HinduOdium: A conversation with Satish Sharma on Caste in UK

Talk with Satish Sharma about British Hindu community

What is HinduOdium?

“Odium” is a Latin word, it means essential to have an irrational hatred towards something without having any reason to, it purely, solely hatred of something. This coined the word HinduOdium.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]H[/dropcap]induOdium – A passionate hatred for all Hindus, a precise execution of “vilified and denigrated by association”, co-ordinated with generous helpings of entirely unjustified indignation, self-righteousness and the unrelenting flagellation of the British Hindu community. In 2013, Lord Harries skilfully misrepresented data, which if true, branded 50% i.e., 1 in 2 of all the British Hindus, as being guilty of being born prejudiced, perpetrators of discrimination, on the daily basis.

The British Hindu community is about 900,000 strong in the United Kingdom (UK), comprising of about 2% of the population. It has been a very quiet and busy community and established itself in a manner in which it draws respect and appreciation from the host community.

The phrase that often used is “Phobia” people who want to refer irrational fear of something they call it phobia but the equipment does not exist with regard to Hindus.
Let’s look at the statistics of British Hindu community –
• Hindus are 2% of population roughly say 900,000.
• They contribute 6% of GDP, which is significant.
• The 2nd lowest prisoners in UK, i.e., less than 500 people from Hindu Dharmic Community.

We have a positive profile, our way of work, manners and spirituality has influenced domestic population. One in eight workers are of Indian Origin; also there two ministers of Indian background.

Who coined the word Dalit?

The “Criminal Tribes Act” 1871 which labelled whole communities of Hindus as being “Guilty at Birth”, in precisely the same manner as Lord Harries Amendment seeks to do today, 145 years later. This was the genesis of the Dalit or Untouchables.

The answer to the question “who created Dalit or Untouchables” is that the Anglican Missionaries and their agents of the British Raj, created Dalits in the Anglican “concentration camps” under the authority of Criminal Tribes Act 1871.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Christian concept of Caste into Law, the Church of England sought to protect its centuries old anti-Hindu negative-branding project. The “divide and rule” policy being so skilfully executed to separate and maintain distance between Dharmic communities along the lines of caste required the concept of caste to be enshrined in law.

Excerpts from the book by Satish Sharma of NCHT (National Counsil of Hindu Temples) on Caste Amendment Law

The Church of England has acted in bad faith and aggressively towards British Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. We may have no choice but to explore all avenues to ensure the protection and wellbeing of our Dharmic Community against the aggression of the professional clergy of the Church of England, whilst welcoming closer interaction with grass roots Anglicans and Christians, especially those no longer infected with supremacist conversionary predatorial predilections.

The permanent solution is to eradicate any Caste discrimination and to erase the Colonial concept of Caste from Consciousness altogether and clearly not to preserve and sustain it, by enshrining it into law.


  1. Excellent article Iyer ji and Satish ji. I watched several videos but none explained the genesis of caste this clear. One of such videos I watched is https://youtu.be/ru7tF4YzWPM?t=490
    But Satish ji, your research is commendable, I hope ALL , our politicians (those who sincerely think about wellness of India) start talking about this video.

  2. I’m anything bu a student of the Hindu religion or of Comparative Religion, but I believe the evil designs of the UK Church can be countered in two ways. One s to start dubbing each UK citizen as a Catholic or a Presbyterian or an Evangelist or as “Born Again” sect. Our entire English media should strat dong that so as to show the mirror to the snooty Brits. The second way is to aim at removing the “Caste” concept from our Constitution itself. This will be very very difficult, I admit, what with the “caste” factor having become, over decades, a cardinal factor in our electoral politics. But the recent State Assembly polls in five States were a golden signal that “caste” can become immaterial in the path to socio-economic development of India. All we need is a string Narendra Modis to do that. Will the English and all other media start working in that direction…please?

  3. I’m anything but a student of Hindu religion or comparative religion. But I think the English Church’s evil designs to divide the Hindus in the UK on the basis of caste in two ways. One is to start constantly referring to each UK citizen in our media as a Catholic or a Protestant or a Presbytarian or an Evangelist or as a “Born Again”type so as to show the mirror to the UK itself. The second way is for us to act in our country by Constitutionally dump the Caste factor into history. The latter is almost impossible as long as votes in elections are sought to be won the caste factor. However difficult that sems right now, the BJP’s excellent showing in the recent State Assembly polls is a golden sign that political parties can, in say 10 years from now, cease to look at Indians as from the caste prism. Yes, what we need is a string of Narendra Modis to impress on the nation that economic and social development is possible irrespective of caste or community considerations. Meanwhile, let’s make the Indians in the UK fully aware of the very dirty game being played by the two main Churches in the UK.


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