#FreeTemples: It is not yours to take!

#FreeTemples: It is not yours to take!

#FreeTemples: It is not yours to take!
#FreeTemples: It is not yours to take!


  1. There is a glaring incongruence in the depiction of “DEVOTEE” in the cartoon. Whereas it is “DEVOTEE” that DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTES to “TEMPLE”‘s “HUNDI” siphoned off so solicitously by “STATE GOVT”, “DEVOTEE” certainly does not covet the cow’s milk, as does the calf.

    It might be argued that the calf (~ Sanatana Dharma) forms the basis and beneficiary of the secretion of milk (~ resources) by the cow (~ temples, mutts etc).

  2. Churches, mosques stance, it is « my money ».
    It is an open secret that :
    churches and mosques receive unaccounted-for funds from within India and abroad, but these undeclared funds do not appear on accounting books.
    churches, mosques provide all kinds of support (election crowds, election army), finance the election of Unemployables to positions of power in India.
    In addition to that, churches, mosques hide their money from Modern Day Robbers-Politicians.
    Churches, mosques hide their personal/private property in bonds, financial instruments, investments. These shields are almost impenetrable, if one were to consider that churches, mosques have been known to receive laundered money (complex jurisdictions from legal perspective ) from enemies of India abroad.
    Finding an opportunity, they gang-up with Unemployable Politicians and Self Proclaimed partners for « Temple Gold is Joint Property », « Our Money ».

    • So you have to adapt to the new reality. Have an election fund and devotees can contribute to the fund instead of the hundi. These are solvable problems that doesn’t need a SC decision or government intervention.

  3. This robbing of Hindu temple money was going on for 70 years & media was silent, it is only due to Hindu nationalism, it has surfaced.

  4. For the next few months, or until this issue is resolved, give your donation to the priests or aarti. Nothing will get people’s attention like money not going to the hundi.

  5. Namaste!!.
    it is going good to spread awareness about hindu temples and i am in support of to free hindu temples from state govts.
    just keep going to free temples. we are in support of you.


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