Lt Gen Ravi Shankar on why China is building dams on the Brahmaputra & it is not what you think

A 360-degree look at the great river of the Brahmaputra, its trajectory, reach and some of the environmental concerns arising out of building dams that no one wants to talk about. An in-depth, graphic-rich conversation with Lt Gen Ravi Shankar. You don't want to miss this one.


  1. I appreciate one of the best Hangouts since Pgurus inception with Lt-Gen Ravi Shankar on Dams being built on Brahmaputra (Brahmaputra means “son of Brahma” in Sanskrit) the 9th largest river glacier in the world by discharge, and the 15th longest acquired a male name whereas all major rivers of India have female names! Shantanu with his wife Amodha (after denying Lord Brahmas desire) gave birth to a son by name Brahmaputra.

    Lt-Gen Ravi Shankar deep self-study reminds me of Kalyanaraman’s work on disappeared Saraswathi River. Both are an interesting research oriented topics. Former’s research reveals his deep patriotic fervor while later worked for bringing out the forgotten River on the horizon. Other portals do not cover such topics because patriotism in our country is skin deep! Pgurus is equivalent to The Epic Times in USA.

    As an Earth Science student 34 years ago, I had an opportunity to study plate tectonics and sea floor spreading. Yes Indian subcontinent is still colliding with the Eurasian plate thus Himalayan Mountain ranges evolved and the then big Tethys River (Mekong (Ma Ganga?) river was in between.

    I was then going through a research paper in Geodesy’s studies and discussed then that India is tilted by few degrees and Himalayas are growing by one inch taller every year.

    Our Eastern Ghats has emerged coastline while the Western Ghats submerged coastline with faults mono /homotaxial faults. I wrote few pages on geomorphological features and its misuse and the then Chairman Task Force on Internal Security MoH Acknowledged my views on 21/07/2000 during late PM Vajpayee’s time!

    China seems to be hell bent on destroying itself by impounding massive water bodies instead of constructing few run of the river projects. Lt-Gen Ravi Shankar’s Slide with nearly nine dams’ constructions is alarming apart from a slide on Bangladesh bestowed with Padma river basin and its future may be in peril by 2050! If China intends to starve of river waters to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and India, China is ruining its own and captured/illegally occupied landmass as the last or first victim. China has no right destroy agriculture/ Delta/rice bowls in the said nations. China must be sued internationally and the UN is of no use! One should learn from Israel about River Engineering/ Training and harnessing water resources apart from Colorado University’s Water Management.

    During hangout it’s suggested that QUAD should enter into this Chinese menace on Himalayas. My humble feeling is that China has financed nearly 63 countries on the Globe and many countries may not support our fight against China and further our PM copy pasted economic model of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who lambasted China on Wuhan Virus and now after pressure from massive German Auto industry she is now comfortable with China on European terrain! So PM Modi too is not worried inviting Chinese investment a la Markel under his Atmanirbharl! Because China invested Rs.18000 Crores in Gujarat and how much Jio is built on Chinese software and hardware only Ambanis know? We have a dozen Pakistans in India to sob!

    If one looks at structural Geology China cannot slow down Earth’s spin because of Earth’s own isostasy mechanism / magnetic reversals, gravitational anomalies and earth’s equilibrium may be maintained due self destructive innumerable dams on a single River by submerging many islands/ tax havens isles/archipelagos on the globe!

    As a nation India is taking risks building few dams on the mountains with or without taking China’s handrag the Russia in the name of building earthquake proof dams on mountains withstanding 9 or 10 on Richter scale!! Lithology/ Soil profile/ Porosity and permeability of the region is not understood properly how far and deep and wide grouting is done on all structural geological faults and folds to avoid earthquakes on mountainous ranges?

    Glaciology or Glacial geology is being neglected in our country because it is left to our brave defence forces to perform or perish defending our long ever shifting LOCs or LACs and not a blade of grass grows philosophers prevailed just before and after we got mid night deal the Independence from the Brits!!

    Nature’s fury is not understood! As far as I remember the entire region falls under the circum pacific girdle /ring of fire prone to earthquakes and volcanoes! Further a river should not be obstructed, it should join the seas! My humble gut feeling is that Mother Nature will destroy China et al sooner than the end China is a modern day Ravana while India a Vishwa-Guru (not under BJPs Modi/Shah—-sorry to Bhakts!)

    More such hangouts may alert mandarins in our corridors of power!

  2. The earth shaking effects of a dam are clear enough.

    May i ask Lt.Gen (Retd) Ravishankar what happened to General Bhagwat and his RSS army ?

    Is he and his army active or on furlough ? No news since the Chinese intrusions / incursions!


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