Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman caught scolding SBI Chairman. Bank Officers blame Minister and later withdraw the press release

Did Nirmala Sitharaman do the right thing by dressing down the MD/ CEO of SBI in front of his juniors?

Did Nirmala Sitharaman do the right thing by dressing down the MD/ CEO of SBI in front of his juniors?
Did Nirmala Sitharaman do the right thing by dressing down the MD/ CEO of SBI in front of his juniors?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharman is caught up in a big controversy after an audio clip of her abusing the State Bank of India (SBI) Chairman Rajnish Kumar in front of all officials in a meeting in Guwahati in Assam on February 27. Some whistleblower officers uploaded the audio in the public domain a few hours back. Reacting to the abusive tone of the Finance Minister to their Chairman, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation issued an attacking press release against the Minister, blaming her abusive nature on March 13 evening. But allegedly, due to pressure from the Finance Ministry, the Confederation withdrew the press release on March 14th evening.

In the interest of the public, PGurus is uploading the audio of Nirmala Sitharaman abusing the SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar and the two press releases of the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation. In the audio, Nirmala Sitharaman can be heard shouting at the SBI Chairman which made him cut a sorry figure and offer an apology in public.

On March 13, the Confederation issued an attacking press release against the Finance Minister, blaming her behavior and attitude, reminding her that the Bank officers should not be treated like this. After a few hours, they withdrew the press release. Both are published below:

A senior management expert that Team PGurus spoke to, had this to say:
“She could have said the same thing to the MD/ CEO in a one-on-one conversation, in the closed confines of a room. The first rule of management – never abuse your employee in front of his/ her employees – nothing destroys morale more. Praise in public and criticize in private. How will Rajnish command the respect of his juniors? No one will do anything – worse everyone knows a line has been crossed and someone must take the fall. Interesting times ahead…”

04_press Release on FM's Comments on SBI Chairman by PGurus on Scribd

AIBOC withdraws the press release
AIBOC withdraws the press release

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  1. Madam FM …..First look into ur ministry…den lecture somebody else….It doesnot matter if the person is Chairmain/CMD or her peon….Every one deserve respect….
    And if u hab to go by efficiency parameters…Madam u r the one who shud put the papers…..Kindly check the economy Madam…or u hab outsourced it to the PMO

  2. Please think of the thousands of people who suffered because of this CONTINUOUS ineptitude. Months and years go by without the job getting done. Enough of these niceties. Look at what is happening in the case of GST and INFOSYS. Sometimes one has to break into this slumber and this lethargy.

  3. Our Chandrayaan mission failed almost nearing the scheduled landing site. Our Prime Minister witnessing the launch, did not show his wrath on the ISRO Chief. Not withstanding the failure the PM complimented the heroic efforts of the ISRO staff.
    The finance minister if she was sure of the wrong doings of the SBI then she should have demanded the CMD of SBI to put in his papers. That would have made all CMDs of PSBs aware of the absolute powers of the Finance Minister.
    Banking is service oriented sector privatise it like other Navratna public sector units.

  4. Was the Discussion bugged/recorded or was somebody recording the outburst in a clandestine manner. LEAK was made to fish in troubled waters. This is the main issue. Remember Chidambaram, as a Finance Minister, Bugging the chamber of Pranab Mukerji, the Finance Minister.
    Was the Bugging done to bring out an in-house matter in public domain and show Nirmala in a bad light.The Leak seems to have been deliberately done to cause embarrassment.
    I will not be surprised if some Disgruntled-high-and-mighty-Ex FM has a hand in this deliberate leak.

  5. There is no abuse in this exchange.What rubbish reporting is this. These bank chairmen think they can take the Govt. for a ride because the Finance Min is a woman.

  6. The SBI is owned by the GoI, whose representative is the Finance Minister. All employees of the SBI, including its MD, CEO, Chairman have signed up to report to the GoI. The SBI, as described by the FM in the Guwahati conference, had taken actions that were detrimental to the public around Guwahati. It is expected of the FM, in public, to take action in public on the public property that is the SBI. If the SBI CEO and/or his minions think they are answerable only in private not in public then they need to leave their chairs so the public can get the public bank to work for the public in public.

    It is beyond the pale that the public sector banks have staff that are timid, lazy, lethargic and desirous of making off the public trust given them. Our private sector banks are no less incompetent. Money is a myth in our country, whereas it hails the republics in other nations.

    The SBI, its chairman and the Indian republic are none the worse for the smooch from the Union Finance Minister.

  7. Reckless and immature behaviour by engaging in verbal tirade. Many a times the minister ‘seems’ to be confident by becoming arrogant in words and action. Such kind of maltreatment works only in our country.

