Pt Satish Sharma on Grooming Gangs debate in the UK Parliament, #GretaGate, AntiCAA lies of the Left

1569 survivors. 261 designated suspects. 20 convicted and 3 facing trial. The 40-year old Grooming Gangs problem of the UK and how the British Establishment abandoned its daughters to these horrific Gangs. Watch the twisting of facts to cover up the real perps and also the truth of the problem. Pt Satish K Sharma talks of the rich heritage of Veer Hindus (Sikhs) who realized the need to carry arms to save Sanatana Dharma and the mischievous attempt by a few to twist the facts. How India's Vaccine Diplomacy is reaping rich rewards as Brazil's President tweeted the picture of Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani mountain.

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