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Is Govt announcing online sales of Petrol and facilitating Make In India for just one group?

Is Govt announcing online sales of Petrol and facilitating Make In India for just one group?
Is Govt announcing online sales of Petrol and facilitating Make In India for just one group?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]P[/dropcap]etroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan says the govt will permit online shopping of petrol and diesel! According to a front page report in The Times of India today April 22/17, fuel will be delivered to you just like milk is. He says delivery will be done thru mobile petrol pumps.

When Mukeshbhai felt insecure despite his Israeli security detail, the then Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde with alacrity asked the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to provide official security to his friend. It’s a different matter that this was an unprecedented move and against the mandate of the CRPF which was raised exclusively for internal security purposes.

The entire move is aimed at helping Reliance Petroleum which is unable to find sites for petrol pumps in cities. In fact, Reliance already has mobile fuel pumps.

In his eagerness to bail out Reliance, Pradhan is willing to throw national interests to the winds.

At present petrol dealers are barred from selling fuel in cans. The logic behind this is that such fuel can be used by rioters and terrorists. But with online sales, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba can order 1000 litres of petrol and use it for a terror attack.

Pradhan’s move will also help easy blackmarketing and adulteration of fuel.

The govt’s concern for Mukeshbhai is very touching

When he expressed his desire to build his home by demolishing a Muslim orphanage in upmarket Carmichael Rd in a tiny corner of South Mumbai, the then Cong govt ensured that poor Mukeshbhai had a house of his own. It made sure that the Wakf Board handed over the prime property to its friend.

Kirti Ambani of Reliance was arrested for plotting to kill Nusli Wadia. Two other accused, Arjun Babaria and Shanu Sequiera, had confessed to the conspiracy. The trial is continuing for 20 yrs. The question is why would Kirtibhai want to bump off Nusli unless someone had asked him to get the job done. Despite all his clout, Nusli is not getting justice.

When Mukeshbhai felt insecure despite his Israeli security detail, the then Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde with alacrity asked the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to provide official security to his friend. It’s a different matter that this was an unprecedented move and against the mandate of the CRPF which was raised exclusively for internal security purposes. But then what friends are for? Rules be damned.

The Justice AP Shah Committee found that Mukeshbhai had generously helped himself to Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)’s gas in the Krishna-Godavari Basin worth $1.5 billion. Pradhan is silent about this plunder of national wealth. In fact, First Information Report (FIR)s should have been lodged against Mukeshbhai and other directors. But then Pradhan is too small a fry to do that.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has found Mukeshbhai guilty of stock market manipulation of well over Rs.1000 crores ($155 million). No action.

The tacit help which the govt is giving to Jio in its ongoing battle Airtel and Vodafone is very instructive. Should only Reliance Make in India?

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. The citizens do not want this product delivered at home. It’s now understandable that the government is a Pvt Ltd company.

  2. How can someone be so naive . All someone with a destructive mind has to do is commander one of these vehicles and spray fuel all over the city roads and light a match stick end of the city as we know it. Don’t they think believe making such statements.

  3. Such appalling decisions are being taken today without calling all concerned regulatory bodies’ suggestions and meeting security and safety concerns.
    This is not democracy and definite not what The constitution of India envisages. People seriously need to reconsider their support for such partisan rule.

  4. The honourable minister wants to send fuel to your house but the question is who wants it home delivered? Who os he favoring? Recemt times decisions have been most illogical and disasterous for small and medium scale businesses. This surely is a dud move.

  5. Online sales of motor fuels is illegal worldwide because of safety issues and the Terrorism angle. In a country where the victims of the Bhopal Gas disaster have still not got justice after 25 years, who will care for the victims of petrol delivery accidents/fires/explosions? When even mobile phones are banned at petrol pumps, Selling mobile petrol in crowded cities is an invitation to disaster!!!

  6. Bhaskar B S.
    I think this is a very silly idea of our government. first of all ministry is not aware of public safety and more over in India more than 54000 RO’s giving very good service to our public . when government is implement a system of door delivery, definitely terrorism activities will become more. ……
    I personally request to our honourable government not implement this kind of rules

  7. Oops!!!!
    This is what ,we all can say.
    Get ready for some job work in RIL.
    (If Mukeshbhai will be generous enough)
    Moreover​ ,
    nothing is gona to change my love for you.
    (A song dedicated to Mukeshbhai by Pardhan)

  8. I think this move is just like allowing people to make hand granade and bombs at home which could be used anywhere for any one
    On the other hand it is also extremely dangerous for kids as if it is supplied at homes then it could be kept unattended and may cause accidents loosing human life and assets
    On one side Govt is fixing stringent norms of safety to establish a petrol pump on other hand sending explosive material like petrol and diesel to the residences and commercial premises without adhering to safety norms

  9. डीज़ल पेट्रोल घर घर बेचो



    पेट्रोल पंपो पे सुलभ शौचलय चलाओ

    And suppose if this has to be implemented then petrolpump
    Owners should get permission to give petroleum products directly to customers in bottles from petrolpump itself. Homedelivery should never ever be permissable.
    Petrolpump owners will face financial loss and if during delivery there is human loss then who is responsible delivery man or petroleum minister ???


