Where does Tamil Nadu go from here?

The reputation of Tamil Nadu as a business friendly state is taking a beating

The reputation of Tamil Nadu as a business friendly state is taking a beating
Hijacking of Jallikattu by anti-nationals has hurt TN's reputation

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]amil Nadu is at crossroads. The Jallikattu agitation which crippled the State for weeks has done a lot of damage to the reputation of Tamil Nadu as an investor friendly location in India. Secessionism, hitherto supported and sponsored only by a miniscule proportion of the population, has emerged as a monster in Tamil Nadu. This is aided by some of the media houses in the State which has been infiltrated by secessionist elements. It is these elements which claim that no pictures of Osama bin Laden were displayed during the Marina Beach sit-in. Care was taken by the organisers as well as a section of the journalists not to overplay the pictures of Jihadi elements who displayed pictures of bin Laden and Al Ummah founder Palani Baba.

Remember that the Marina Beach sit in was staged not for Jallikattu but as a test dose for events planned for future.

The order by Chennai City Police Commissioner S George proclaiming Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code in Marina Beach and surrounding areas for the next fortnight with effect from January 29, 2017 says there is possibility and likelihood of anti-national elements occupying Marina beach again for anti-national activities. Remember that the Marina Beach sit in was staged not for Jallikattu but as a test dose for events planned for future. Demand for Jallikattu was subdued as most of the slogans heard from the area were for release of Cauvery water by Karnataka and abolition of the proposed National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the State’s medical and dental colleges.

The order by the Supreme Court that the country should have a uniform and standard entrance test applicable equally to all States for admission to medical and dental colleges has come as a shock to the mafia controlling the private medical colleges in the country. Premium for a MBBS seat in the management quota ranges from Rs.5 million ($74,000) to Rs.10 million ($148,000). There is no need to point out the section behind the Marina Beach agitation.

A nationalist activist went to the area in Marina Beach under siege by Jihadis wearing a burqa. “It was my burqa which got me into the closed enclosure and I took these pictures with my mobile,” said the activist who sent the pictures of the crowd insulting and humiliating Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]R[/dropcap]emember, it is the tacit support offered by these journalists to some of the secessionists which turned a peaceful Tamil Nadu into a battleground in the 1980s and 1990s. The State was chosen as a venue for assassinating the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE terrorists in 1991. The Tamil media, by and large was pro-LTTE and continues like that even today. Team PGurus has seen and heard how some of the mainline journalists in Tamil Nadu respect and venerate the LTTE hoodlums.

There was a time when Malayalees from across the border made a beeline to Tamil Nadu, especially to Chennai and Coimbatore to earn a reasonable job.

Tamil Nadu politicians are known for their bizarre demands. There is one “leading” politician who openly declared his support to forest brigand Veerappan in his battle against Tamil Nadu government. The reason? Veerappan and the leader belong to the same community!

It is this kind of approach towards anti-national elements which resulted in Tamil Nadu turning into a graveyard of industries and businesses. There was a time when Malayalees from across the border made a beeline to Tamil Nadu, especially to Chennai and Coimbatore to earn a reasonable job. Tamil Nadu was the El Dorado for an average Keralite in spite of the Gulf boom. Even today, the Malayalees describe Tamil Nadu as their home away from home. It is the other way round now. Tamils are queuing up to go to Kerala for doing low paid farm jobs, construction jobs and digging of roads.

All Tamil Nadu could boast of now is some IT Parks here and there. The mega Global Investment Meet chaired by then then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in early 2016 was a fiasco as entrepreneurs are shying away from the State for fear of Katta Panchayats (Kangaroo Courts)… Team PGurus was conducting an investigation into how political parties like VCK survive in Tamil Nadu as they do not have a known source of income. Thirumavalavan, the proprietor of the party failed to get re-elected in the 2009 Lok sabha election or in the 2014 Lok Sabha election. The party has no representation either in Lok Sabha or Tamil Nadu assembly.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]pecial Branch cops who keep a tab on Thirumavalavan told Team PGurus that the VCK leader makes a cool profit every month through Kangaroo Courts! Though the Sri Lankan government has succeeded in wiping out the LTTE from the island nation, the leftovers of the terrorist organisation are kicking and alive in India. When former chief minister J Jayalalithaa passed away in December 2916, the LTTE had the audacity to express its regret and condolences by sending a message to the media in the State. Jayalalithaa was bold enough to take on the Tigers by their ears and had got the organisation banned in Tamil Nadu as well as in India.