  8. Applause!!!
    PGurus, is this petty incident worth publicizing?
    Your real goal is to push your pet Swamy for the post of FM, is it not?
    And he’s a guy who publicly keeps running down everyone, including the PM!
    Plz don’t be small minded.
    Overall, FM NS is working hard & doing a good job.

    • Why do you bring Swamy here? It is the incompetence of the Minister and taking off her frustation on a Sr Officer who is doing his job. Only person who would support FM in such cases are the ones who doesnt want any action aganist frauds and cover up frauds by robbing common man’s money. FM wants to inefficiently bury sins of some one and showing it on others.

    • Working hard. She hardly knows her job and so she can hardly work. But arrogance is something she has acquired from Feku!

    • Kamalji Priyanka Vadra smiles and waves towards few people around her car: is that an incident worth publicizing/deserve live TV coverage? Pgurus has been doing much better work than PMO!!!

      Kamla ji do not bring Dr. Swamy just because you dislike him the most and you might have hurt bacause you are a blind Modi Bhakth! Dr.Swamy is one inch taller than PM Modi in higher education, knowledge, experience and popularity and many inches taller than the incumbent FM a dummy FM of PMO!!

      True Dr.Swamy runs down even PM Modi ji not out of frustration but due to lack of proper and true feed back given to his party PM who works 18 hours a day. But PMs six years in office as on now reveals that those who abused PM with an acerbic tongue openly/written, gave interviews in various fora ….they all were blessed and continued with highest governmental posts in RBI,CEC, Banks so on and so forth!!! In fact Dr.Swamy should have been our PM.

      Kamal ji be dignified and do not be petty minded. Respect Dr.Swamy one of the best available intellects in this country and we are missing his services due to two top most Gujaratis whose understanding of intellectuals are too little. Sorry to say this. BJP has been ducking on innumerous corruptions of UPA governments. Dr.Swamy is chasing corrupt crooks and smoking out from bandicoot holes.

      Sorry, Kamla ji as on now,incumbent FM hardworking lady no doubt, is a dummy FM and soon after becoming FM met 10 YEARS of mega scams and 52 lakh crores (32 lakhs crores?) NPAs produced former PM Maunmohan Sigh!!

  9. Most of the top management officials are themselves arrogant and they always follow hire and fir policies. Many officers association bearers behave like dictators. Those who abuse officials at branches, take credit for success and send shocking abuses when NPA goes up.
    The divinity of CMD had gone down the drain, ever since suit case policy is adopted. To reach top position , many play politics and develop cozy relationship with politicians. Unless top management is fired, nothing will work.

  10. Shame on the FM! What does she know about the various constraints the banks are facing in implementing the stupid schemes of the central government? Just to cover-up her failure in steering the finance ministry, she seems to have taken the route of abusing the Bank MDs. This is not going to bring laurelss to the mminister!

  11. She lost control. Bad mouth woman is not good either for house or for nation. PM must take steps to control his ministers. Public scolding is worse. She behaved like a school teacher.

    • More like the headmistress of a girls scool. Such are her ways. She is a disaster for the country, the economy and the country. Show her the door. The sooner the better.

  12. i think its allright to scold a govt employee in whatever way, if he is taking duty forgranted and playing with public money/resources.

    I applaud Mrs Nirmala for being bold and taking a courageous step at the cost of criticism for safeguaring public money.

    SBI chairman and all involved staff in wrong doing should be given strict penalty/pension removal/jail, like financial wrong doings of businessman like nirav/lalit/mallaya.

    Govt employee must be devoted to serve public and in no way he/she can play with public resouces or consider him/herself above public.

    • SBI Chairman is not personal staffer of Finance Minister. Forget all – how she can behave like this. She must check her BP or change her behavior

  13. It is not expected of a cabinet central minister to treat the chairman in public. She should know her limits while dealing with leaders in different fields.

    • Sir…
      I personally feel that respect has to be given when you deal with a person out of office…
      When you come to public domain… No one is a leader… everyone is a servant of people…
      When we do something wrong… We have to accept accusations… Even if it’s a wrong done to a peon…
      Don’t we call the respected posts of prime minister, party heads etc… With bad names?
      If we find the prime minister doing wrong we condemn him…if he does good we appreciate…
      It depends on his deeds…
      If nimmi mam did wrong she has to accept accusations..
      If SBI head did wrong he should accept accusations too…

      Post doesn’t matter…

  14. Shame on you Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman. How dare you talk like this to SBI Chairman????? Is he your personal peon, appointed on your personal money??? Even to such person, you have to talk in a humane way. Lady, Power has gone to your Nut Head. Behave yourself. Check your Blood Pressure problems first. You are are shame in a Democratic Country. PM Modi must kick out this third rate mindset dumbo arrogant lady


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