Hinduism – A Ravaged Soul and the Quest for Survival

The continuous genocide of Hindus is a story that the world has simply never considered. It is time to bring it into global consciousness.

Hinduism – A Ravaged Soul and the Quest for Survival
Hinduism – A Ravaged Soul and the Quest for Survival

  • The history of Islamic invasion and expansion in India is one of the bloodiest genocides of native Hindus.
  • Scholarship regarding this 1000 year phenomenon is so hypocritical and controlled by leftist forces, that today’s generation is not even aware of its horrors.
  • These horrors continue even today also and one just has to see the demography changes in our neighborhood in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh where the percentage of Hindu population has been dwindling steadily and alarmingly.
  • Hinduism is struggling for survival today and one wonders if the declaration of India as a secular state via the 42nd constitutional amendment in 1976 has effectively poured the last spoon of ghee on the pyres of Hinduism.

Pakistani text books refer to Muḥammad ibn Qāsim ath-Thaqafī as the “First Pakistani”. Muhammad was a military general who conquered the areas of Sindh and Multan along the Indus River to establish the reins of Umayyad Caliphate and spread Islam in the 8th Century AD. Umayyad’s dreams for an Islamic India was crushed by the Indian Hindu Kings and his invasion into mainland India was stalled temporarily. For the next 200 years, Islam consolidated its gains west of Indus and had a modest growth.

Early 10th Century saw the rise of Mahmud of Ghazni (Afghanistan), who raided Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms in South Asia; 17 times in 33 years. After every raid, he left the defeated province as a vassal state in the hands of a puppet king and destroyed their temples as a symbol of Islamic supremacy. The idea was to propagate Islam and extirpate idolatry. The Hindu massacres perpetuated by Mahmud in India is unparalleled in history where cruelty was a norm – mass burnings, crucifixions, rapes and barbaric tortures.

After Ghazni came Muhammad of Ghori, who initiated the Islamic expansion in 1173 AD and established the first Sunni Islamic kingdom of India or the Delhi Sultanate. Ghori was 150 years after Ghazni but was equally brutal, if not worse. He had the typical Jihadi injunctions and believed that the unbelievers (kafirs) did not deserve to live if they disagreed to convert to Islam. Men who refused were publicly crushed by the elephants and their women were raped. Hundreds of temples were looted, burnt and razed to the ground.

After Ghori’s assassination, his slave Turkic Qutb al-Din Aibak assumed power and became the Sultan of Delhi. The Islamisation of sub-continent gained momentum during the 320 years of Sultanate rule under the six muslim dynasties – the Mamluks’ (1206 – 90), the Khiljis’ (1290 – 1320), the Tughlaqs’ (1320 – 1414), the Sayyids’ (1414 – 51), the Lodis’ (1451 – 1526) and the Mughals’ (1526 – 1862). The series of unabated dynasty rule was a more planned and systematic Islamization of India, not by force, but by prohibitions.

Albeit, the only solace one finds is that the savageness and barbarism reduced over the years. Hindu practices, festivals and culture were either banned or methodically blended with a flavour of Islam, and Muslim habits were enforced by means of a Royal decree or imposing taxes. This essentially happened because Hinduism was not a religion, it was a way of life. It believes “God is Anaadi and Anant – Never taken birth & endless”; hence there was no singular identity to preserve and the original, benevolent Hindu culture got mutated and became a shadow of Islam. Unfortunately, today it is almost extinct.

More than 400 million Hindus were massacred, another couple of millions were enslaved and castrated, thousands of Hindu women were raped and hundreds of temples were destroyed.

The 1,151 years of Arab conquest and Islamic invasion that began with the Umayyad (711AD) and ended with the last Mughal, Bahadur Shah Zafar (1862 AD), was literally a Hindu genocide. More than 400 million Hindus were massacred, another couple of millions were enslaved and castrated, thousands of Hindu women were raped and hundreds of temples were destroyed. The cost of the Hindu decimation was massive in terms of lives, wealth and culture; and any other civilization would have certainly faded if they had 400 million dead.

It is indeed very surprising that such colossal barbarity and horror finds no mention in Indian history text books. Children are only educated about the differences between the two religions, and somehow it is smartly entangled with the Two-Nation theory. Sadly, there is an over conscious endeavour to maintain religious parity in favour of Islam and avoid communal vocabulary.

The present day reality is equally repulsive. Pakistan has systematically converted or wiped out the Hindu demography in their country. From 15% Hindus’ in 1947, there are just about 2% Hindus’ in Pakistan today. But why only question the Pakistanis’? In India itself, the Hindu population of 84.1% (in 1951 census) has reduced to 79.8% (in 2011 census). Mutatis mutandis, the Muslim population in India has increased from 9.9% in 1947 to 14.23% in 2011 census.

In reality, the Arab and Islamic invasion of India ravaged the soul of Hinduism and certainly today India is not a Hindu nation, at best it is a Hindu majority. The third largest religion of the world is struggling for survival and existence. One wonders if the after-thought of declaring India a secular state by the 42nd amendment act of Constitution in 1976, was the last spoon of Ghee on the pyres of Hinduism.

The Author is an army wife who is a keen observer of Indian politics and the Indian Army.

