Fake propaganda of Left-Liberal gang sponsored by Congress must be identified

Congress still wants to act like a petulant child not getting its way. The recent letter of 49 is another example of this.

Congress still wants to act like a petulant child not getting its way. The recent letter of 49 is another example of this.
Congress still wants to act like a petulant child not getting its way. The recent letter of 49 is another example of this.

Since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in May 2014, we have been witnessing the unleashing of fake propaganda by the Left and so-called Liberal people. It does not need one a degree in Rocket Science to see that these are covertly funded by the Congress. The very first was the coinage of the term called “growing intolerance.” By June 2014, there was wide propaganda that after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister (PM), there was a growing intolerance across the country from the side of BJP and Sangh Parivar (RSS) cadre. Pliable media houses and anti-BJP journalists were behind this nonsense without any evidence.

Then ‘growing intolerance’ morphed into “growing intolerance against Muslims” and the uncouth in media houses and jobless journalists active in Social Media started sharing random incidents of attacks against Muslim community members. Without any basis, these people accused of BJP or RSS members being behind these attacks. And at the end all these cases were found to be the street brawls or mob beating the thieves caught for stealing cattle, chain snatchers, etc.

Now the role of London based lobbying agency ‘Cambridge Analytica’ in hyping this dubious propaganda for Congress using the useful idiots from Left and Liberal gangs in media and cultural world is exposed.

By the end of 2014, a new word ‘mob lynching’ was coined by this coterie of the uncouth, whose agenda was only to spew hatred towards BJP and Modi. It is very certain that all these vicious campaigns to split the society was engineered by Left-Liberal intelligentsia or their bandwagon with covert funding from the Congress. Many of these so-called mob lynching incidents were common people’s fights against the cattle smugglers, mainly belonging to the Muslim community. Cattle smugglers are armed robbers and as when they were caught people also showed no mercy on them.

Now the role of London based lobbying agency ‘Cambridge Analytica’ in hyping this dubious propaganda for Congress using the useful idiots from Left and Liberal gangs in media and cultural world is exposed. These useful idiots started the drama of returning their awards and started writing mass signed letters and pliable media also started these incidents as big news items[1]. Many retired officials from Police and Forces who had good times during the Congress regime were also part of these dramatic events.

Now Modi is back with a bigger majority. This shows that people of India have not fallen for the hyperbole dished out by the Left-Liberal loonies. Now, what is the latest propaganda? The recently started allegations that pro-BJP- Sangh Parivar mob started attacking Muslim people by demanding them to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’!!! This addition of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is a well thought out diabolical plan by this coterie. Why you ask? Because every sensible person knows that Ayodhya Ram Mandir’s case is going in favour of the Hindus and this gang wanted to run a negative campaign against the chanting of ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ These people wanted to create a rift between Hindus and Muslims in the Ram Mandir case. This is their vicious agenda to divide the country.

How low will the uncouth stoop to? It is high time to identify the culprits and expose them.


[1] The real story behind AwardWapsi and IntoleranceJan 2, 2016, PGurus.com

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  4. These useful idiots of the Congress are doing an immense harm to India’s largely peaceful existence, by instigating one religious community against the other they fail to realize or understand the huge damage that it would do to the nation. However such idiots are more committed to enjoying crumbs thrown at them by Congress rather than looking at the larger interests of the nation. However, it is slap on the faces of such unscrupulous traitors as Modiji and BJP have been returned to power despite their nefarious propaganda and very soon these idiots shall find themselves totally irrelevant and even their masters in the Congress shall dump them.

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  8. Unfortunately, it is the Left liberal lobby that gets a hearing in Western media and academies. Time that a anti-lobby was created to counter their ideological propaganda. There are vested religious groups who like to portray contemporary India in dark colours in the west. Many of them are ’embedded’ in American and British media and universities. We need more like Rajiv Malhotra to take them on on their own turf. Enough is enough!

  9. Signatories of the ‘ridiculously stupid letter’ penned by the idiotic celebrities is a vicious network of Anti Nationals funded by Rome & assisted by the Nehru Dynasty Door Mats like Guha

  10. Please do not provide even a degree of figleaf to these treacherous traitors , Italian gutterpigs by calling them left, liberals etc. they are running dogs of Vatican, opusdei, cia and isi, isi. Italian pigs .petrodollars , Vatican dollars. India was not defeated any outsiders but was ruled by Turks, Mughals, brits, Portuguese, and now Italian pigs due to leaving alive traitors and hybrids (haramis) alive always..time these pakipanjabi and Xian’s are butchered .kill Sonia and fam save India

  11. Solution is that govnt should hire a private agency, prepare short clip ads to counter left propaganda, name and shame the people in society with false identities.
    Staying silent is dangerous. Perhaps India is the only country in the world where so called intellectuals abuse their motherland without shame, exposing their slavish mindset. Worst are hindu name carrying English speaking elite celebrities who degrade their culture before the world. They should take lessons from Muslim community, who are transparent in their views where commies have no place in their society.

