Indian Economy likely to hit as the exchange rate for rupee to reach RS.80/- per USD

Are we heading for a Century?

mayhem in indian economy
mayhem in indian economy

The value of Indian Rupee likely to hit 80/- per USD from the current value of 70/- per USD to affect Indian economy.

With the rising crude oil prices, this may turn out to be a disaster!!!

With the anticipated fall of Indian Rupee against US$ by 15% – 20%, it will create mayhem in Indian Economy.

At the same time, Participatory Notes and Foreign investment might exit from the Indian market, as a part of cartels pre-planned game. This was speculated to happen sometime in September-October 2018. In the process, money will go out of the country with huge profit due to higher currency fluctuations and wipe out our Foreign exchange reserves.

The market may become volatile and collapse.

Now with the change of guard, hope stringent measures are adopted to tackle the grave situation.

Deliberate rigging… This is what is planned by some key personalities, who want to see bloodshed in the Indian financial market. The Middle Class and other investors will squarely blame the present regime for the prevailing condition and might have serious consequences in the results of the General Elections next year.

One of the Foreign Exchange Rate Determination Factor – If you apply the Burgernomics concept in determining the currency exchange rate, the costs of Burger $7.5 in the USA and Rs.200 in India, then the exchange rate between India and the USA will be (200/7.5 = 27), 1 $ = Rs.27.

Even though this is not the accurate way of calculation, the right exchange rate should be around 1 US $ = Rs.40/-. We are still way ahead @ Rs.66/- per US$ and it is going higher.

Finance Ministry was nonfunctional for last 25 days since the FM was on leave and so was Mr.Hasmukh Adhia – Finance Secretary of MoF. Now with the change of guard, hope stringent measures are adopted to tackle the grave situation. Indian economy requires someone to take the Bull by the Horn!!!

This is a serious cause for worry and for the long-term interest of the Nation’s Economy, this trend needs to be reversed.

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  1. understand that Supreme court permitted the protesters,extended a weeks time for the agitation?if its so, the the SC tobe blamed for the present situation.; it must have asked them rather end the agitation instead allowing them to. relocate the agitation in a different location and now they blame police and Home it not funny?

  2. Keep Singing this tune of 70 years old of foreign hand behind it when India spend and borrow beyond it’s limit with ballooning trade deficit. Do you have any idea of trade deficit May $15 Billion, June $16 Billion , July $17 Billion and son on, so count Avg $15 Billion trade deficit will but $180 Billion trade deficit and out reserve won’t last much.

    Stop this nonsense of some one against country doing it. Currency trader trade currency based on future expectation of trade.

    Cut spending , Cut Import massively and currency will appreciate.

    • We are our own enemy,. Explain the avg $15 Billion trade deficit and stop this nonsense . You guys want world to send us free stuff ??? This nonsense going on since 70 years but no one has found rouge person . Why Singapore currency does not fall ??? Foreigner are their buddies ??? We are running massive trade deficit. We have triple deficit Trade, Current Account & Budget deficit and we are blaming someone else . It is complete non sense. Why would anyone keep money in country which keep devaluing it’s currency so investor will exit.

  3. Burgernomics is a rubbish way of calculating anything leave. Pguru is doing a decent Jon but please don’t comment on something you have no knowledge about.


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