Global Imbalance – An imminent Dollar Crisis

The imbalance created by export oriented countries, who repatriate back their profits into America has long term implications

M R Venkatesh, the author of Sense, Sensex and Sensitivity gave this epic speech in 2008. The concepts laid out are valid even today. A must watch for everyone!

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  1. MRV has a unique style of delivery.My mother who is 80 years old found this tamil accented english lecture on world economics interesting enough to sit right through and found it informative as well as entertaining.Need I say more how brilliant this speech is.I am sending this to all the 20/30year olds within my circle to listen.56mins well spent.

  2. I heard attentively the whole lecture of shri venkatesh. I gather that he anticipated a virtual collapse of the dollar/American economy inthe near future after 2008.Hoeever no such thing has happened so far due to continuance of our export oriented and anti domestic consumer policies.
    Even with a change of guard at the center there are no strong indications of course correction. We have been presented with ‘make in India’ ‘start up’ etc but up to what goal one is not clear.
    If the other exporting countries continue to feed consumerism and profligacy by the U S A will the family system (which too is fast eroding) alone be able to sustain Indian economy for long?
    Further is India destined to service the avarice of America(in our own interest to save America tosave ourselves) as long as our leadership remains hypnotized by the dazzling American show?
    May I get a response from the kind author regarding the issues raisedthrough e mail or in this column.


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