Gujarat verdict: A serious wake up call for the Prime Minister and BJP

BJP has its task cut out

The Gujarat verdict is a serious wake up call for the BJP
The Gujarat verdict is a serious wake up call for the BJP

A win is a win…

Retaining victory for the sixth time in Gujarat Assembly with 99 seats out of 182 is a spectacular win for the Prime Minister and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah. That the voters continue to repose their faith for 22 long years shows that though they are not thrilled with the PM, they do want him to continue to lead the nation. But (and there is always a but or a Lekin)…

And now the subtext…

Voters can’t be taken for granted and there is displeasure against the BJP Governments at the State as well as the Centre. Another message is that the main opposition Congress is using every tactic known to mankind to achieve victory. All is fair in Love, War, and Politics…

Congress tricks…

Stopping BJP is the prime motive of the opposition parties. In Gujarat, Congress allied with all kinds of caste polarizers including the powerful Patels. It is an open secret that Congress sponsored the Dalit uprising and the Patidar agitations. When a powerful community such as the Patidars was sulking, BJP President Amit Shah was bickering with the then Chief Minister (CM) Anandiben Patel, leading to her unceremonious exit and the ushering in of Vijay Rupani as the CM. This incident was a clear case of infighting in the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not control his trusted lieutenants, Anandiben Patel and Amit Shah. Every attempt was made to demean Anandiben by people close to Amit Shah. This created a paralysis in the Gujarat administration from May 2014, after Modi migrated to Delhi.

What BJP must realize…

BJP leadership’s talks about development agenda can never win elections on its own. PM must also act on Uniform Civil Code, Removal of Art 370 giving special status to J&K, Ram Mandir and stern action against the corrupt. Ignoring the anti-corruption plank and Hindutva cannot lead BJP to victory. If people vote for development agenda, PV Narasimha Rao would have continued as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah should always remember this. People without grass root level support, sitting in Lutyen’s Delhi seem to have given ill advice to Modi and Shah.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was in charge of Gujarat polls and we have not yet heard a word from him on this slender margin victory. Jaitley might have created a Firewall through his media cronies and avoided answering inconvenient questions on the small margin of victory but the fact remains that Jaitley’s policies in Finance Ministry and especially the missteps in GST created anger in the minds of voters. It is time for Prime Minister to rectify these goof-ups and he needs to do this on a war footing.

PGurus ran a poll for the 3 days up until the counting of the vote, in which we had asked (among other) a question, “If the BJP loses in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, who should be blamed?” The two options were (a) Poor implementation of GST+ and (b) Inaction against the corrupt[1]. For more, see  below:

Party working style…

There is a general disgruntlement among the BJP cadre including the Members of Parliament (MP) and junior Ministers about the working style of the party president Amit Shah. Many grieve about his non-accessibility, compared to the workers and access to the leadership with previous BJP Presidents. It is a general feeling among the party workers and leaders that Amit Shah’s working style should be transparent. No one can be controlled or led through fear. Love and affection is needed for a leader not the sycophants.

Inaction against corruption…

Prime Minister must remember that many cases of  corruption against leaders in the previous UPA regime such as the National Herald[2] loot by Sonia-Rahul family[3], Vadra’s land grabbing case[4], cases against Chidambaram and family members[5] are pending. It is high time he called the heads of the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Board for Direct Taxes  and other investigative agencies and gave them marching orders to go after the offenders.

[1] Results of a poll on Gujarat and Himachal PradeshDec 18, 2017, Facebook/pgurus1

[2] National Herald: Gandhi family unravelingMay 13, 2017, PGurus

[3] Swamy writes to CBI, ED directors to book Sonia and Rahul in the National Herald caseMay 14, 2017, PGurus

[4] The curious case of Vadra companiesJul 3, 2016, PGurus

[5] Now Ten cases against Chidambaram and familyDec 11, 2017, PGurus

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  1. The Poll seems to be irrelevant now that the results are out. The GST implementation issues did not affect the votes and the election was not about “Inaction against corrupt”. This is not to say that the Corrupt should not be penalized infact I would be very happy if some of the UPA-II scum bags goto jail.

