Gaurav Pradhan reveals how he does political predictions

Gaurav Pradhan - IT man turned entrepreneur who dabbles in political predictions

He is not a psephologist. He is an IT guy. Then how does Dr. Gaurav Pradhan get his political predictions right? In conversation with him on this and Cyber Security.

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  1. It is learnt that the Siddharamaiah govt in Karnataka has slapped cases under non bailable sections on Gaurav Pradhan. He is probably under detention / family members being harassed.

    Will any help be extended from Pgurus community ?

  2. What a crap! I thought Dr G Pradhan to be a learned, intelligent person – but after watching this, I have to change my opinion on him – he is just another naive and does not look like professional, knowledgeable guy.

  3. Dear Iyer Ji,
    I was a great admirer of DrGP until recent past and appreciate his domain expertise. But raises doubts on his objectives vis a vis Nationalism and Anti-corruption as he projects to the public.
    Soon after Dr.Swamy spoke against state of Economy as to how it is mishandled by MoF in an interview recently. He and his friend alleges that Dr.Swamy wants to bring-down Narendra Modi Govt and supports JaItley who is mother of all corruptions in this Govt. Has he read your articles on MoF hit-jobs on your Portal and believes in true Nationalism and anti-corruption he would not’ve gone with the wind. When Dr.Swamy sir fights against Sonia, PC, Congress he nationalist but criticizes the FM who is sleeper cell of UPA he blames Dr.Swamy that his target is NaMo not FM (twisting to their narration)?
    I hope he cross checks facts with S.Gurumurthy Sir before blaming Dr.Swamy Ji.

    • Lets make this absolutely clear, I have no interest in electoral politics. Swamy Sir is as respected as Guru ji. I treat both as my Gurus.

      My limited interest is Nation and I believe that panic is not the solution. When it comes to Arun ji, my stand from day one is clear, I don’t comment on Individual but issues. AJ goofed up Start Up India in big way and I will always say that but on other side no Neta can pull up GST as he did and need to be supported.

      Check my tweets early this year from dayone I said GSTN will be issue bcoz i know the systems much better than any Babu or AJ or even Swamy sir.

      JaItley who is mother of all corruptions? I guess people need to learn that any govt don’t run on vendeta. Modi is going by book and that’s one reason why he yet don’t have any black spot. What AJ is doing on corruption, I can’t say in public but i can assure you nothing happens in Modi sarkar without Modi ji approval be it AJ or RSS.

      Hence to call me UPA/congress stooge is nothing but wild imagination

      Last point, SWAMY Sir is a pillar of Indian Politics. He is a LEGEND and will remain so. So kindly STOP creating divide between him and me and NEVER compare small guy like me with a Legend.

      God Bless my Nation and all who work for Nation

    • Dr. Swamy’s ego is not to be relied upon. A small trigger is enough to make him take a diametrically opposite stand. What economic depression is he talking about?His tweets in the recent times have provided enough fodder for the media and opposition. He also seems to have silenced Gurumurthy who was very vocal in his views about the politics of TN in he recent past.

      Dr. Pradhan goes by facts and figures and has no personal agenda.

  4. Thanks for interviewing him. A level headed person unlike Dr Swamy who seemed to have pit himself ahead of the Nation of late.

  5. The discussion between Sh.S Swamy and Sh. Rajiv Malhotra is of rot and this discussion is about achievable growth. Appreciate all that you all are sharing with your caring for India. Of course there are few more of class and it all gives me lots of optimism for my India.
    Thanks (Mean it )


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