Gods are awaiting 2019

Under the BJP, Hindus have to struggle to fight for their rights.

Under the BJP, Hindus have to struggle to fight for their rights.
Under the BJP, Hindus have to struggle to fight for their rights.

Balaji Suprabhatam and other sacred mantras of the Hindus are being appropriated by the Church with impunity. But the BJP govt doesn’t care less.

The betrayal of Hindus by the BJP govt is complete. Goddess Durga is one of the most important deities of the Hindu pantheon and Navratri is one of the most significant Hindu festivals celebrated by millions across the country.

Adv Prashant Bhushan called Lord Krishna names. Yet the BJP govt under Fadnavis refused to register FIR against him.

But all that doesn’t matter to the censor board under the BJP. The earlier chief Pahlaj Nihalani was doing a sensible job keeping Indian sensibilities in mind while clearing movies. However, vested interests who believe in purveying cheap sex and vulgar dialogues (a la Grand Masti) and who were led by a large media house notorious for its anti-Hindu agenda, made sure that Nihalani is eased out. They got Prasoon Joshi, basically from the ad world, appointed as the board chief. And what do we get as a result? Scenes of a small-time actress, who is desperate for publicity, masturbating is okayed in Veer di Wedding!! And now a film with the title “Loveratri” timed for release during coming Navratri has been cleared by the board. The title itself is meant to hurt Hindu sentiments. But then the producer is Salman Khan who is close to the present dispensation after kite flying on Makarshankranti in Ahmedabad. He can get away with anything under this govt…even killing pavement dwellers. He had told me in an interview that he was at the wheel on the crucial night. But, the prosecution did not find it necessary to make me a witness!!

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been objecting to “Loveratri” since May this year. But the BJP Sarkar has been ignoring it. After all, Salmanbhai is too powerful. His last film was cleared by the Censor Board in 24 hours. Adv Prashant Bhushan called Lord Krishna names. Yet the BJP govt under Fadnavis refused to register FIR against him. An application under Cr.PC has been filed by me just to get the FIR registered. In the case of “Loveratri” also an advocate had to move the Bombay High Court to get the BJP govt to act. Under the BJP, Hindus have to struggle to fight for their rights. Hindu temples, including the famed Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, are under govt control but not religious places of the minorities. Non-Hindus have got into the management of the Tirupati Devasthanam. Balaji Suprabhatam and other sacred mantras of the Hindus are being appropriated by the Church with impunity. But the BJP govt doesn’t care less. Maybe the Gods are waiting for 2019.

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. BJP won the elections based on some promises like
    1. Fraudsters will go to jail
    2. Black money will come back
    3. Ram Mandir will be built
    4. As per earlier manifestos, Article 370, UCC etc.
    1. Subramanian Swamy is fighting a lone battle. Any govt support? I dont see it. Recall NH case among others. No political witch hunting comments is a sick pathetic joke. GOI – Do your job for Gods sake.
    2. Nothing doing, small players targeted. Big ones continued sending out blackmoney through various channels, including the untill recently left alone bitcoin. Black money in political funding? Why the anonymous 2000 rupee donation options which can be multiplied into crores. This was pure hogwash.
    3. Enough time to overrule SC in the SC/ST act within days of the verdict coming in. But for Ram Mandir, no guts to pass the law. They could have introduced it and if any party opposed it, that would mean a loss of Hindu votes. But not tried at all.
    4, If one knows to use the available resources including the position of President of India, article 370 could go. What stops the GOI from acting as per Swami’s advice.
    Unexpected disasters
    1. Friendship with Russia on the backburner
    2. Govt. did not oppose SC’s overreach on Section 377. “left it to the courts”? Does the GOI have no responsibility to uphold moral values and prevent damage to our culture and future generations. This is the biggest stab in the back of patriotic and nationalistic citizens aka BJP voters.
    3. Media continues to do anti national propaganda. I&B ministry totally useless in curbing deshdrohi media and movies/TV channels attacking our cultural values.
    4. Cow protectors are criticized by Ministers. Subramanian Swamy was asked to withdraw legislation introduced in Rajya Sabha!
    5. Does anybody remember Ganga river?
    A lower growth rate, less international praise, no multi level GST would have been ok, if the damage to our society was prevented. Mr Modi was elected to bring about drastic changes, attack the corrupt and work towards restoring Dharma. Nothing drastic happened in the past 4 years. Atalji had to work under coalition compulsions, BJP had a full majority in Lok Sabha and being in power should have learnt how to manage the SP BSP etc using Sonia Gandhi’s tactics. Will BJP still win the next elections? Probably yes. Is there a viable alternative? No. Will Dharma be practiced fully by BJP? Experience under the current dispensation indicates otherwise.