A travel junkie, she enjoys exploring the road untraveled with her husband.
Vasudha Srivastava


  1. 1. Not Bengalis, Hindus were Pakistani targets in 1971 Bangladesh War, writes Gary J Bass, professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University.
    2. Pakistan’s Genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh, 1971 by Anthony Mascarenhas
    “…… we were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs (non-believer in God). One day in June, we cordoned a village and were ordered to kill the Kafirs in that area.”
    3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Persecution_of_Bengali_Hindus
    4. Noakhali riots were a series of semi-organized massacres, rapes, abductions and forced conversions of Hindus into Muslim and looting and arson of Hindu properties organized by the All India Muslim League and perpetrated by the Muslim community in the districts of Noakhali in the Chittagong Division of Bengal (now in Bangladesh) in October–November 1946.
    5. In August 1949, atrocities on Hindus began all over East Bengal and continued for three months. In August, Muslim mobs along with the police and the Ansars attacked some Hindu villages in Beanibazar and Barlekha police station areas of Sylhet District. Houses were looted, destroyed and set on fire. Hindu villagers were assaulted and murdered. Hindu women were raped by the policemen.
    6. The Rajshahi massacres took place in April 1962, marked by widespread ethnic violence and killings of minorities in Rajshahi and Pabna districts of East Pakistan (present Bangladesh). Their properties and womenfolk were attacked.[3] More than three thousand non-Muslims died in the massacre.
    7. The Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh Feels Scarily Familiar
    8. Hindu minority become target of Bangladesh violence
    9. Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India — The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media
    10. Massacre of Hindus and Sikhs in Hazara – part one
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    13. A Hindu hell on earth: Families are being torn apart by their desperation to flee persecution in Pakistan
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  2. So, your source for the claim that 400 million Hindus were killed is…a *blog*, which in turn claims to get it from a Muslim historian who died 400 years ago…this makes sense how exactly? Not to mention that this piece reviles Muslim rulers, but is willing to blindly trust their historians and record keepers, for some reason.

    • I m not sure y one cannot trust a muslim historian who claims muslim killed 400 million hindus.. happy that without being too much of karamchand, someone wants to convey a point.. no need to be bomkesh bakshi.. even if it was 400, still it conveys d point..

  3. Very good article with truth. One should see to that hinduism does not fall into the trap of pseudo secularists at any cost. Enough is enough.

  4. Mr.satya..

    It’s a pity that you don’t know history…Brahmins are poor souls who know only to worship and not to kill anyone.. persons who are keen on not having chicken and mutton will try to kill other people should be a good joke…. Either you are a Christian or a pesudo secular person… Yes Buddhism lost its value because God chose so… We have a lot of incidents be wherein Hindu saints born in tamilnadu made them convert back to Hindus…..and the rest who were not willing to convert took to suicides….
    How can your message be like this without proper knowledge

  5. A wonderful compilation of facts of Barbaric acts of Islam on Bharat. The pseudo-intellects n Historians of Communists under Congress rule completely ignored this truth. This is an extension of Koenrad Rlst’s book “Negationism in India”. The truth will. One out any time.
    It’s time to realise n act to correct the blunders

  6. Correct data on Hinduism provided by respected S.Swami Sir. Buddism was originated but it spread nt only Srilanka but China, Tibet, Myanmar n other countries of SE Asia. Hinduism is under greatest pressure n threat because of so called Secularism n Marxist view anong Hindu’ s itself. Now all Hindu’s should aware about their religion by practice all the rituals as performed by our fourth fathers otherwise it will be disappeared from the globe. Earlier Ghandhara college of Art in Afghanistan is the terrorist Hub in the present day

  7. Correct data on Hinduism provided by respected S.Swami Sir. Buddism was originated but it spread nt only Srilanka but China, Tibet, Myanmar n other countries of SE Asia. Hinduism is under greatest pressure n threat because of so called Secularism n Marxist view anong Hindu’ s itself.

  8. It’s all well said,now is the time to ACT.
    The one and only thing that needs to be done to salvage the situation for posterity is to declare this ‘ India that is Bharat’,whatever it implies as a HINDU RASHTRA and carry it from there for good or bad.
    If after all tragic experience Hindus prove themselves to be hard headed/self-demeaning/negative Mir Zafars and divide again there can be no redemption.
    Persons of ‘Satya’ mentality are already waiting in the wings for exactly such a catastrophe.

  9. U r just looking at part of history . RSS never want to mention about Buddhist . How Brahmins killed Buddhist and make them fled India . Why Buddhism that originated in India has no followers left in India .
    Brahmins have created a havoc in India .they made the life of lower cast people as hell ,demolished the temples of other religion . So called Hindu kings become aayash under the wrong guidance of this Brahmins and let to downfall

    As you sow u will reap the same

    Note : we were Bharatiya never Hindu (only a propogonda by RSS Brahamins to make us Hindu from Bharatiya)

  10. Nice writeup. Hopefully at least some influential hindu’s have woken up from slumber. Negationism in India by Koenraad Elst is quite well researched and gives a detailed account of these matters, as does some of the articles by Sitaram Goel. Unfortunately these works are hidden from the general public by design.


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