In conversation with an Economist Prof. Nalapat – Can a Stock Market Crash be engineered?

Can a Stock Market Crash be engineered? It is a real possibility as many high net worth individuals have stashed their ill-gotten wealth via Participatory Notes into India's Stock markets and select scrips and can engineer a crash at will. What is the investor to do? Especially if he/ she has SIP based on Mutual Funds?


  1. People have benefited much by careful investments into Mutual funds. If you leave out bank FDs, what else are the avenues for better investments ? Investing in infrastructure stocks, consumption funds will give good returns in the future. This is my opinion.

  2. Nifty reaching 11000 and still feels somewhere around 8000, pushed up by few high weightage nifty stocks.All the mid-cap having a free-fall,this could be a sign of dark cloud in the horizon.We should be very careful in investing high weightage nifty stocks like HDFC ,Reliance etc.Better do day-trading or swing trading and avoid long term investment at the moment.


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