    BJP seems to have lost lot of votes due to agrarian distress which is very manageable. What needs to be reigned is ASAP is the fringe groups taking law into their own hands in BJP ruled states – remember the UNA incident. It gives the impression that Modi does not care about the minorities.

    A friend of mine was mentioning, while the counting of votes was in progress, that if BJP loses chances of India being broken up into different countries is high to which I definitely agree given the Islamic protests during Jallikattu, Islamic protests in Bangalore in the Theosophical society, Beef eating festivals organized by Christians/Naxalites in Osmania Univeristy .. etc

    In some, we cannot have parties like Congress, Lalu Prasad Yadav clan, Mulayam Yadav clan, DMK, BSP, TMC … etc to power at the center at any cost.

  2. Making the investigation agencies to pursue the cases like national herald, bofors ,augustaland, chidambaram cases ndtv cases and bringing to logical end by the year ending 2018 will bring lot of relief to the country

  3. We all wish that the corrupts from past government be punished for their crime. But we have to remember that unfortunately (or fortunately) our court system works on the principle, “If hundred culprits go unpunished, that is OK, but one innocent should not be punished” That is, we have to prove their crime “Beyond reasonable doubts”. These expert corrupts were not born yesterday. They know how to manipulate, how to destroy some key papers, enough to create reasonable doubts. So government has to make sure it has a strong case for the judge. Because if they get acquitted, we know how they will start shouting from the roof top, Vendetta…vendetta. That could be a tantamount to give a life-line to drowning Congress party.

  4. I agree with Sree Iyer on need for twin (development + Hindutva) strategy rather than mere development. That’s about it as far as this article is concerned. Later I tend to disagree with him on the Jaitley part. Its a well known fact that a few disgruntled souls– incidentally some of them are associated with this publication as well–dislike Jaitley (there is a history of New Delhi LS seat there). These guys wouldn’t mind indulging in mud-slinging and trying to put blame at Jaitley’s doorstep. I’m not a big fan of Jaitley either but i completely detest attempts by like of Iyer to score a political point rather than making an honest attempt at dissecting and analyzing an election result

      • the larger issue which i’m trying to allude to (which is a glaring miss in Mr Iyer’s writings) is about the unity of all nationalist people in India. If we keep sounding discordant on every issue merely because we dislike individuals we would be doing a great disservice to India and cause of nationalist/Hindu population

        • No doubt, unity is a must amongst the Nationalist but unity cannot be one sided and those with in the Nationalists helping the corrupt must be exposed.

  5. This was a campaign designed and implemented by the BJP president and the PM himself. (No body cares what Jaitly did or did not do). The credit for neutralising effects of Patidar agitation (partially) or GST implementation and the blame for not achieving the projected results both go to them. They belong to Gujrat and have run the state government till about three and a half years back. They should have known better.
    The issues like Article 370 or UCC are national issues and have no bearing on the Gujrat elections. In any case those who want these issues, will never vote for Congress.
    GST issues or threat from Patidars did not reflect in urban areas where BJP scored heavily. Their real problem is in Saurashtra where BJP conceded 13 seats to Congress and in rural areas where Congress got better support. May be some agrarian problems have to be tackled and Dalit votes have to be won to put up a better performance in 2019.

  6. So called Development Agenda will at last land in money making from projects. Basic ideology has to keep always. Otherwise voters will teach lessons. Hope Gujarat gave a fitting lesson to Modi and Shah.

  7. Congress has nurtured poor indian public by buying votes with liquor and freebies. Similarly in addition to development, BJP has to shower freebies on rural people to get the votes. Take, CB Naidu of AP, who made Hyderabad an IT hub , built infrastructure , planned for metro and a modern airport. See the result, he was thrown out and most corrupted YSR Reddy grabbed power by promising freebies. Indian society is highly fractured and Modi should have a dirty tricks department to counter dirty tricks of opposition parties and spread his team instead of putting burden on A Shaw.

  8. Lessons & messages will be many. India is still a fragmented society thanks to various castes which still want to maintain their identities. The way forward is to quickly remove the quota / reservation system & replace it with economic status. Further the soft data on various castes has to be deleted & formatted, so that it cannot be used by politicians for putting or selecting or using it as election tool for canvassing.
    Indian public are also fickle mind, see short term gains than long term gains.


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