  10. Goverments idea of modernisation is commendable.
    But its in the wrong direction.They should reach the fuels to the bunks through pipelines like cng thereby stopping filferages and transport chsrges.This move of supplying fuels home delevry is outright mad decision.The safety has gone for a six.I hope there is resistance from the public and they withhdraw such move.Let better sence prewail.

  11. By allowing petrol on line it’s an open invitation to mischief mongers to burn India at one go.What an outdated idea.Highly risky.

  12. High risk of security,
    Currently we Delears have to follow plenty of security factors,
    Most of current Delears and theri staff is solely dependent on this bussiness,
    If this happens so the have to sacrifise for bread & Butter.
    In india tempreture goes high till 45 to 48 ℃ in most of region in peak April May. This may creat high risk while decant & delever.
    Even the online vendor will have to face protection from looters.
    Its against national security and explocive norms, Public may have to suffer if any incident occurs.

  13. Risk is manifold. Decision of the Petroleum Ministry to involve Explosives Dept to vet its proposal of home delivery of fuel would give free hand to terrorists to create havoc. We are already fed up with cross border terrorism. Many of our precious lives have been lost and the Govt it appears is using this methodology to reduce population.

  14. This step is violation of the safety guidelines provided by ministry it self. He is not capable to take a step for fair supply with q&q checked at dealer premises and not allowing the dealers to have correct quantity by supporting oil maphia and this is resulting in short deliveries to customers. Even today the PNGRB is not constituted since from 2008 and he is not having any measure to check and deliver correct Q&Q from Pvt player outlets. Now this stupidity of home delivery ad a dealer I felt no que for fuel in most of outlets if supply is normal and no speculation of price change. If he is willing to reform then he would have more concentrated on issues resulting in malpractices not by lobbying Pvt players like this reliance

  15. How can a govt. Has such calaous attitude towards the safety of its public. Yesterday only 14 innocent people killed in kerosene fire and then there was 2 killed in diesel drum blast. A petrol station goes through a process of safety measures and location checks by lot many departments and still we hear accidents happening. How on earth can be home delivery safe ?

  16. We probably have the worst Petroleum minister in recent times who has no knowledge of Petroleum trade. Every extra activity costs money, he is not ready to provide… Why home delivery of Petroleum products… Is it happening anywhere in the world… Less than 10%outlets are making real profits, others are just managing…

  17. CIPD team has already saying no to this because it causes public life safety into risk . Just watch this link. Please watch this below video it’s self explanatory , please help us out to retain our bussiness and importantly please safe guard public safety and children safety , we are trying all the methods we are seeing , we want your help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11hOyzZzbQQ&sns=em . A case too is already pending in high court of karanataka . Few omcs dealers have got a stay so they can run bowsers . Public safety is to dogs .

  18. Just to please one company the government has taken such step its not a wise idea public life will be at risk giving support to terrorist in disguise who will misuse the fuel products and India will turn into a terrorist birthplace by promoting them petrol and diesel not a good idea

  19. श्रीमान, नमस्ते।
    सरकार अपूर्व चंद्रा कमिटी के सुझावों पर ध्यान नही देती, हमारे रोजगार को भी छीन लेना चाहती है।
    उन पंप वालों का क्या, जिनकी करोड़ों रूपये कीमत की जमीनें कंपनी के पास लीज पर है। भविष्य में धंदा कम हुवा, तो कंपनी एग्रीमेंट की सेल्स टारगेट अचीवमेंट वाली शर्तें दिखाकर हमें बाहर कर देगी।
    पेटोल पंप वालों की करोडो रूपये उधारी अटकी हुई है, वो भी डूब जायेगी।
    जमीन भी गयी, पंप भी गया और उधारी भी चली ही जायेगी।
    ग्राहकों को पंप एरिया में धूम्रपान नही करते है। खुले में पेट्रोल/डिझेल बेचनेपर वहां कोई धूम्रपान करे और कोई दुर्घटना हो, तो जिम्मेदार कौन ?
    1 पेट्रोल पंप पर 10-12 लोग काम करते है। एक के परिवार में 3 सदस्य हो, तो एक पंप बंद होनेसे 36 लोगों का जीवन यापन स्त्रोत छीन जायेगा।

  20. It may invite uncontrollable security risk in a country like India with a large population wherein proper infrastructure facilities are yet to take place . So don’t recommend such reforms

  21. business models keep changing. mobile gasoline pumps may be a good idea as long as it’s not a monopoly by big business houses. however, safety is a huge issue. I sure would not want a mobile pump drive into a crowded neighborhood where space is scarce and probability of car accidents very real. we do hear periodically about accidents taking place at well managed petrochemical plants tucked away from towns. it would be unwise to expose a whole neighborhood to such high risk that could put thousands of lives at daily risk, not to speak of their properties.

    • Monopoly is of psu oil companies is not at all dangerous till we have democracy and there is no need of mobile fuel pumps as we don’t have long queues of 100 bikes standing if the supply is normal. If he wanted to reform then he must have PNGRB and supply side malice controlled through the various steps of present laws. But he is more interested in having violation of safety standards and also the law governing the industry. Even today there is no system to check fuel quality at Pvt petrol pumps like psu ones.

      • No need for home delivery When petrol pump are not allowed to give fuel in bottles to genuine customers why open a Pandora ‘s box for terrorism


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