Prof Subhash Kak describes with examples how advanced Indian Science and Technology was

In this engrossing conversation, Prof. Subhash Kak describes what technology India possessed till the 18th century that made it contribute 25% of World GDP, with examples.


  1. sorry momentum.. if we want the momentum to continue, suitable changes to different fields of social sciences are necessary

  2. Well said, Malar.

    You have spoken for me also. The religion of believers have ruined the world of seekers.

    Indian Dharma is not about believing but seeking the truth

  3. Alexander the great remained great because he had great thinkers in his country… Greece was great in history because it didn’t have any abrahamic faiths influence those days …
    Now wherever these abrahamic faiths invaded people have become dumbos and are brainwashed …
    Just save India from these abrahamic faiths intervention in culture, history and education … This will only enable India to grow….
    We had so much knowledge in every field when we had only Hinduism in India ..
    Atleast don’t let Hinduism get distorted by missionaries educational institutions….


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