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NDA Govt: Please review the Forex policy

“You won’t believe what the BJP and Modi just tweeted” might be the words of someone who has read the two eye-opening articles that...

Global Imbalance – An imminent Dollar Crisis

M R Venkatesh, the author of Sense, Sensex and Sensitivity gave this epic speech in 2008. The concepts laid out are valid even today....

India’s Forex Reserves – a Vaccine or disease?

I had the opportunity of reading my fellow writer Shubhendu Pathak’s piece on pgurus.com aptly titled One Chart That Justifies Sacking of the RBI...

Dr Nagaswamy on Thamirabarani archeology findings and their significance

Welcoming the statement in the assembly by the CM of TN, M K Stalin, of the finding of a new archeological site along the...
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