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Is IMF fear of recession tenable?

Despite this protectionist threat and trade war, there has not, so far, been any major disruptions in the global supply chain Beginning in 2007, the...

What are the expectations at the upcoming G20 summit

With the 2016 Group of 20 (G20) summit only 10 days away, world media have zoomed in on the annual event and multilateral activities...

Growth through new ways, a well-timed focus for global economy

Growth as a focus of global efforts is on top of the agenda of the upcoming G20 summit to be held in east China's...

Global economy should take caution against income inequality in advanced economies

Prospects for the global economy have been overshadowed by strong headwinds from advanced economies, as social inequality, the wealth gap and stagnant growth in...

Global Imbalance – An imminent Dollar Crisis

M R Venkatesh, the author of Sense, Sensex and Sensitivity gave this epic speech in 2008. The concepts laid out are valid even today....

What ails the global markets?

Silicon Valley As earnings roll out from US companies, tech stocks have been under severe pressure. The domino effect started with Apple's lackluster sales of...

World Bank Courts controversy

World Bank to stop ‘ease of doing business’ report as probe finds ‘data irregularities’ The World Bank Group announced that it will be discontinuing “ease...
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