people to Christianity and published two journals to help churches to become powerful and efficient.” Both of Dr. Deniger’s parents were Jewish and her father (Lester L. Doniger) died in 1971. If you think my information is incorrect, please provide reference to where you get your information from. Thank you.

  2. This rambling lunatic lives in the West and then has the nerve to condemn Westerners and Muslims who have done more for civilization than any Hindu failed civilization. Muslims and Brits created a tolerant, multifaith society that allowed India to prosper.
    Yet look at what Hindu Fascism has done to India in just 5 years: mass murder on the streets, mass rapes, beef lynchings, cow urine obsession, and back to the Hindu rate of growth that keeps India poor with that close-minded and always fearful and paranoid mentality. This article reaffirms that Hindus are embracing the same paranoid and delusional mindset as Europe and crazy Buddhists. India’s destruction is near and just about in time!

    • “…Westerners and Muslims who have done more for civilization than any Hindu failed civilization” — is not just grammatically incorrect…its factually wrong too. First, “Western” and “Muslim” don’t go hand in hand. While the West is mostly prosperous, the Moslems – no matter where they live are poor illiterate wretches. Please give me a factual reference to what the Moslems may have done for “civilization” other than mayhem and murder. With the advent of the Internet most of the World has learned the bloody history of the Moslems and their regressive religion. Their blood-lust continues to this day. Any wonder no country wants them residing within them? Most regret letting them in in the first place. The other day a big Australian billboard spoke to most of us when it asked and then advised: “Interested in time-travel? Convert to Islam and be transported back 1400 years”! That sums you up Ruddin!

    • @GS Ruddin – whoever you are, Please visit the Islamic Theocracy of Pakistan and find out about the Tolerant, Multi-faith and prosperous society that has been created there in the past 70 years ever since it has been created. Please report back to us about the wonderous work that Islam has achieved in Pakistan. Later, you can try few other Islamic countries.

    • Mr Ruddin, I don’t know what do you mean by Muslims and Westerners did so much more than Hindus for the civilization. this is an opionated mindset talking. Hindu religion is the most advanced one with brings one closer to nature and self and cut down extraneous , superficial , self-centered theories on which the modern world is based on. It’s a new hindu uprising in bharat to truly recognize self defense from inherently predatory nature of Islam and Christianity . and you are not used to this hindu voice so you easily label it as facist. It’s both lame and stale.

  3. Well written article. I totally agree with all the points made. However note that india’s options are limited. The country is surrounded by enemies who don’t want a developed India and it is also has geographical limitation ie to fly out also we have to depend on its neighbors. Judiciary is one crappy thing in India. Its judges i doubt are patriotic and with wrong credentials. Unless this is fixed faster nothing is going to change. The system is so corrupt people think they can get away with anything till death and after death they can be martyr. This has to be fixed somehow ie you are in jail for the rest of your life if you swindle public money or a traitor.

  4. P M /HM; Modi-Shah is fulfilling their lifelong ambition of converting India in to Gujarat model. These killings, burning, massacres and genocides of Muslims in Delhi are planned to be executed to make India Hindustan. Soon millions of Muslims will be killed, removed from their homes and made stateless citizen. Majority of Indians are watching calmly doing nothing similar to the civilized world watched the Holocaust doing nothing but now shedding their crocodile’s tears for the last 70 years chanting “never again”. If the UN and other agencies will remain silent doing nothing, they will soon watch “Muslim Holocaust’ much worse than the Jewish. Sadly PM of India is following the footsteps of Hitler and Netanyahu to eliminate Muslim minority from India.

  5. Western media with the help of anti Indian external forces, supported by external funding want India always to be weak and divided. Unless govt take strong steps like nullifying the voting, property, legal rights to those causing internal disturbances it will be very difficult for Hindus to live peacefully in the midst of these aggressives. India should stop the construction of mosques, churches with foreign funds and those constructed in govt land and having no proper approvals should be dismantled. The construction of those should be made conditional of pre approval.

  6. I am sure Modi is aware of the draw backs in the system, which he is trying to clean up. The day he came to power, he wanted to clean up judicial system and he failed. As to beurocracy , he started recruiting Joint secretary level people , but this is a slow process. He has his priorities.

    But the problem in India is no fear of law and judicial activism to embarrass Modi.OK by the way, what is the contribution of American based Hindus, which is a rich community. Nothing. What are HAF , DCF and host of Indian associations doing ? AP ,AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ, CNN are US based agencies abusing Hindus. Why didn’t they pool up 1dollar per hindu a month and file law suits against these jehadi / left liberal mafia.

    Major problem is with colonial mindset Hindus led opposition parties , who are hell bent to lick boots of jehadists. Top priority of Modi is to implement UCC and 2 child policy and side step courts if they interfere in internal security related issues of the country.

    Hindus are talented and intelligent and I am sure BJP will guide them and the nation.


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