India 2020 and beyond …. Part 5

Finding the Right People and Teamwork in Governance will be the most important cog in the Wheel for fixing governance

India 2020 and beyond
India 2020 and beyond

The previous parts of this series can be accessed here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. This is Part 5.

Micro-Level Reforms for National Priority policy implementation :

Govt of India routinely appoints Brand Ambassadors as key players to spread the message for its key programmes. But more importantly, a democracy like India needs the collective leadership of Domain Experts, Bureaucrats, and elected Political representatives working closely together for better and faster results resolving complex barriers blocking progress in India.

Appointing Domain Specialists to spearhead National projects on behalf of Govt of India is an effective method for instant results as they can identify push micro-level implementation reforms for key programme initiatives to succeed on the ground.

In this context, the government should hire outside talent to head certain pre-identified Mission-mode projects of National importance where private-sector expertise could be invaluable to the successful timely implementation of the project itself — like in the case of etc all of which been striking examples of leadership positions in large national projects ably performed by outside Professionals with Political backing for good of the Nation.

To cite an example India produces some of World’s best Doctors and Medical professionals but suffers from a very inferior Healthcare system across the country. In recent times Healthcare reforms been in the works in the form of a New Medical Commission but who will constitute such a body and whether new fresh mindsets and ideas will be allowed to revamp Healthcare in India still remains a challenge in the country.

Govt of India should institute a post of Surgeon General of India and appoint Dr Devi Shetty as Operational head of India’s Public Health Service and as leading spokesperson on matters of public health like in the federal government of the United States where the Surgeon General’s office and staff are known as the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG).

Dr Devi Shetty has a ready blueprint to revamp Healthcare education & services delivery and make it affordable and accessible to the masses and emerge as the largest employer in India and furthermore an ambitious plan for Indian Healthcare to tap the large global $ 8.5 Trillion Healthcare & Wellness industry to become a Healthcare powerhouse in the World. Dr Shetty offers a brilliant mix of radical policy reforms, Technology & innovation based and simplistic solutions to dramatically transform India’s Healthcare and Wellness industry into a sunshine industry creating millions of jobs for extremely skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled people and a grand opportunity to be a potential $ 100 billion Foreign exchange earning industry for the country. Dr Shetty believes India can become the first country in the world to disassociate healthcare from affluence and prove wealth of the nation has nothing to do with quality of healthcare enjoyed by its citizens and become a model for rest of the World to follow….. need the Govt wait more to call on his expertise !!!!

As India missed earlier Industrial Revolutions its imperative India is serious player in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Dr Devi Shetty as an eminent Doctor awarded highest Civilian honours by the Government of India for his contributions to the field of affordable healthcare possesses the credibility, calibre and Specialisation to assist the Govt and navigate the necessary policy framework changes saving millions of lives across India in a cost-effective manner while creating millions of new jobs for the masses.

Govt of India should institute Post of a National Jobs Adviser to the Prime Minister in the PMO and appoint Mr T.V. Mohandas Pai to implement a comprehensive time-bound plan to slain the demons of Unemployment in India.

India needs to prioritise policies linking GDP growth with job growth. Recent initiatives like ‘Startup India’ and ‘Skill India’ are crucial but insufficient to achieve this vision of Jobs and development in India. India needs Specialists with a deep understanding of the subject to guide Govt to execute critical policies of shifting excess people off the Farms into Rural industry jobs and similarly other tough decisions to re-jig modern Manufacturing jobs into Brainpower- intensive & Labour-intensive, striking a balance of Service-led & Manufacturing-led Jobs etc.

National Jobs Advisor to the Prime Minister is the most critical job as India needs a strategic roadmap plan of action to create 50-75 million jobs in the next 10 years, especially quality jobs that pay well & more. The NJA helps Govt to balance the social outcomes of India’s next stage of economic development to ensure Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled workers all can be absorbed in an organized systematic manner into regular Formal Sector Jobs.

India produces 26 million new babies every year and hence needs a National Jobs Adviser who could align job growth planning with economic planning; ensure integration of the multiple but siloed job-related policies across central ministries, as well as with the states; enable sharing of best practices between states, and provide a liaison between government and the private sector.

Most importantly, the Adviser could monitor actual outcomes for quick mid-course policy corrections as needed to ensure Jobs are adequately created in the desired numbers in the economy as otherwise the teeming millions without jobs could fuel Social unrest, Naxalism, Drug Trafficking and Terrorism across the country. Large unemployed population are the biggest security threat to the nation.

As India missed earlier Industrial Revolutions its imperative India is serious player in the Fourth Industrial Revolution well underway as Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Companies and Start-ups rapidly adopt technologies involving AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D-printing, advanced robotics and neuro & biosciences and so on. For India, the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings tremendous opportunities to leapfrog many stages of development, the NJC can assist hastening its journey towards becoming a fully developed economy.

