In conversation with Jaya Row, Lifestyle coach

Do not expect mangoes from a coconut tree, says Jaya Row

This crisp 11-minute conversation with Lifestyle coach Jaya Row talks about how we can draw inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita forms the backbone of Smt. Jaya Row’s approach to her work and her life. Perseverance marked by detachment to the outcome propels her action and percolates every aspect of her life.

Charming oration which transforms complex Vedic principles into brilliant management mantras is the hallmark of Smt. Row’s discourses. Her expertise, wit and zeal have not only captivated audiences far and wide, but also inspired people from all walks of life to commit themselves to a higher ideal. A must see video for all!

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An inventor and out-of-the-box thinker, Sree Iyer has 37 patents in the areas of Hardware, Software, Encryption and Systems.

His first book NDTV Frauds has been published and is an Amazon Bestseller.It ranked second among all eBooks that were self-published in 2017.

His second book, The Gist of GSTN which too is available on Amazon as an e-Book and as a paperback.

His third book, The Rise and Fall of AAP is also available in print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.

His fourth book, C-Company just released to rave reviews and can be bought as a print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.
Sree Iyer
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  1. Jaya Row is a life -coach from Swami Chinmayanadna Schcool and I have read some of her articles before.But if she will excuse my asking ,why does she spell her sir name as ROW and not as RAO ?which is how it is spelled largely . Is it to sound western ? Row in english means disturbance and dispute which is just the opposite of peace and harmony taught in Gita.
    Second ,to be called a Life coach ( Guru ) ,as has become fashionable these days in the west, it is essential that such a person has fully experienced the Self- realised state herself or himself.
    One’s first responsibility is towards himself or herself and not others .
    I know of great souls like Dr.Paul Brunton and Mr.Robert Adams , both followers of Maharshi Raman of Thiruvanmalai who refused to be called Gurus though they both reached full Self- Realised states and became Enlightened Beings .Dr.Paul Brunton , a British , instead wrote extensively on his spiritual experiences and the knowledge he gathered from the Orient . He refused to form a cult around himself and said that who ever will read his books with earnestness ,will be bestowed with necessary practical help between those lines at various stages of his or her spiritual progress be.
    Mr. Rober Adams ,an American , did Satsang twice a week with only few seekers .He never advertised himself and would start every talk of his by saying first that he was not a teacher or a Guru or a preacher or a philospher. He was no thing and was only making his confessions through his talks .His talks are available on Youtube.


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