Hindu, Jewish, multi-faith communities stand in solidarity with Israel at multi-faith Congressional briefing

Members of Congress and several staff attended and spoke at the Congressional briefing

Members of Congress and several staff attended and spoke at the Congressional briefing
Members of Congress and several staff attended and spoke at the Congressional briefing

Congressional briefing in support of Israel

HinduACTion and the Namaste Shalom Multi-faith Alliance hosted a unique Congressional briefing on Monday to address rising antisemitism, Hinduphobia, and anti-Hindu bigotry in both the United States and Canada.

Members of Congress and several staff also attended and spoke at the briefing. Speakers included Nachman Mostofsky (Amirah), Attorney Richard Horowitz, Dr. Sundar Iyer, Dr. Rajshree Keisham, Asra Nomani, Rahela Kaveer, Se Hoon Kim, and Dr. Paro Sarkar.

Rep. Shri Thanedar (D-MI) made a compelling statement against the terrorist organization, Hamas. He firmly declared, “I was among the earliest members of Congress to denounce Hamas, a clear-cut terrorist entity, and believe in its elimination.” The Congressman further emphasized the importance of a non-discriminatory system. “Country quotas need to be abolished. A system that welcomes talented individuals, regardless of birthplace, fostering entrepreneurship, and propelling our communities forward, is the need of the hour.”

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) commended the solidarity shown by the Indian Hindu and Jewish communities. “Walking into a room filled with such diverse groups, all understanding the essence of unity and the importance of standing shoulder-to-shoulder, especially during these trying times when fighting terror, is heartwarming,” stated Santos.

Sundar Iyer, wrongfully implicated in the Cisco Caste Lawsuit and later exonerated, enlightened the Congressional staffers on the increasing issue of Hinduphobia in the U.S.

Hindu ethnic micro minorities—the Meitis of Manipur—spoke about the harassment and targeted disinformation they faced in Manipur and in the United States from Pakistan-supported radical organizations.

The Afghan Hazara community who have been facing a continuous genocide, at the hands of Pakistan and their Taliban allies, compared the extremism of Hamas and Islamic Jihad with the Taliban and its Mujahedeen predecessors. They expressed their unconditional support for Israel in its fight against all forms of terrorism.

Journalist and author Asra Nomani shared her harrowing experience of being the last person to speak with Danny Pearl, who faced a brutal murder by Al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan. Nomani recently authored, “Woke Army: The Red-Green Alliance That Is Destroying America’s Freedom.” She further condemned Linda Sarsour for her refusal to label Hamas as a terrorist group, especially in light of the massacre they executed on October 7.

Attorney Richard Horowitz initiated the briefing—after brief remarks by Nachman Mostofsky—with remarks on the October 7th attacks on Israel, indicating he was unsurprised by such actions. Horowitz expanded on the technical and legal details of what constitutes terrorism and why Hamas is a terrorist organization.

The Deputy Ambassador of Israel to the US, Eliav Benjamin, expressed gratitude by retweeting Congressman Thanedar’s speech, showing appreciation for his unwavering support for Israel. A significant highlight from the briefing was the collective declaration emphasizing the importance of support from all Members of Congress, regardless of political affiliations.

HinduACTion extends its gratitude to Rep. Max Miller (R-OH) for hosting the event.

Executive Director Utsav Chakrabarti remarked, “This unprecedented gathering of diverse religious communities from across the globe, standing united in support of Israel and against rising bigotry, was truly commendable. The evidence-based presentations, which denounced the targeted terrorism against various religious groups, showcased the unity and strength of our collective voice.”

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