  12. A cow costs 1-2 lakh rupees in villages, and 1-2 lakhs means a “life” to a villager and poor family. Now these “dare hue bastards” comes with a tempo and steals your cattle and you don’t have police station till miles. And when a poor man fights for his lifeline investment – you calm him mob lynching. These lefties librandus are following opposition agenda, and so called intellectuals (mind f*ckers) makes a big fuss about every minute incident.. but they can’t see any mob lynching in 5,00,000 Kashmiri pandit rape, murder, exodus or 1984 17,000 Sikh mass murdering by congress. RIP.

    • Very true…
      If anything about mob lynching comes out, government goes defensive n warns people… Instead they should get the correct details n give it in public…
      Same thing happened in parliament recently…
      I am not sure about this congress muslim MP gulam nabi or something(I usually wish to keep in mind Shiva’s names in temples or Vishnu’s names in temples… Others which is of no use to me I don’t care to remember) he supported a muslim thief in parliament – what a shame ? If a person is Muslim n if he is caught n beat for robbery, then he finds support even in parliament…

      Why were BJP people always defensive…they should have collected details about cow smugglers n should have counter acted then n there…

  13. But, who are the financiers of the eternal campaign against the Hindus/India? That is a bigger question, though the answer is well-known to the genuine Indians. The funds of the Congress had been transferred outside India the moment a foreigner assumed the real control of the country way back in November, 1984–the beginning of the unwritten rule of a foreigner given the right to be an unofficial
    participant of all cabinet meetings, later institutionalised with the formation of the UPA whose chief was the extra-Constitutional head of the state for a decade. We have to now break this “foreigner jinx” code to be certain of the source of all funds used for destroying India and the Indus for good.

    • Well I remember how we had an English book in my school which had a lesson on some bread butter given by the jerusalem jesus (we Indians have got rich culture and tradition but not one story on Ramayana n Mahabharat which are guiding books for a good life) n about teresa and she was elevated to such a great soul…n the priests of Kali temple in Bengal were shown in such bad light…
      I really used to think that Kali priests were too narrow minded… (Sometime in 1984 sometime during Indira death)
      I was wondering how could such a book be prescribed for a CBSE board many times long after my schooling…
      Even now I thought 2004-2014 was the dangerous period of Christian expansion… But as you said it must have started long back even when Sonia became influential in the Nehru family….
      Oh my god…

  14. “Jai Sriram ” , “Ram Ram ” “Radhey Radhey ” etc are common way of greetings in India . This is our culture.
    Indian foundation is strong .These propaganda may look new for Urbans but Rural still use it on daily basis

    • Hindus and even Muslims she note that they are being made cannon fodder by the evil, deranged, genocidal, nazi Christianity and its satanic bloodthirsty rituals and its that illiterate, uncultured, uncouth gutterborn, Sonia, opusdei,Vatican, cia, church behind all attacks on Hindus .these two bit street dogs like these 2 bit Bollywood, journos, 2 kauri writers, etc are Italian Vatican Chinese isi, isis, running dogs, bcz these treacherous traitors are prds of unknown sexmaniacs sperms. These self styled liberals are 2bit racist pigs who only love to worship and lay white skin. Ok we shud now tell these bastards for all twinkle Sharma’s, Preeti Mathur, Soumya, zeesha, Dhruv Tyagi, WE SHD CUT 100 family members of these Italian gutterpigs Congo’s n journos bolly sluts etc. Time their families also feel the terror. HINDU BLOOD SHD NOT COME CHEAP THESE ITALIAN STREETDOGS PRDS ARE 2bit gutterpigs scums who are no drs, Engineers, scientists, farmers, technicians that human survival depends on them, they are 2 bit actors, actresses, journos, writers whose writing not worth a toilet paper. Even if they r killed with families 10000 times per day nothing will happen to humanity a bit..these gutter dogs will now advise us drs engineers etc..Saale 2 Kaudi ke sadak ke jaahil Kunte

  15. Luckily the mass of population still live in India’s villages and small towns ( let us call it country area )
    The punishment for cattle lifting / child kidnapping and heinous crimes is meted out with justice by the villagers for many decades as out in the country area there is hardly any policing nay even a police outpost
    Common men serve justice on perpetrators as they deem fit in the village

    Luckily people in the country area see the drama on television and returned back this govt with a bigger mandate in 2019 and the more this propaganda is made in future years the results during 2024 elections will be a bigger surprise and a slap on the face of this gang


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