We have to understand the dangers within Tamil Nadu society itself which pulls the State from national mainstream.

Europol, Europe’s equivalent to Interpol, has warned that the LTTE is very much active in European capitals mobilising money and material for the suspended Eelam war. Prabhakaran may be dead and gone, but the Sri Lankan Tamils are hoping against hope that another Prabhakaran would come to give them the “promised land”. East Timor, the tiny island in Indonesia, getting liberated from the archipelago and establishing itself as a Christian Republic offers them enough confidence.

Tamil Nadu is the only State in the union which is suspicious of the motives behind each and every step of the Centre. Do you know a hard reality? The State of Tamil Nadu till date has not prepared or even conceived of an alternate plan of action in the eventuality of a drought or failure of Monsoon. The only thing Tamil Nadu politicians do is to cry to the Centre to make Karnataka release Cauvery water even as Karnataka itself faces severe drought. One cannot ask Karnataka not to draw water from Cauvery which originates in that State and flows approximately 300 km through the State before meandering to Tamil Nadu and joins the Bay of Bengal.

It is sure that the special act passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly on January 23, 2017 to legalise Jallikattu will not survive legal scrutiny in the Supreme Court. It is also not possible to enact a law according special status to the bulls in Tamil Nadu while banning bull related sports and rituals in other States. Jallikattu, if it is a cruelty perpetrated on animals will not stand the test of time and it will be buried once and for ever. Agitation is on in neighbouring Karnataka for Kambala (bullock cart race). In a dangerous signal, school students, especially girls, have been fielded by the organisers to agitate demanding Kambala!

We have to understand the dangers within Tamil Nadu society itself which pulls the State from national mainstream. Parochialism is permissible to a given extent. But too much of it is dangerous to the State as well as people. Please remember that we are living in an age where some of the journalists in Tamil Nadu have sold themselves to secessionists.. They are paid pen pushers for these dangerous elements. It is the reason behind George’s order declaring Section 144 in Marina Beach. It is also the reason behind a newspaper like New Indian Express coming out with two headings for two different cities in the same State. The earlier Manoj Kumar Sonthalia understand the dangers within, the better.

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  1. This is the most unrealistic, nonsensical article i have ever read. It shows how immatured the writer is talking about the only state which is showing both socio and economic growth for the past 25-30 years constantly !!! Showcasing us as barbarians is the only work the media has been doing right from.the beginning rather digest the truth that TN is way ahead than rest of India in growth rate. How funny is it to see someone talking about VCK which doesn’t even have 1 percent vote share and as if other states have freedom fighters running their parties !! ?? Business will get a hit because of the agitation !! Hahaha.. If you know history demand for TN as a separate country started in early 60s and ly after that we spearheaded the growth than any other state in India .. Does your logic fit here ?!!… When youth of other states are busy in dividing their own state and vandalising the public property for a upliftiment of a caste you do not want your jaws to drop too see us win in a peaceful way ..right ? Of course there were some scene towards the end and even a new born will know who are behind all those.. I wish God gives you good mental health to write a article which is atleast half true in facts

  2. Utter nonsense from Pguru !!! I won’t be surprised to see a non tamilian writing this article cos as usual they love to criticise … What a fall Pguru !!! Tell me one good example for a peaceful protest in recent times in Indian history ?!!! You won’t find it..the ultimate goal was for jallikattu and we got it.. And not like your so called other patriotic States were youth fight among themselves for a divided state or for a caste !!! Open your eyes and think before penning anything which is unrealistic !! With our heads up.. Tamilnadu is the first state to attain both socio and economic growth and it will grow without the support of centre !! It shows how immature the writer is taking the example of VCK which doesn’t even have a one percent vote share !! Are you very sure other states doesn’t have these kind of parties !!!… I wish you do not write anymore unrealistic articles