  2. Hindus should probably be reduced to minority levels in India and be persecuted like how the Jews had been persecuted for being Hindus before they can wake up to the reality surrounding them. Hindus basically are their own worst enemy and they had become the source of eroding Hindu strength. Alternative is to pray for a leader like Mao Tze Tung who actually killed more then 15 million Chinese in his many experiments such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution that had left an unexpected vacuum as a consequence for the transformation of China that got Deng XiaoPeng to adopt capitalism without resistance. Would the Hindus wake up to these realities?

  3. Hindus still believe in BJP but what they repaid in kind and deeds is definitely to be thought of…
    Were the temples freed from government? Is there any plan for this proposal?
    How are Hindus made safe with existing conversions and hidden agendas by missionaries supported and funded
    by foreign countries.

    They are doing good things for the development of India but what pains have been taken for preserving Hindu culture and tradition..
    Atleast from the money they get from temples ..what Hindu Universities have they started?
    Politicians should be true to themselves…
    When they are handling temples they should definitely do something for the welfare of Hinduism or let Hindu temples free .. to be governed by people who believe in them.

    All officers who work in Hindu temples should be devout Hindus else the salary which they get will bring them ill-luck and those who appoint them will have a share of their ill- luck too… Which will build up in future for a great disaster.

  4. Hmm… We keep hearing about Fadnavis…
    BJP will have to have a tough fight.
    If we have to think about good things done by BJP for Hindus who have been their core vote bank….
    I see none except Mr.H.Raja of tamilnadu who has boldly and is boldly fighting for Hindu rights and temples.
    We can include Yogi ji also. This Fadnavis, I thought was a brahmin but nowadays we see a lot of converts in Hindu names…is he one among them?
    Earlier during Kalyan Singh government in UP….they said we need majority..
    Now god has given them majority in both center and UP…. But still Ram temple remains a dream.
    Hindus are minorities in around 7 states but they are not being protected with minority rights…not even a debate is there… Jammu and Ladakh could be merged and made a separate state. When Telangana could be made from Andhra why not combine Jammu n Ladakh…?
    Ysrcongress is a corrupted party and a christian favoured party and BJP tries to have alliance with him ..
    Tamilnadu they again were looking up at alliances with DMK too which is anti Hindu to the core. Even slight inclination towards them brings suspicion..
    Most of the bollywood is anti Hindu…
    And their friend Ambani plans a movie Mahabharatha with amir khan as Krishna… A person who had pride in acting PK… Is being made to look up as a god. Too bad.
    Why no other Hindu activists oppose this I don’t know…
    Mahabharata should be taken with persons who love and respect Hindu culture and tradition and are Hindus …. Not with a person who mocked at Hindu gods n traditions….

  5. Sir, your website isn’t opening in Microsoft edge browser, may be your website isn’t compatible to open in Microsoft edge, so please correct it so we can use Microsoft edge to view your website. Thank you.

  6. Very true. This Govt need to take a strong stand and say we support hindus. That does not mean we leave other religions to rot. if it keeps limping to find its priorities, it will not go well during general elections. I really wonder why no films are named under other religion with so much frequency as it is done for hindus.
    As for Salman Khan, only God can punish him as everyone else seem to lick his feet. What a Shame!!


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