In conversation with T G Mohandas and T R Ramesh on the Sabarimala verdict

Two veteran Sanatanis who are also well versed in the law discuss the Sabarimala verdict of the Supreme Court. A must watch video, as it captures the entire context from both angles


  1. It does not matter whose view it is. Indian Supreme Court has added to its list of blunders with the verdict of Sabarimala Its blunder in Karnataka The forest etc logic is useless.
    Here SC’s actions is like a person going to a boys school and complains of discrimination completely oblivious of the fact that there are girl schools nearby.
    If temples disallowed only females and men could go in every temple, it would certainly have been a case of discrimination. But there are temples where men are not allowed. It therefore becomes a mosaic pattern and a beautiful pluralistic and diverse tradition, that should be respected.
    The SC has not thought properly nor the RSS. Please wait for an articles that argues why the Indian Supreme Court is destroying India.’s view

  2. Sorry, this video was not at all about the RSS as Mr. Mohandas said. RSS does have a stand on this issue – with which I personally do not agree – , but does not mean that RSS is the mastermind behind this.
    Not sure how you drew that conclusion.

  3. One good thing we got to know from this Video is it is clear the recent Cultural terrorism happening in Our country in BJP rule is because of RSS and not congress as many people would like to believe. People will wake up and day is not far when People revolt against RSS.

  4. This issue is improperly named from the outset. This is not ‘women entry to Sabarimala’. It is ‘ Yuvathi entry to Sabarimala’.

    I am yet to meet a Hindu ‘Yuvathi’ – a practicing yuvathi – who likes to go to the Mala after this verdict. Mischievious ones might want to go, but they many not get beyond Apachimedu, unless Ayyappan wants them to.

    Like many others, I’m dissappointed that Mr Mohandas is toeing the RSS line. I do not think that the Nagpurians know what is Sabarimala.I believe, thanks to its stand, RSS has further alienated itself from Kerala.

    Further, what has happened is Swami Ayyappa’s will, guys. Lets chill. He has a greater plan and design. Lets wait and let the drama unfold.
    Dharmo Rakshathi, Rakshitha.

  5. I could be wrong; however, I am tempted to think that this is a”REVENGE” by some Muslim groups against the Government banning Triple Talaq. There were videos of terrorist party SDPI celebrating the verdict in Kerala shouting Chicken and Mutton Sharanam. The current CPI(M) led govt has enabled them to grow in spite of their terrorist credentials.

    The person who brought this matter in the Supreme Court has no idea on what this pilgrimage is all about – and his only intention, I feel, was to give a Tit-for-Tat against Triple Talaq decisiion of Central Govt.

    I do not think any of the judges have ever been to Sabarimala – for they do not understand the rigours of the Vrata and the journey as also the practical issues involved in Sabarimala.

  6. Dear Mohan Das ji, have you been authorized by RSS to represent them here? Are you not committing a blunder by saying My organization RSS ??

    T R Ramesh Ji, I think you are representing the view of almost every true devotee of Swamy Aiyappa. May He bless you for that.

    People who do not take the Aiyappa Swamy Vrath shouldn’t be even commenting on this matter.
    Ramesh Ji you have described the way a entire family becomes part of Swamy Aiyappa Vrath very well.
    Sentiments of all the devotees of Swamy Aiyappa are deeply hurt and you have said it right that only anti Hindu elements are the ones who are doing this and there was never issue with Aiyappa Swamy or any other Hindu Temple within Hindu Community. This is being created. And unfortunately people like Mohan Das Ji are supporting it.


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