Trump & Modi: A Study in Contrast

An opinion piece on the performance of Trump v Modiji

An opinion piece on the performance of Trump v Modiji
An opinion piece on the performance of Trump v Modiji

Within a week of taking charge, Donald Trump has clamped down on migrants from 7 Islamic countries. He is going to add Pakistan to the list soon. He has changed tariff to protect American interests. All because he wants America First.

  1. And here our Modiji is yet to scrap the Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan 20 yrs ago. Pakistan has not given such a status to us. Several persons have written to Modiji in this regard…but no response. And we keep on complaining about Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in India.

  2. Dr Subramanian Swamy has urged Modiji to stop the import of cement from Pakistan which is hurting the Indian cement industry. No response.

  3. Shiv Sena M.P. Rahul Shewale has suggested to Modiji to include Veer Savarkar in the official list of freedom-fighters so that his portraits can be displayed in govt offices. Yet again No Response.

  4. I have written to Modiji to convert Dawood Ibrahim’s hotel in Bhendi Bazar into a police chowky. No response.

  5. Dr Subramanian Swamy and S. Gurumurthy have written to Modiji about NDTV’s controversial financial transactions. The channel’s former CFO himself has provided highly incriminating details. No response.

  6. Again, a mass of evidence has been given to Modiji about the dealings of P Chidambaram and his son Karti. No response.

  7. Sharad Pawar’s name was shown in the Board of Firectors of SGFX Financials whose share value mysteriously shot up in a few months from about Rs 60 Cr to Rs 7 lakh Cr only. Pawar denied any link to the company. He also said he would complain to the EOW of Mumbai Crime Branch against those who included his name in the board of directors of SGFX. This was some months ago. I put an RTI query and the cops replied that they have received no complaint from Pawar. I wrote to Modiji seeking an enquiry into the affairs of SGFX. He did respond… He conferred the Padma Vibhushan on Pawar!!! Jai Ho!!!

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  1. Without taking a side on this issue, let me just mention that Modi has taken a principled position that he won’t initiate any action by himself, because he doesn’t want to fritter his energy on going after his predecessors, nor give the impression of witch-hunting. Whether it’s right or wrong is for all of us to judge.

    He said this in an interview, that he won’t start a single file to go after anybody. Nor has he stopped any action on anybody with his intervention. He just wants the system to work. Even if it fails to work, and his party is losing out due to this position, he has perhaps decided, so be it. Not many will have the equanimity to take such a position and stick to it. I won’t fault it as a policy.

    My regard for him has only increased as a result, though I may have wanted all scams to have been investigated and brought to a logical conclusion, ASAP.


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