Savio Rodrigues shares his experiences from a recent visit to the Kashmir Valley

In a free-flowing conversation, Savio Rodrigues of The Goa Chronicle relates his conversations with various sections of the Kashmiri society and their fears/ expectations and needs. Savio also has a few suggestions for the Government. A must watch!

For additional info, read The Kashmir I Saw


  1. Mr Savio Rodrigues has taken up a real path-breaking tour and has done a rational and analytical research study of the situation in the jewel of India. If only such a truthful journalism is not a rare commodity in the world, humanity will be more peaceful. Pgurus and its host Shree Iyer have done a valuable service to viewers and stakeholders by engaging a conversation to bring out all the gems of Mr. Savio’s research in Kashmir. This interview establishes the importance of truthful media and journalists in providing the vital communication link between the common citizens and the ruling government in democracies.

  2. The Land mass will take lot of time before the rest of India invests money in Projects. No Projects as yet are allotted to Kashmir. Ladakh is remote area and may not face this problem at all. The Industry from the rest of the country may take another 5 years. Savio Rodrigues has done which no Journalist has done so far except making AC Room prediction.


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