Farmers protest going to be a headache for Modi Government with many crooked elements infiltrate in protest

The farmer protest now has taken violent agitation mode, infiltrated by all kinds of forces, now a big headache for Modi Govt.

The farmer protest now has taken violent agitation mode, infiltrated by all kinds of forces, now a big headache for Modi Govt.
The farmer protest now has taken violent agitation mode, infiltrated by all kinds of forces, now a big headache for Modi Govt.

Modi Govt simply used the Ordinance route and got it converted as bills without much debate

The farmers’ agitation originated from Congress-ruled Punjab, blocking entry points to the Capital Delhi, and has become a big headache to Narendra Modi Government. The agitation against the three new farm bills has now been infiltrated by all kinds of forces including pro-Khalistani supporters, Ultra-Left elements, and pro-Jehadi outfits working covertly which have turned the agitation into a law and order problem and trying to create into a Shaheen Bagh-kind-of-pro-Jehadi protest. Now videos are going viral about the participation of anti-India pro-Khalistani elements and professional protest creators like Yogendra Yadav inciting farmers.

There are many objections to the speed at which the Modi Government passed three farm bills, which were actually long overdue in the agricultural trade. The bill in the first instance is a liberalization in the agricultural trade allowing the scope of sales and bringing cultivation contracts in the agriculture sector, enabling the entry of corporatization. After the passage of the bill, we have seen the huge investments flowing into Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail venture and Adani Group’s entry which has been seen as a threat by old archaic agro-products traders, who are basically controlled by many politically linked co-operative societies. Many Congress leaders, NCP Supremo and former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and Akali Dal controlling Badal family are having a lot of stake in agriculture co-operative societies which control the procurement and sale is facing heat on the new farm bills provision allowing freedom to the farmer to decide whom to sell and where to sell.

So many doubts have created into the mind of farmers on the future of Minimum Support Price (MSP) by so many rumour mongering elements who wanted to unleash all sort of violence.

Moreover, the new bills have hit the existing old system in Punjab which is now ruled by Congress and BJP also lost its long-standing ally, Akali Dal[1]. It is a matter of debate whether the Modi Government could have waited for amicable solutions in the new farm bills instead of passing it as an Ordinance when the entire country was on lockdown due to the Covid Pandemic. These bills must have gone into serious debate from drafting to tabling to standing committees. But Modi Government simply used the Ordinance route and got it converted as bills during the controlled Parliament session during the Covid pandemic without much debate.

Now the matter has come to violent agitation mode. Initially, the ruling BJP also went wrong by false bravados and accusing the agitators of all name-calling. BJP’s Punjab unit is a sick unit due to its old ally Akali Dal’s supremacy allowed by BJP’s national leadership. BJP’s Punjab unit has become a mute spectator with no mass leader from the Sikh community. Now the matter became a law and order situation and Home Minister Amit Shah made appeals to the agitating farmers[2]. So many doubts have been created into the mind of farmers on the future of Minimum Support Price (MSP) by so many rumour mongering elements who wanted to unleash all sort of violence. So many crooks have already infiltrated into this farmers’ agitation to incite violence. Hope good sense prevails from the governments’ side and farmers’ side resulting in an amicable solution.


[1] SAD, oldest BJP ally, walks out of NDA over contentious farm BillsSep 27, 2020, The Tribune

[2] Government is ready for talks: Amit Shah in appeal to protesting farmersNov 28, 2020, India Tv

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  1. The irresponsible Govt of India has caused more and more conflicts ever since Demonetisation. And now we have the Farm Bill, an apt diversion to hide their failures. BJP-bootlickers will promptly defend their top brass, regardless of any merit in their midst. That is the only thing they are good at.

  2. BJP is playing into the hands of opponents. There was no need to stop the so called farmers from entering Delhi. That would have proved to the world that this was an agitation by rich and fat farmers of Punjab who enjoy large tax free incomes at the cost of Indian middle class. Another major reform which needs to be done is abolition of all land ceiling laws. That would open flood gates for prosperity in Agricultural Sector in India. All marginal farmers need to be encouraged to form producer companies for economies of scale in production with an option for IPOs of such companies.

  3. Our present central and state political leadership in power has been playing to the overseas and inland liberalist gallery its game of statesmanship, rather than earnestly catering to the welfare of its own people’s dwindling majority. In fact, it even stands to abandon its pro-Sanatani posturings just to attract Abrahamic and anarchic sympathy and support, which is never going to happen.

    Equally portending a dire future for our Bharatiya sociocultural literacy, economic prosperity and dharmic progress, is the swarm of pseudo-Sanatanis flooding every aspect of our lives and washing out our traditional beacons of wisdom. This phenomenon only accelerates the Abrahamic and anarchic frenzy already poisoning our native minds’ natural thinking.

    Only a truly committed people’s Sanatani enlightenment and movement, filling up at the grassroots levels, connecting crisscross across all higher— village, district, state and national— levels and coordinating globally, can ever withstand the Abrahamic and anarchic onslaught and stand any chance of retrieving, reversing and winning for us Bharatiyas this game of dire predicament into which each and every one of our local as well as national ‘leaders’ have trapped all of us.

    • Correction, above Comment:
      Para 2, sentence 1, middle part: Please read the “Dharmic progress” as “Dharmic security”.

  4. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    BJP govt. can’t play fool anymore. They should have known that the moment lockdown goes some protest would have happened. What was their preparation?

    Amicable solution can be reached when the parties interested want amicable solution. But, you have already mentioned that the organizations that have infiltrated the agitations don’t want solution, they want anarchy.

    I think its the govt. that should have been prepared for this. They are going to pay dearly this time if they don’t act swiftly. The fact is these ‘professional protest creators’ know that the govt. has no plans to pacify these protests. This gives them immense confidence. This confidence needs to be shaken or better to be broken.

  5. Farmers are every where problem is procurment of crops below MSP if You say MSP is to stay why not add it a clause in the Bill and it gives assurance to farm ers. You see the, LPG subsidy has vanished, like it the sufficient lifting of crops by Govt. At MSP should be assured in writing. Every where each States has problem Haryana has arrested all the farmers leaders illegally without charges. karnataka us boiling. AP state govt lifting Crops, at MSP so no problem you should know 40% India’s food requirement cones from Punjab . You say congress will vanish no party vanish it is the Modi govt SC fix that starve the party. By Electrol bond BJP gets, all fund. When she corporate wanted to do NB ste sndxapprosch bank he get phone calls from not l ess than PMO HM not to give or face IT raids, ED, CBI cases. If the case come in court BJP will loose but since all the, CJI are honey traped the case fies does not get date.

  6. Are there Farmers only in Punjab?

    How many of these so-called-protesters are genuine Farmers?

    It’s quite obvious most of the protesters are either PAID GOONDAS or the DALALS WHO LOST THEIR HEFTY COMMISSION dueti the new farm-laws

    Even the Farmers of Punjab, it appears, are happy about the New Farm Bills

    Beginning of the end of Cong in Punjab too


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