    • I cannot understand what socio and economic growth my friend means. The growth of Chennai city started during British period and the national Govts followed it. The erstwhile palayakarars mainly Telugu naickers and Jamindars mainly Thevars were ruling this portion of Tamilnadu. Naidu also a Telugu community was economically and politically strong. Leaders of these communities cleverly plotted and got reservation to these once rulers of this land showing them socially and economically weak. Very unfortunate. At the same time other minority communities, which are calm, peace loving and educated were pushed down calling them as forward communities. As they are small in numbers they can not fight against these cunning people. Even now two tumbler system is practiced, untouchability is prevalent, honour killing and caste discrimination is visible. Dont get cheated yourself.

  3. It is totally biased and views the event from preconceived notion that true democracy is not possible in India. Jallikattu protest is an event that would go in history how common people can participate in democratic protest in modern world & its symbol of common people’s protest to convey to their elected members that Government is for the people. It had shown way how every family members in a society participate peacefully to convey to their elected law making officials about their concern. Every one who participated in the protest knows intentions of fringe elements and political party with different ideology but they were all kept at bay. Most of the common people who participated with family in waves have clearly deserted the fringe elements once the elected law making body heard their voices and enacted law. Its common people who had utilized the fringe elements to work for their goal and not vice versa as claimed in this report. As soon as common people deserted fringe element, Government was good to sense the public mood and immediately crack the fringe elements. This is the true democracy & Taminadu people are more wise and they would never allow any fringe elements dictating them.

    • Sir,you follow the dictum “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”.To clear your addled logic, let us go back to this issue of jallikattu ban.It has been more than 2 years since SC upheld the ban.Initial ban first came from Madras HC and after 2 years in May07,2014 it was upheld in SC.TN govt, at that time were DMK and then AIADMK.The changes which the Jairam Ramesh of congress brought were instrumental in SC upholding the ban.For 2 full years 2015-2016, there was no protest.There were many representations made to DrSwamy by the principal organisers of Jallikattu pleading for his intervention court because their plead to DMK/AIADMK/CongressI and even current TNBJP fell in deaf ears.No one bothered.DMK/AIADMK/Congress did not bother because it made them look good to the minorities.Now how come suddenly like a silent mob, so many students turned up and later we started seeing islamic terrorist photos and tamil separation placards? Who are the instigators? How come a flash mob style congregation took place?We are not questioning the law abiding students involvement in this agitation but how come they were easily sidelined and the hardcore crooks took over the movement?Come on, it is your wish to close your eyes and ears,don’t expect rest to follow your approach.You choose to live in cuckoo land, it is your wish.

  4. I wonder if Pgurus can collect so much of details pertaining jallikattu protests..i am sure that pgurus has full details pertaining to mystery of Late CM jayalalitha demise. Rather pgurus has taken back foot and came forward with series of questions which any ordinary tamil citizen would be aware of. Moreover i am ever eager to see the pgurus enthusiasm shown in bringing wrong doings of NDTV to unravel mystery surrounding late TN CM

    Ardent follower of Pgurus news

    • I too was following Pgurus, but with this article, it will change forever. I should’t have shared Pgurus with friends too….There were many articles with great investigative reporting but this one as bad as our MSM reporting..

  5. A lot of damage to the reputation of Tamil Nadu as an investor friendly location in India is true, moreover it has been separated from India completely in many matters. Even the recent protest has been hijacked by many (including many political parties of both national and local). many thinks TN wants a separate nation, this is not True. There are many matters which are interlinked, its hard to find the relationships. as a general public, I have to support based on matters and context, say for Jallikattu, its State problem, hence I have support it. if it a national or my village problem then I have to support based on the context. Which “big protest” has ended peacefully in India? none will get success. (I really want a new India (No existing politicians in place and youths should come up and rule)… Will is ever happen? No. Last but not least, I could also see that north Indian people will not or never going to understand Tamils because of many reasons. full stop.
    – Saran

  6. TN is the only state where other statesman take / hold key positions , who utlize odd happenings to paint a negative pic. Tamilians have good respect globally but defamed locally.

