Indian agrifood startups receive record $4.6 bn investment in FY22; up 119% YoY

Restaurant marketplaces, e-grocery startups secured close to $3 billion, around 66% of total investment

Restaurant marketplaces, e-grocery startups secured close to $3 billion, around 66% of total investment
Restaurant marketplaces, e-grocery startups secured close to $3 billion, around 66% of total investment

Increase in deal activity to 234 in FY22 compared to 189 deals in FY21

Indian agrifood startups received a record $4.6 billion in investment in FY 2021-22, up 119 percent year-over-year, as the country overtook China as Asia-Pacific’s biggest funder of agrifood-tech innovation, a report showed on Wednesday.

Farmtech startups raised $1.5 billion across 140 deals, a 185 percent year-over-year increase, according to the report by VC firms AgFunder and Omnivore.

Restaurant marketplaces and e-grocery startups secured close to $3 billion, around 66 percent, of the total investment. The deal activity also increased to 234 in FY2022 compared to 189 deals in FY2021.

Downstream startups raised $3.8 billion, a 115 percent increase from $1.77 billion in FY2021. eGrocery startups raised $934 million across 42 deals, a 4x jump from $244 million across 25 deals in FY2021.

This significant growth is due to Swiggy, which raised $1.2 billion accounting for 38 percent of total investment in Indian agrifood startups.

“To see investment levels surpass all other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and compete on the global stage is indicative of the impressive range and depth of innovations coming from the country and potential to impact the agrifood industry as a whole,” said Michael Dean, founding partner, AgFunder.

Investment in online restaurants and meal kits saw a remarkable recovery at $301 million in FY2022, almost 4x more than $64 million in FY2021, said the report.

Upstream investment leaped 300 percent to $1.2 billion up from $312 million. The participation of generalist VCs, bigger deal sizes, and higher deal count contributed to this increase.

“It has caught the attention of generalist VCs the world over who understand that agrifood tech is key to the transformation of India’s massive agricultural sector and rural economy,” said Mark Kahn, Managing Partner, Omnivore.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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