It is observed often Political compulsions and pressures dictate allotment of key Ministerial portfolios.

Mr Mohandas Pai has the Corporate, Technology and Education industry background to guide Govt of India on how best to use these potentially exciting times for India – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to translate our demographic dividend into economic leadership of the World.

Mr Mohandas Pai can assist Govt of India implement a long-term policy plan to identify Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Jobs from both traditional existing and Non Traditional new industries for the millions across India and also on how to export Surplus trained Human Resources around the world and earn foreign remittances for the country by establishing a vast, integrated, national ecosystem for strategic entrepreneurship based education, mentoring and support of millions of Indians in the job field. A person with proven track record of credibility and achievement like Mohandas Pai can help Govt remove the bottlenecks preventing India from creating millions of new Jobs every year in places where the Govt knows what to do but are not able to do….he can be both Brand Ambassador and Project Leader creating Jobs for the next 15 years …..and Party in Power benefits as it pays electoral dividends if there is Jobs led economic growth in India.

And it can happen if Govt of India creates a National Jobs Advisor to the PMO with right credentials to assist India to create millions of quality job opportunities and skills its youth to take advantage of them by creating action plans for new jobs, redeploying displaced workers and constantly upskilling workers.

Govt of India should institute post of Chief Technology Officer with a Chief Data Scientist in the PMO to drive Digital India as it can be the prime mover to making a reality of this government’s promise of minimum government, maximum governance while integrating IT strategies & Big Data analytics. Mr Narayana Murthy, Mr NandanNilekani or Mr Pranav Mistry could be called upon by Govt of India for this noble task.

Experience, Calibre and Credibility for Sensitive Cabinet Ministry portfolios :

In India, it is observed often Political compulsions and pressures dictate allotment of key Ministerial portfolios and no Party has really managed to break the shackles and objectively appoint right persons at the right places in key Govt Ministries.

Sensitive critical Ministries like Home / Healthcare / Infrastructure / Education / Defence / Foreign Affairs / Sports etc require radical new Policy roadmaps and timebound implementation blueprints for speedy and visible results across the country and hence the right person with experience and caliber helps deliver results faster.

Its believed in the next 25 years India has a good chance of wiping out poverty & inequality completely.

The next frontiers to be conquered urgently with good governance are ‘school education’, ‘primary and secondary healthcare’,‘ Infrastructure’, ‘ Defence & Security Doctrine’,‘ Energy Mix Doctrine‘,‘ Law & Order’ & ‘Inclusive Socio-Economic Development’ as must achieve goals. It requires the best ministers and the best civil servants be tasked with managing these critical Cabinet portfolios. The fact that state governments and Central government share authority on these subjects need not be an obstacle if Ministers manning these Critical portfolios have the experience and acumen to project the economic and electoral dividends and motivate the States to work together with the Central Govt in mutual co-operation.

and it has to be said …….

India awaiting next Dr Swaminathan to unleash New Green Revolution 2.0 linking Farmlands to markets and latest Clean Farming technologies linking Farm Sizes to productivity to collectively create a perfect Win-Win Farm to Fork value-added Supply Chain model across India for promoting Agri related income growth,

India awaiting next Dr Manmohan Singh to unleash Next generation reforms to swiftly transfer Capital away from unproductive sectors of the economy into the productive ones to fuel equitable, consistent and ethical Jobs led economic growth,

India awaiting next Sam Pitroda to unleash next wave of IT revolution to transform India into a large Digital economy to not only embrace but accelerate digital disruption, to ensure its full potential for economic and social inclusion is realized for the national good.

Finding the Right People and Teamwork in Governance will be the most important cog in the Wheel for fixing governance to deliver time-bound good results in India.

Its believed in the next 25 years India has a good chance of wiping out poverty & inequality completely and it can happen if Prime Minister can quickly identify right Human resources, Constitutional and Institutional Delivery mechanisms to improve implementation of key policy reforms, Megaprojects of National priority including re-vitalising moribund Irrigation, roads, ports, power & Rail projects which is the key to employment and growth rates.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Except for one name in your list of visionaries/luminaries all that I know about are either crook enablers, or crooks themselves. Please do a little research on how they have hurt Indian interests on various fronts in the garb of doing good!
    For Eg: Watch Claude Alvares’ videos for reference to find out what was the reality of “Green revolution” …. I just hope more Indians wake up and see the reality, while squandering the real wealth and opportunities away!

  2. Sir you are forgetting the will power factor of govt.To solve problems we don’t need Newton’s. Good things start with simple implementation. Most wealth of people and industries are due to political clout and good looting techniques n not due to innovation or ethics.


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