    How many are aware ..in the latest Jallikattu support : Media DIDN’T COVER at all, even TOI report mentioned 15000 where at marina. ..when it was 700000 +

    We at the brink of defiance

  7. On one hand, article states, VCK has been rejected by people. (They have never won an election from 2009). But still puts TN in badlght.. In Every state of India, don’t the crooks do everything to thrive?

    Second, state that flouted SC order for releasing water is shown as helpless….how did they forget the riots that happened in Karnataka, when SC issued orders? Is’t the water problem in Bangalore, created by cessation of water bodies and improper land allocation are acts of land mafia?

    Is Veerapan anti-social or anti-national? Did people of TN stood by him and protect him?

    Great standards on reporting the facts!!!

  8. apart from other points this one “cruelty perpetrated on animals ” is pathetic..

    every days millions of cattle/goat /chicken/turkeys are killed for food , commercial forms meant for meat is maintained in fair way since they are going to be killed any way at the end.
    every day millions of chickens are suffering in small steel cages for eggs.
    don’t forget the steroids and dangerous chemicals used in growing up the animals faster & weight , and while processing the meat which eventually end up with CONSUMERS who is going to spend al lot of their money , trying to undo the effects of it..

    its true that many people turned the sport to extreme for more entertainment..
    but regulation is needed not the ban in the name of saving the animals which will result in extinction of the healthy native breads , and westerners will make big business by GMO cows which will give continuous business to corporate’s by systematic profitable killing of consumers ……

  9. First and foremost, everyone has to respect law of Land. If states flout the SC orders, then it should not be allowed at any cost.. Is SC incapable of making an order to release water that we have to debate. This must stop for India to progress. what is the point when you plant biased opinions?

    • Idiots in TN don’t understand that SC did come down heavily on Karnataka to release water even though the state dithered.In fact it was clever ploy by Karnataka politicians that the decision to release water is taken by SC not by state authorities as it will be highly unpopular within the people.So far, apart from angry belligerent statements from TN politicians,.np sane suggestion how to sort this issue.

      • Idiot who planted this article here, did not understand the water issue. Was it the farmers who came forward to oppose the release of water ? No,It is the politicians who used the situation to their benefit. I think the intention of this article is to probably undermine the capability of SC and glorify Karnataka at the cost of India….

        Else, the reporter would have sensibly shown how Andhra worked to interlink all the rivers in that state.

  10. The Madras State and it’s people of yesteryear do no exist anymore. Today, Tamilnadu, as it is called, is a place besotted with cinema culture and it’s so called elite, full of people for whom only material wealth is important. There is no place for honesty, integrity and ethics. The political, judicial and the bureaucratic systems are beyond redemption. If one questions what is happening- one is told- don’t be a fool. This is life now. Adapt or shut up or move away.
    “Where does Tamil Nadu go from here?”
    Down the chute

  11. Tamilnadu as set an example to other states, this might be a big headache to corrupt governments (be it BJP or Congi) state and central. This all happened bcos of dramas by these political parties. The above article is not based on any verified data or metrics. Just want to tarnish the respect of the peaceful agitation. Its clearly evident that Central gov politicians are very frustrated and tried to bring bad image by instigating kalavaram in the last day. Tamilnattu ku ippo than nalla naatkal Gurus. I mean ache din

  12. Stop dreaming and look into reality..Article is perfect. Not ache din for TN in coming days. Politicians will try to make the most, swindle whatever they get and settle abroad. In the absence of AMMA, dark days are ahead. Shocking to see jihadi posters in Marina. TN was one state where jihadis found it difficult to penetrate.Now that also got shattered. Earlier article from Gurus on murder of hindu activists is an eye opener.


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